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Can you believe 2016 is coming to an end? It feels like yesterday when I said, “Can you believe 2015 is coming to an end?” Oh how time flies. Before we dive into a new year, I want to hit the pause button for a sec and reflect on some things. I can only speak for myself when I say DANG! I have so much to be grateful for – it was really an unforgettable year (in a not bragging way, I swear lol).
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In my personal life, I grew into my wifey role this year and also:
• I became a mom! (to my puppy Sweetie of course)
•  Moved into our first house!
•  Transformed my diet and fitness goals
• Got bangs! (it was a big deal)
• First time travels to so many cool places like Dubai, Israel, New Zealand and Alaska
My business life grew too, in more ways than one:
• I grew my online family! 🙂
• I launched a new company (yeeee!)
• I was able to fund our first big film project (coming soon)

*** What is your praise report for the year? You worked hard so take some time to recognize it. 🙂

My 2017 Resolution

Last year, my New Year’s Resolution was to cook more in the kitchen and it’s safe to say when I’m home (I know that may seem seldom since I travel a lot) I have been cooking! All of my friends have noticed the change and of course, my hubby. 🙂
What’s your New Year’s resolution this year? Mine may sound a little silly to some, but I’ll say it anyway. After visiting the Holy Land, I had a spiritual awakening. Standing in all of the places where Jesus stood gave me chills up and down my spine. It made me reflect on some things, and inspired me to go further in my spiritual walk with the Lord. I have so many goals for my life and sometimes I forget that I’m just a human living in the flesh. God has so many greater ideas than I ever will for my life and if I just let go and let Him steer my path – amazing things will happen. God has shown me His power through so many trials and tribulations that have shaped my life. I’ve learned that just like some need morning coffee to wake up their bodies, I need morning devotionals to wake up my spirit.
My resolution for 2017 isn’t to be a better “Christian”, it’s to be a better Sazan. I can’t imagine the blessings God has in store for me in 2017, but I know it will be great.
bless box, sazan hendrix, subscription box, looking back, highlights, blogger, lifestyle, advice, tips, jesus, God, christian, blogs, mango, cozy style, pinterest, pretty, makeup ideas, bold beauty, pink sweater, photography tips, jon volk,
Exciting things to come in 2017, including changes to my blog. Stay tuned my loves!
My pink sweater is from Mango | Photography: Jon Volk

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  1. Yes !! Sazan, that was truly amazing to read. You are such an inspiration to many and to me as well. The way you give your best in all the areas of your life and even in your Christian walk is amazing. As a worship leader in my church it is so hard to find someone who loves the lord and also demonstrates it with their fashion! One of my resolutions for 2017, is to put aside away my fears and start a blog that involves fashion and music! Any tips? 🙂 -Karen Cruz

    1. Thank you Karen! That’s so kind of you to say.

      My best advice is to honestly not go into it with the mindset that you have to have it all figured out. I’m learning this all over again since starting a new business. Keep your faith strong and take it day by day – and don’t beat yourself up when things don’t go as planned. Just keep going because you will figure it out and the worst thing that can happen is growth!! 🙂

  2. Sazan,

    When I say you inspire me, you truly do! Honestly, I’ve been dying to run into you so I could personally tell you how much I admire your strength and “will power” to do what you love. I promise, I’m not a creeper lol. There’s only a few people I’d like to meet in this world and thats Emma Watson (incredible human being) and Sazan Hendrix. Why? Well, I feel you’ve made a big difference in people’s lives and you empower people through your words. I can honestly say, you’ve helped me out through my blogging, and how to be a better person. I don’t know you personally, but just connecting with you through social media, makes me feel like I’ve known you for YEARS! Thank you for being YOU. God bless always, babe.


  3. This was so great to read! So proud of you Sazan! You inspire me each and every day! Keep it up gurl! Lots of love❤😘

  4. Thank you Sazan, for inspiring us women to seek after Jesus in a time where it is not popular or encouraged to do so. You are such an incredible role model and I am so thankful for your passion and vulnerability. Your strength in Christ inspires me to continue drawing closer to Him and work on letting Him guide me. Thank you Sazan!

  5. Love reading your blog truly an inspiration I would love to meet you one day! ❤️ That’s my goal to take a pic of my role model ….

  6. Love love love this! Gotta keep God first in all that we do for He’s the reason we’re here. So excited for you. I love watching how he’s using you for His glory and so thankful you’re acknowledging His Will for your life. ♡

  7. I just recently discovered you on youtube a few months ago while looking up curly hair tutorials. You are such a beautiful person, inside and out. Thank you for always making me laugh Sazan 🙂 I hope you have a wonderful holiday and new year! Can not wait for your first bless box!!

  8. Sazan you are such an inspiration! I love your blog, videos and the “realness” you exemplify as a blogger. Its admirable how open you are with your faith and life perspective. I’m looking forward to more of your blog and style in 2017!

  9. I second what Bryanna said-our culture doesn’t always like it when someone mentions Jesus but you do it boldly and gracefully. Love seeing your and Stevie’s journey pursuing Jesus! thanks for sharing this little life update, so fun! Also, I signed up for the bless box and I’m so excited! I don’t really know you face to face, but been following for several months now and you’re so genuine I feel a LITTLE like I know you…so it makes it extra special 😉 😘 can’t wait!

  10. Well, when I read your goals for 2016 and thinking about mine.. first I thought, ok nothing it was just a year passing by. But then, when I deeply thought about it, no it was more than that : I got officially graduated, I took the plane for the first time by myself (and everybody knows planes and I aren’t bestfriends !!), I have been able to visit NY (finally yeeesss!!) and other cools places, and right now I am working on a project that I decided to jump into it this year but hoping it will launched in the beginning of 2017.

    Best wishes for 2017 !!

  11. Hi Sazan!

    Thanks for sharing such an amazing resolution!i AM on the same page… of a spiritual journey… I visited holy lands in Iraq a few weeks ago and stood where prophet Adam, Moses, Jesus, Abraham, Noah , Muhummad all stood and prayed ….where they prayed!!😵! It was amazing! I participated in the largest peaceful gathering in history called arbaeen 30+ million participated which was insane!!! I feel like you would love reading about itt!! It you ever have a chance cheek out my Instagram lesheek I made a 1 minute documentary video to capture the highlights of this trip ❤️

  12. What an amazing New Years resolution! Nothing better than becoming your best version He has planned for you & what better way to do it than getting closer to him. Dig in the word & he’ll show you all you need to know. The best is yet to come! So excited for you <3
    Xoxo Ezzi

  13. I love it! I discovered your blog this year and I have been keeping you guys in prayer and I am so so happy to see that God has been giving you so many awesome opportunities to praise him and give him glory! I love that your resolution is to not be a better Christian but to be a better you! The you that God has been working on and molding!
    This is exactly what I needed to be reminded of! This past year has been full of wedding planning which turned into me comparing myself to other Christians! Yikes! I know that me and my very soon to be husband’s story is so unique and in reflecting I love to see how much God has worked in our relationship! My new years resolution, since I’ll be starting out as a new wife, is to spend alone time with God in the mornings, and really giving that time of silence to the Lord.

    Congrats on your blessbox!

  14. I absolutely loved seeing you go to the Holy Land on your Instagram. And I think your 2017 resolution is top-notch. To be honest, that’s my goal for every day – to grow closer to God in my walk with Him. I love how openly you speak about Jesus. You have no shame to do so and we shouldn’t feel shame. Good for you. Love what you have achieved this year.
    Great things are in store.

    Mich x

  15. Hmmm my praise report for the year would be two things (major things anyway) FINALLY enrolling in culinary school (graduate of 2017! Whoop whoop!) and starting a blog with a long time and long distance best friend of mine lol she’s in the philapines and I’m in Wisconsin. She actually introduced your blog to me a few weeks back! I love your encouragement to not give up. For 2017? I’m gonna try to hit YouTube hard with a lot of cooking DIY videos AND hopefully an unboxing of your bless box! Very excited 😁

  16. Happy to be part of your journey and see you accomplishing your resolution lists year after year. I believe this is my 3 year following you:)
    This year has been pretty good for me as well, I learned a new language, completed my studies (on Monday), got married and started my own blog.

    Sending lots of love your way.

  17. Im so happy I ran into you on YouTube Sazan! Keep up the good work! God definitely has a plan for you. You inspire me to keep hustling and grow my blog and my social media influence. I visit your site all the time and you have awesome content !

  18. I recently just found your BYOB series on YouTube as I was looking for some tips on blogging. I knew I had to check yours from hearing your advices because they were so good. So here I am now, read some of your posts- this one in particular I really like- and I just wanted to say you’re inspiring person. 🙂

  19. Love has no guarantee that it will last for ever no matter how you stay committed to it, i was so in love with the man i called my own and he was also in love with me too but it started crumbling down after we got married. He was acting like i didn’t matter to him any more, i couldn’t believe this was happening to us, i remember that i never offended him non did we fight. I was so sad that i couldn’t smile, knowing that your marriage is going down really does tires you apart. He later filled for a divorce asking me to go our separate ways. I was so need of help that i kept on praying for him to change his mind but he never did, we were no longer living together after some time. I was so in need of help to restore my marriage that i was so desperate for help and so lucky for me i came across a woman who was helping people restore broken relationships, i contacted her believing that i would be helped, i explained my problem to her and she assured me that she would hep me, i did all she asked of me and after she finished working on my problem 6 days later my husband called me to forgive him for hurting me and he is ready to get back to me to become my husband again, and now we are happy together and am even pregnant now. I want to thank this wonderful woman who helped me restore my marriage , God bless her. If you need her help contact her via annperry229@gmail.com.

  20. Great resolutions Saz! I can’t believe how I get to your blog definitely was a God thing, I was trying to find inspiration to blog and help my husband in his dream of travel blogging about our country Costa Rica since we have many friends from the States that will send us other friends to travel here but still I wasn’t sure about the whole idea and I founded your videos on Youtube and really get motivated and then finding that you are a believer definitely confirm that nothing happened just for coincidence, I am really grateful for that ! Sending prayers for you and your husband in 2017 and you are welcome any time to visit Costa Rica! Pura Vida

  21. I love your transparency and fervent love for the Lord! He will take you and Stevie to incredible heights this year, I am sure of it! Congrats on all of your success boo, keeping being a light! =)

  22. Sazan I absolutely admire the woman you are ! You are a huge role model to many people. Every person that you inspire is so different than one another, and yet they all look up to you in the same way which is amazing ! You capture so many people with just being yourself. I am always amazed by how natural your content is. I am so happy to have ran into your website. I look at many websites, and I can’t say enough how easy it is to keep on reading more and more. Keep it up !!!!

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