Q&A Wednesday: Let’s Talk Relationships


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Hey guys! Stevie and I rounded up some of our favorite relationships questions from this IG post and thought it would be fun to answer them in today’s relationship post. How are you guys enjoying this series? Thank you so much for all the great questions. We’re excited to answer these so let’s get to it! 
@alex_onfleek: Do you guys fight a lot? Like heated discussions over different views/opinions or “fights”about little things? and what are your tips for avoiding those/resolving them in the best way possible? To be honest, Stevie and I rarely fight. We married each other because we share a lot of the same views and opinions (thanks to our faith) and that’s never really an issue. When we do fight, it’s usually work related or stress overload lol. Regardless, we always try to discuss things in a calm and respectful manner. Very rarely do I hear Steve raise his voice at me or vice versa. My biggest tip is to always respect each other – even when you’re in a heated debate.
@xalliulloa: How do you approach each other with a problem when upset with one another? I can honestly say the longest we’ve stayed mad at each other is 30 minutes max. We always manage to talk about things when a problem arises instead of letting it bottle up overtime. We both strongly agree that communication is key, whether it’s something big or small. We don’t always agree but we always manage to meet each other halfway to come up with the best solution.
@semzz23Sazan! My question is, did you and Stevie have any cultural differences you had to over come in your relationship? Yes of course! I think being in the public eye and sharing my life as a Kurdish american, there was a lot of judgement when I announced my engagement to Stevie. My family also didn’t accept our relationship because Stevie wasn’t Kurdish. It was our cultural differences though in the end that brought us closer to each other – the differences/hardships made us stronger!
@sydness99How did Stevie come up with Rodrigo & does he do it when u r not on camera? I thought it would be fun to do a “husband does my makeup challenge” on my channel. Half way through this video he started talking in a spicy accent that caught me by surprise. And that’s when Rodrigo was born! LOL! He totally does the accent off camera. Just the other day he ordered in his Rodrigo voice in the drive thru window! (I wanted to kill him)
@savwskyWhat is Stevie’s favorite Kurdish dish? Oh that’s a tough one! It’s a toss up between my mom’s Dolma and crispy Shifta (meat chips!)
@meriem_azzouzzWhat’s the hardest/best part about being married? The hardest part is battling against human nature, wanting to do things YOU think is best and learning to be completely selfless. The best part? That’s easy. Sharing your life with someone who loves you more than anyone in the world. It’s pretty amazing feeling. 🙂
@liuba_kovalenkoWhat was the most awkward thing to do in front of each other at the beginning of your relationship? For Stevie it was farting in front of me. For me, it was Stevie offering to pay the bill on our dates when we were both so broke in college! ha I always offered to split (seldom would he let me) because I honestly felt weird and bad that he had to pay. LOL!
stevie and sazan, sazan hendrix, relationships, talk, advice, beauty, blogger, street style, photography, tips, beauty tips, topshop, vintage, dating, marriage, young couples, los angeles, city life, truth, question, answers, bloggers, what is style, fashion bloggers, pinterest, inspiration, motivational, work, balance
@s.tephannyWho made the first move? How did you guys meet? We met in college and I was instantly drawn to Stevie’s charming personality (and sparkling blue eyes!!!) He loved that I was Kurdish and wanted to learn everything about me. It was so cute. ha Long story short, I ended up making the first move. Stevie was so respectful he wasn’t going to lay a hand on me so I had to kiss him first! 🙂
@lucyfarHow’s your life now compared to when you were dating? Our life today is honestly 10x sweeter than when we were dating. The dating days were fun but in a way we were still single, ya know? It’s in our marriage when I truly felt whole and like we were one person.
@bacciamebellaWhat’s your favorite thing about each other and why? I love that Stevie is a manly man – he can tear down walls, play sports and repair broken things but it’s also really sweet when he’s down to go shopping with me and hang with the girls ha!! He’s the best. Stevie’s favorite quality about me? He said that he loves how forgiving I am and my Kurdish cooking. aw. 🙂
stevie and sazan, sazan hendrix, relationships, talk, advice, beauty, blogger, street style, photography, tips, beauty tips, topshop, vintage, dating, marriage, young couples, los angeles, city life, truth, question, answers, bloggers, what is style, fashion bloggers, pinterest, inspiration, motivational, work, balance
@mssunitaBiggest pet peeves? I can’t stand when Stevie loses something and blames me for why it’s missing. 9 out of 10 times I have nothing to do with it! 😉 Stevie’s biggest pet peeve is when I interrupt him when he’s playing Mario Smash Brothers. LOL
@jeenayousifWhat is your secret to a happy marriage? Lots of love…. 😉
@marinabalakhninDoes Stevie ever take the last of something and leave the empty box/container in the fridge? Lol like the last popsicle… or empty the milk carton & put it back in the fridge…He LOVES leaving things out on the counter for ME to put away. He’s pretty good at throwing away empty cartons and boxes … thank God. 😉
@carlaasfarCity/Country you both would love to visit? We really want to go to Kurdistan, Japan and Ireland!!
@mygypsyworldAre you thinking to have kids soon? We’re thinking about it. 🙂
@delin__Do you have to clean up after Stevie or does he clean up after you? I clean up after Stevie more than he cleans up after me, but I’ve learned it’s mostly his clothes he throws around. I will say that he is VERY good at actively doing chores around the house without me asking so I can’t complain too much. 🙂
@myfavasjadWhat do you think is the most important foundation of marriage? Faith, Respect, and Communication.
@rachelmaehardenHow do the both of you find time for yourself? We honestly love our individual quiet time moments during the day. Stevie loves having his boys over and I enjoy quality time with my girls. A little separation is healthy and necessary 🙂
@sophiebellevueDo you plan on getting more pets? Yes! I’m going to be a golden retriever mommy for life. When Sweetie grows up a little more (aka gets out of the puppy phase) we’ll probably get another dog. 🙂
@micaelahugginsHow do you incorporate your faith into your marriage? We actively pursue the Lord together and individually which had helped us build a strong foundation in our marriage to conquer anything. Life isn’t always perfect and that’s going to be okay – thanks to our faith.
stevie and sazan, sazan hendrix, relationships, talk, advice, beauty, blogger, street style, photography, tips, beauty tips, topshop, vintage, dating, marriage, young couples, los angeles, city life, truth, question, answers, bloggers, what is style, fashion bloggers, pinterest, inspiration, motivational, work, balance
Hope you enjoyed this post. Did your question not make the cut? I may have missed it! :/ I’m going to answer more questions below in the comments so ask away now!!! 🙂
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  1. How did you first tell your parents about Stevie? I feel like I’m in a similar situation as you – so nervous to tell my parents about my boyfriend because he’s not the same culture! I’d love to hear your advice 🙂

    1. Hi babe, I’m sorry you have to go through something similar. It’s so hard and there’s really never an easy time to tell them the truth. It was one of those moments in life where I had to let go and Let God. I set a date in the calendar and that was the day I would do it. No turning back. You just have to rip off the bandaid and I promise – it’s hard but the anxiety and nerves finally go away and the healing process begins! Wishing you nothing but the best. Stay strong xox

  2. I loved this post. I do have a question, two to be exact. Did you two wait until marriage to have sex? How long into dating were you two until you became boyfriend and girlfriend official?

    1. We did decide to wait and it was really hard but worth it in the end. To answer your second question, we officially became boyfriend and girlfriend around the 6 month mark of dating. Which was back in 2011!

  3. How did you know that Stevie was the one for you/how did he lie you were the woman he wanted to spend forever with?

    1. How did you know that Stevie was the one for you/how did he know you were the woman he wanted to spend forever with?

  4. I love you guys❤️ You’re my most favorite couple ever! Thank you for doing this????

  5. How did you and Stevie handle your parents not completely accepting the engagement? Also, how did you get your parents to accept him? I’m a Kurdish girl that is dating an American guy and I’m so terrified to tell my parents because I’m scared they’ll disown me even though they’re very Americanized.

  6. Love this post! Thanks for being so honest and open. I’m in my 6th year of marriage and it continues to get better. I love that Stevie’s favorite thing about you is how forgiving you are – that’s such an important thing that has helped my marriage – being quick to forgive. 🙂


  7. love love this! I was just telling my husband you’re one of my favorite bloggers not only because of your style but because of your marriage! My husband is American and I’m from eastern Europe so I feel the cultural background differences and it is easy to relate to you!

  8. I guess my boyfriend and I are going through a period right now where he is happy where we live and loves his career and I’m dying to start fresh. He’s willing to give up a lot for me to have that too, but I’m feeling guilty about asking him to do so. We’re both set on making us and our future work, though.
    Was there ever a time where you guys felt your dreams were in two completely different places (literally or emotionally)? How did you solve it and manage to make them both work?

    Thanks xoxo

  9. Love this post! Thanks for sharing this post. I love how you gave tips about faith and communication. I think those are the most vital elements to any healthy relationship. Can’t wait till your next Q&A !

  10. This was really lovely Sazan! I was wondering, could you guys do a faith post and maybe include some of your favourite bible verses and books? It would be so neat to hear which ones speak to you! 🙂

  11. I loved this post it was so cute! I know you get the cultural question alot but i was just wondering how it was for stevie and how he handled your parents reaction etc. I feel i am in his situation, as my boyfriend is English but of an Afghanistan culture and I am mixed race and not of an Asian culture they refuse to accept me. It is very hard for me to understand this mindset and i feel quite hurt, a few years has passed and it seems they will not change. They have never met me as they refuse. I was just wondering how your husband dealt with the rejection and if he was hurt? Thanks and may God forever bless your marriage! Xoxo

  12. Love this post. You two are #realtionshipgoals. I love you so much! Can’t wait for more posts like that. xoxo Sending love from Germany

  13. Hi Sazan! I’d like to start by congratulating you on accepting Yeshua (Jesus) into your life. He’s the ROCK on which your life is based. Accepting Him is the BEST decision, marriage is second. I recently saw Shae Wilbur’s interview of you on her new series People Who Inspire. With some online research, I also found out your birthday is Oct. 2; mine is Oct. 7. As an older woman, your makeup videos inspired me to start wearing makeup again. As a former New Yorker, I own a busy real estate investment company. I live in the mountains with my husband and 2 cats, so most times being barefaced gets boring! I’ve always taken great care of my dry skin and use Ahava’s products on my face and body (www.ahavaus.com). I also watched the video where Stevie proposed to you and cried! On Oct. 6, 2009, my husband proposed to me. We both wanted to be absolutely sure and after a very long engagement, we knew we wanted to be together forever (he was in a bad first marriage). We were married March 20, 2011 in an intimate gathering in Southern Virginia. Our marriage is interracial as well. However, we didn’t need our families’ approval b/c God Himself told us to marry each other. As time passes, the apparent racial differences don’t factor into the equation/don’t matter anymore; the relationship does. (A previous comment I wrote last week was awaiting moderation but I didn’t see it posted and don’t know if you read it.) Anyway, you’re such an inspiration to me and I encourage you to continue doing what you do. Sazan, do you realize how many women you’ve touched in a major way, from different age groups, including me? Your website and youtube videos have a farther reach than you could imagine. I have a degree in fashion design, so that plus skin care/makeup are right up my alley. All the best to you, Stevie, your adorable new puppy and your new home. BTW, I enjoyed your closet makeover video. Stevie did a fab job. You really do inspire me, thanks for encouraging me to step up my game!

  14. HEY SAZAN!

    Firstly, congratulations on hitting 1m followers! There’s a big reason for that:)

    It’s a late comment… I didn’t know how to reach to you and hope for the privacy of this post. I had a question about your relationship regarding, culture as I am going through something similar:).

    I’m in a relationship with this amazing guy (almost 3 years) who’s not from my culture – our backgrounds actually could not be more different.

    He absolutely adores and loves me, does everything for me, (he’s not cheesy but his actions show a lot more), honestly the best person in this world with the purest heart and soul.. and it goes without say, I love him the same.

    Being a girl firstly already makes things complicated (having certain restrictions – I am almost 23 and have been living abroad, away from my lovely family for 4 or 5 years but I still have restrictions haha – yes, it’s possible)

    My parents and sister have accepted him and love him (which I am so grateful for cus usually its uncommon) however, our relationship is sooo complicated, I really can’t write it down here, it wont be enough – but some include spanning across continents and there’s just so much we have to deal with, along with being only 23 and 24 years of age – we are having to grow up a lot faster than our friends at our age.

    Anwyay, our relationship is still low-key and I have to keep it that way until we are about to get married (we want to get married later though) but I feel like it is becoming a huge problem for me because i am a person who thrives on sharing and being true about everything to everyone, I hate hiding. I have stopped feeling like myself and it’s affecting my confidence weirdly, I feel like it is affecting me.

    I have to hide things from my parents regarding some issues unfortunately, and I hate lying to them.. but they really will not tolerate some stuff which seems practical to everyone but a NO GO for them, they are thoughtful about what the “society” will say and a lot of other stuff. The society is such that would keep taunting my parents and say they have raised me in the worst way(I was not the best child growing up either, didnt have good grades at all, was a rebel – it changed when I went to pursue my bachelors degree abroad). Its easy to say forget the society but my family is also a very social family and i understand where they come from.
    It’s weird though, it is like their friends live in the past or somewhere remote in this world or something.. Ironically, all of them are very well off, well-traveled, highly-educated but I cannot believe this behaviour from them.

    Anyway, since you faced something somewhat similar, I was wondering what exact problems did you face when you dated Stevie?How did you deal with the problems with your family?

    Some guidance would be so highly appreciated <3 Would really appreciate a response from you <3

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