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I can’t believe I am just 6 weeks away from having this baby girl! I’m officially 34 weeks pregnant this week and feeling so anxious/excited/ready to meet her. I started working on my registry at about 25 weeks or so (when I finally had the energy) and have been adding things and editing it ever since. Since this is baby numero uno for me, I definitely wanted to prioritize and really focus on the essentials. (Fun fact about me: I hate clutter and having things we don’t need laying around the house!)
I don’t know why but the thought of creating a baby registry felt overwhelming at first. Thankfully, one of my best friends Misha came to the rescue by guiding me through her registry checklist. She shared some helpful notes next to what products worked best for her. I know everyone’s experience is unique but I’m someone who likes tips/advice/ideas from friends! I asked a ton of super-mommies what their favorite brands and items were and it honestly helped me so much.  (For those of you who have mommy friends, I recommend asking them for recommendations before creating your own!)
In this blog post, I’m going to break down my baby registry with a checklist of  important things for each category. Obviously I can’t include every single thing (like the outfits, etc) but these are the basics and if you get them all then you’re good! I’ll also share some (not all!) of the gifts I’ve received so far and why I can’t wait to try it out! Enjoy!
sazan, registry, baby, ralph lauren, gifts, ideas, gadgets, what to buy, guide, help, how to, shop, the best, items, sazan hendrix, baby girl, gift ideas, baby shower
Step 1: Finding an online registry center to keep all your favorite things in one place. I knew there were a variety of stores and brands I wanted for my baby, so for me, I found Babylist to be a super helpful registry hub! It’s basically a site/app that let’s you put anything onto your baby registry from any store online. It can also help you find the best prices on an item and they even have a gift guide and list of products you might need. I didn’t physically want to go shopping and scan things in store so for me this worked out perfectly. Once I completed my registry I was able to privately share the link with all my baby shower guests! BTW.. This is not sponsored – this site just made my life so much easier and I was really excited about it!
Step 2: Organize a Category list because this will help you avoid putting unnecessary things in your registry cart. Categorizing will keep you organized and on track. If you decide to go with an online registry center like I did, most of them will already categorize it for you.
Here are my categories! Note: Everything I picked out was mostly for 0-1 years of baby’s life (excluding certain transportation items + gear). Here’s a breakdown!
Baby Gear
crib + changing bed 
easy carriers (I got this + this)
bassinet (I just HAD to have this. I plan on putting her in it for the first 6 months by my bed side – I’ve heard amazing things from friends & how this is the safest sleeper for babies in the market. It’s as a “robot crib” for having the capabilities to rock your baby and help them sleep train through the night. Can’t wait to try it! It’s not cheap -costs about $1100 but I found one on my amazon for $760)
gadgets (my baby monitor + white noise maker)
loungers (I’m getting this + this)
infant car seat (easily adjusts on the stroller I got above)
pack n’ play (I’m getting this travel crib)
Clothes & Accessories
swaddles + cozy blankets: I got a lot of stuff from this brand – known for their quality!)
plain white onesies: Long sleeves + short sleeves (0-3 months, 3-6 months, 6-9 months) * baby will live in these!
shoes:  I couldn’t help myself when I saw these + these.
hats & bows: I got these + this + this + more (lol)
socks: I got these + these
pacifiers: this + this are supposed to be the best for baby if you decide you want baby to have one!
high chair
bottles (I got these + these) *I plan on breastfeeding + pumping
breast pump (getting one free with my health insurance – ask your provider!)
place mat
burp cloths
breast milk storage bags
bottle cleaner
bottle warmer
Bath time
baby bath tubs (I’m getting this + this one)
wash cloths
2-in-1 body wash (gentle)
changing pad
diapers (we’re ordering Pampers monthly from Amazon)
baby wipes
diaper pail/trash can
Health & Safety
backseat car seat mirror
baby tylenol (liquid) + gas medicine
baby bottle soap cleaner + gentle baby detergent + stain remover 
stuffy nose spray
facial wipes
first aid grooming kit (includes thermometer + nail filer)
Toys and Books
Interactive puzzles
baby books
educational toy
teething toys
fun gym/distraction 
stuffed animals
For the Parents
Mommy Diaper bag
Nursing pillow 
Baby album
Nursing wrap/cover
Gift Card
We got several BabyList gift cards from friends to shop the rest of our items in our registry. So easy and great for getting last minute things you forget to include.
Comment below: Mommies – what would you say are your top 5 favorite items that every mom should include in her registry? Comment and please share! 
To shop a few of my favorite items from this post, click the arrows below! Happy shopping!

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  1. You have sOme good picks. I would say to switch up your infantino play mat for the fisher price jonathan adler its quite interactive and since most babies hate tummy time you want to make it more fun. And i would do the baby bjorn bouncer its amazing as the baby learns to bounce on their own , they take naps on it, you Can bring it anywhere and if they are sick and vomitting they can sleep on it and they wont choke.

  2. we welcomed our baby girl, emery rose, on october 16th! As first time parents, We love the boppy lounger (i have the exact one) and the uppa baby Vista stroller + car seaT. We might return the dock a tot (makes us nervous) and ordered the snoo. She’s been sleeping in her rock n play By My bed for now and it seems to work. We have Every type of swaddle but the ones with zippers are a game ch!

  3. Hi sazan this is a great and comprehensive list. Very helpful to neW moms. Hope you Have also Considered buying a STERILIZER? I have the philips avent 4 in 1 and i find it very useful.
    Take care

  4. Hi sazan, as a new mom i also bought the mamaroo for my baby and at 8 months she still uses it and loves it. Check it out on amazon.

  5. 1. Dockatot
    2. Greengoo nipple balm dont use thE lansinol ingredient ones (pesticide used in sheeps coat).
    3. Nursing bras & Tanks
    4. Scentrd DoggiE bags to use for soiled diaper during traveling bc you dont want to sit in a car with a stinker
    5. Onesies with built in mittens bc their nails are like talons!!! Fyi breastmilk on their baby acne, cuts, etc Like a snap of a finger takes it all away. Promise*

  6. Not a mom, but wanted to ask where your adorable nightshirt is from in these photos. I love the monogram style! Congrats on your little one on the way 🙂

    1. Oh i forgot about a shoosher!!!Great portable device for travel! We use it at home too, bEcause my baby doesnt like white nose.

  7. Thank you so much for this, sazan. I am 20 weeks pregnant and just starting my registry.. this is exactly what i was looking for! The amount of baby-related products on the marketplace is insane and totally overwhelming. I found myself looking down the amazon rabbit hole for 3 hours last night looking solely at baby bottle reviews. Ridiculous! I’m so happy for you and it’s been a joy watching your pregnancy journey! xo

  8. Fisher price rock n’ play for sure for babies that are gassy and have acid reflux (most babies do), oxo tot roll up bib – easily washable and catches all the food your baby drOps while they are eating so it doesn’t get all over their clothes, baby bum brush diaper oinTment applicator – at first i didnt think i needed this but after a whiLe you get tirEd of wiping butt cream off your hands, And lastly, doggie poop bags – baby poop stinks! And i FoUnd that it really hElped with the smell, especially every time you open the diaper pail to throw out a diaper!

    1. Also, the crane uLTrasonic cool mist huMidifier and vicks baby ruB are a must when baby gets sick!

  9. So exciting!! Navigating through baby products is foreign territory since I’m also expecting my first so this list helps! Btw i was looking into detergentS That are truly toxins/chemical free & hypoallergenic (No gimmicks like most brand name “baby safe” ones) and The best one i came across was charlies soap. It’s available on amazon 🙂 we couldnt pass up the Owlet.. nothing like sleeping with a peace of
    Mind. Everyone raves to me about zippered gowns/onesies making late night diaper changeS a game changer. also looking into Mrs. Patels lactation products, gotta keep the milk supply boomin!

  10. Hi sazan,

    I love some of your picKs but there are some i’d like to suggest you RecOnsider. I have a maSter’s in public health with an emphasis in enVironmental health + have a 5 month old so i’ve Done way too much research for my own good. Nevertheless, it’s given me peace of mind to know my baby will be living in an as toxiC-free world as possible.

    Here are a few of my suggestions:

    1. Use waterwipes instead of babyganics. They are the purest and gentlest.
    2. during the first 6 weeks when her skin is the most sensitive, use pure organic olive oIl soap. I get mine from
    3. After that, the best is baja baby shampoo and body wash (I use the citrus scent).
    4. For laundry detergent, greenshield organics free and clear (unscented)
    5. Stokke tripp trapp high chair
    6. Natart crib and dresser + other nUrsery furniture; babyletto (those that are greenguard certified); stOkke
    7. Flame reTardant free rockers (natart, pOttery barn, lazboy kids furniture, BABYLETTO)
    8. Attitude dish detergent
    9. Lifefactory bottles
    10. Natursutten teether
    11. Lotus Bassinet (great for traveling)
    12. In the first Few months, try to Stick to organic cotton clothes and sheets. They are pesticide-free. My favorte are H&M, Under the nile, burt’s Bees, baby gap, and baby disney)
    13. Toys: haba anD green toys
    14. Mattress: naturepeDic lightweight 2 in 1 organic cotton; green mattress organic Crib mAttress (don’t do the Nook, it has latex and people can develop severe allergies to latex with frequent and prolonged expoSure.)
    15. Paint: lullaby paints And behr from home depoT (look for greenguard logo on buckeT)
    16. Most iMportantly, if you end up not being able to breastfeed (and i truly hope you do), Holle and LeBenswert are the best. I would have a box ready at home just in case (organicstart.coM is the cheapest). If you end up needing a lot more later on, get it from

    The furniture and nursery stuff, including the bassinet, i suggested are greenguard cerTification. That means they’vebeen tested for over 300 volatile organic compOunds that can be really deteimental to babIes’ health. Right now, the US only tests kids’ furniture for lead and formaldehyde but there are many many other chemicals that are equally toxic. Greenguard is the most stringent. Products liKe sHampoo and detergent i suggested are all ewg-VerIfied and have a score of 1 or 0. Ewg ranks products by looking at immunotoxicology, carcinogenecity, etc.

    Sorry this was super long but i want you and all the wonderFul mamas out there to make informed decisions when it comes to their chilD’s health. ThEre Are already so many toxins in the air we breathE and in our eNvironment. If we can preVent some and minimize exposure as Best as we can, we can prevent lots of diseases.

    I have to say I’m not a healthcare profEssional and these are Suggestions. I encourage everyone to do their own research and speak to your child’s pediatrician.

  11. You have a very organized and well thought out registry!
    I ABSOLUTELY lOve the pink lace onsie your holding up and would love to know where its from ????

    Thank you for all your advice and for sharing your selections, its very Helpful!

  12. Hi Saz!

    Loved my anais swaddleRs so so much! Baby girl is 17 months now and i still use tHemfor every thing (sunshielD, Outdoor grass BLANKET, Impromptu Nursing covEr, mama shawl on a cool day;))
    Best learning tool, a book called “i am so bRave”…she took to it quite young, and still reads it faithfully to this day.
    We got a sophie as well, amd she LOVED it, sadly soMeone sent me me an article about mold growth inside. I didnt want to believe it because it was our. favorite soother, but when I cuT it oPen there were mold spores beginning to form :(.
    17 months later not a day goes by that i dont recognize this little being as a living miracle…and see this worLd filled with miracles as a result

  13. 1. Ubbi wipes dispencer
    2. 4moms mamaroo
    3. NoseFrida snot sucker
    4. Puj tub (large size)
    5. Swaddle designs (better than Aiden)

  14. How do you like the snoo?? I am 22 weeks pregnant and we are scheduled for ours to arrive once the baby comes but am wondering If people really find it worth its value?

    Let me know!

  15. Love this post – so helpful .. in that stage right now that need to get everything done. and your list is amazing!!!! and I LOVE YOUR BLOG and instagram

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