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Funny fact about me: When I get bored of my look, the first thing I want to do is chop off my hair! And let me just tell you… I’ve done that PLENTY of times now. lol! I’ve learned that sometimes a healthy change can be as simple as adding a little balayage to your roots or getting some side-swept bangs to make you feel like a completely new person. I’ve had so many different hairstyles over the years (from long hair to short hair, bangs, natural curls, highlights, etc.) and thought it would be helpful to look back on some faves and inspire your next fall haircut/style!
I have naturally curly hair that can eventually look coarse and thick if I don’t manintain my salon visits! I always try to keep my hair type in mind before I jump into any new hairstyle. The only hairdresser I will ever trust (esp after getting some nightmare haircuts in the past), is my mane man Lee Rittiner in LA. We’ve become close friends and it’s nice because I can TRUST him completely! Before I get a haircut, I always specify with Lee any concerns I’m having and how much we should cut off. I keep in mind that when my hair is curly it tends to get shorter, so we never go too cray-cray on the length.
Tips for at-home care: After every haircut, Lee always informs me that it will take a solid 1-2 weeks before the haircut actually sits and settles how we want. (I imagine it like the hair is going through trauma to heal after getting chopped up with scissors ha! Thank God we can’t actually feel it, right?) This really was true, especially when I got new bangs. It took some time for them to settle but after 2 weeks I was hooked!
Products I Love: I’m a huge product junkie. If you ask me below what hair concerns you have, I guarantee you -there’s a product for that. To name a few: For my curly hair days (looking shiny), I love using Aveda’s Style-Prep Smoother after the shower. It’s a serum that helps fight frizz, and it also protects from heat styling if I need to run my wand through the stringy pieces! I also love using pure unrefined coconut oil as an all natural mask treatment. I let it sit in my hair sometimes all day (mostly the ends where I’m dry) and rinse it out later that day or the next day in the shower. If you hate the smell of coconut (my mom does!), another favorite I love is the Kérastase Resistance Masque Force Architecte Hair Mask. It’s lightweight and detangles while strengthening your hair.
Damage control: If your hair is thinning, shedding or you’re simply not sure what’s going on with your texture – be patient and embrace little call to action. If your hair is over-processed or you’re experiencing tons of breakage – try to make it a goal not to highlight (bleach) or touch your hair for a while. Also, be more cautious of the amount of heat you’re using daily on your hair. (healthy or not- NEVER skip a heat-protector when styling your hair). If your hair is very dry, look into changing your shampoo/conditioner regimen. Maybe investing in a sulfate-free product that won’t strip your natural oils is what your hair craves. Maybe reducing the days you shampoo/condition is also a good move. If your hair is thinning – definitely don’t wash it everyday. If you can go 3-4 days and use dry shampoo to keep the roots in check that might help! If you’re seriously suffering from hair loss and have tried a shampoo and conditioner like this one and months go by and you’re still suffering, it might be best to see a dermatologist to prescribe you something stronger to help. However, I am a firm believer that sometimes the best cure is letting your hair breathe on the days you don’t need to style and glam up. Small steps can make a huge difference!
sazan, sazan hendrix, sazan hair, fall hair trends, fall 2017, beauty, hairstyles for fall, brown hair, hairstyle guide, curly hair, how to, haircare routine
sazan, sazan hendrix, sazan hair, fall hair trends, fall 2017, beauty, hairstyles for fall, brown hair, hairstyle guide, curly hair, how to, haircare routine
From short to long, I think I’ve tried so many fun haircuts. (Except for a pixie cut… I haven’t been that brave yet-lol!) Right now I’m growing my hair out again after my last short cut. (I have a blog post all about the 5 mistakes for short hair that you can avoid.) One of my favorite haircuts is long layers that frame your face and a cute fringe. I love cutting my bangs a little shorter, so I can have the look of full bangs for a week or two then once they start growing out, I can part them down the middle or side for different looks! It’s a fun way to spice up long hair.
My Take on Highlights: I don’t usually color my hair all year round – sometimes just a few highlights and I let them wash out for a natural looking tint over time. I tend to go with caramel shades that are more forgiving on my darker roots. Going any lighter than that would be too much for me, personally. I like adding balayage pieces to my hair just to give the hair some added dimension and style. The best thing to do is wait until you find a hair colorist who actually understands color, the science behind mixing, and the right shades for YOU. My girl Bianca in LA is awesome. To help your color last longer, avoid using products that have a lot of sulfates. Sulfates tend to strip the hair by over-cleansing your locks which leads to your color fading way too quickly. Oribe’s Gold Lust Repair & Restore Shampoo is a great option, and I also LOVE Bain Fluidealiste by Kerastase. My last tip is to keep purple shampoo ready to go just in case your hair starts looking brassy. Drybar ‘Blonde Ale’ Brightening Shampoo works to enhance shine and keeps your hair luminous between coloring. If you’re lazy like me when it comes to keeping up with salon visits, tell your hair colorist you just want stuble tints in your hair that are easy to manage – a.k.a don’t start the highlights at the roots (unless you don’t mind going back in for touch-ups every 4-6 week$$)
I know this was a lengthy post but it’s one many of you have requested I do for so long! I hope you found some helpful tips and hairstyle inspo for your next salon visit!
I want to know: After this baby is born, I think I’ll do something to change up my look for fun. Which Sazan haircut from above was your favorite for me to bring back to life? Comment below!!
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  1. Love all your looks! My hair is so similar to yours and you have insPiRed me to chop it short. After two babies and three years since my last cut it needs it! I say which ever cut allows for the least amount of maintenance and daily styling! You are goig to be busy and tired after that baby comes ! 🙂

  2. i love hair blogs! my hair is pretty dry right from dying it and also styling tools, and i’m searching for a good shampoo/conditioner or even a mask, what would you recommend? I WASH MY HAIR LIKE ONCE A WEEK, Thanks!

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