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Hi guys, and happy summer! Can you believe it’s July already?? Hopefully you’re all either on the beach or planning a fun vacay – I’m actually in the Hamptons right now for the first time ever! So far, so relaxing 🙂
Lately, something I wish was a little more chill were the volume of grays I’ve been getting. It all started young when I was 16. At the time it wasn’t too noticeable so I left it alone, but now that I’m 27 and my hormones are raging with this pregnancy – it’s definitely been a hassle and I have learned to embrace getting my hair colored. Coloring your hair is a big investment, with so much time and money involved, and I hate that your color never looks as good as that first time you walk out of the salon. So I have been looking for a solution to keep my color fresh and shiny for as long as possible between salon visits.
Throughout this pregnancy I’ve been hooked on Kerastase’s new color corrector collection, Reflection Chromatique and totally recommend you give it a try. Not only is it great for protecting color-treated hair, but it’s designed to make your color look fresh and full of life.  It’s been the perfect quick at home touch-up for me!
There are a couple of different versions of the Reflection Chromatique, so I chose to use to wash and condition with the Reflection Bain Chromatique Riche for very sensitized or highlighted/color-treated hair and Reflection Fondant Chromatique. It helps lock in color and keeps my hair protected and nourished!
Also, once a week I do this super cool mask treatment Reflection Touche Chromatique Kit. The Touche Chromatique is a color-correcting pen that helps to neutralize red tones that often show up with brunettes. You use it once a week after you color your hair to combat fading and brassiness.
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It also comes in three other shades for blondes and redheads so it’s totally personalized to your color. Whether you’re a mom-to-be or a busy girl on-the-go, this treatment is quick, easy and effective!
How-to apply:
How-to Collage
Before your shower, mix 10 clicks of the Touche Chromatique Cool Brown (or your shade) with one dose of the Masque Chromatique (just like it directs in the instructions with the kit!). Then, shampoo with the Bain Chromatique and rinse. Next, apply the blended mixture evenly and leave in for five minutes, then rinse out completely. And you’re done! 1 dose of the color + 1 dose of the masque really seals in the rich color while protecting your hair and refreshing color between salon visits.
Bam, it’s that easy. 🙂 Interested to know if any of y’all have tried this product yet? If so, let me know your thoughts and if you have any other favorite hacks to keeping color fresh and vibrant!
Special thanks to Kerastase for partnering up with me on this post!
xoxo Sazan

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  1. Your hair colour looks so pretty, Sazan! I have dark hair too 🙂 #darkhairdontcare #brunettesdoitbetter

  2. I have been getting grays since I was 16 too. Those suckers become more problematic and I’m 37. Thank you for the tips sazan and congrats on you mr pregnancy. You are beautiful in and out and love watching and seeing what’s in:) praying for a safe pregnancy and delivery

  3. These pictures are incredible, thanks for the share! Love checking out your blog. Will definitely be using your advice!

  4. Hi Sazan,

    One thing I noticed is your bag – it’s super cute. Where did you buy that one :)? Everything here was perfect for skin and hair care. Thank you for sharing.

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