5 Easy Winter Haircare Tips (Start Now!)


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Let’s face it. Winter can be one of the most brutal seasons for our hair. To help us get through the colder months and hashtags #badhairday, my hairdresser Lee Rittiner is sharing five easy winter haircare tips for healthy, beautiful hair this season.

  1. 1. Texture sprays are your BFF – To prevent your hair from flat-lining fast, amp it up with a dry texture spray. (I am currently OBSAZZED with Living Proof’s Dry Volume Blast. It is definitely worth trying if you want a personal recommendation on one.)

  3. 2. Find a Deep Conditioner – Cold and windy air can cause dryness to your strands, so Lee recommends you to step it up from your standard conditioner. He recommend The OUAI “treatment mask” that’s great for all hair types.
    winter, haircare, sazan hendrix, hair, beauty, tips, how to style, ouai treatment mask, haircare tips, winter beauty 2016, trends, sazan hendrix, los angeles, beauty bloggers, lee rittiner, shop

  5. 3. Don’t Overheat – No, not just referring to styling tools like blow dryers and straighteners (which you should control all year round), we’re talking about the heat of your showers. Make sure to keep your shower temperature to a normal “warm” and not boiling hot.Added tip: Let your conditioner sit in your hair for 3-5 minutes, then rinse your hair with cool water for added shine. I also find it healthier to wash your hair LESS during the colder months (say two to three times a week)

  7. 4. Give Your Scalp a Massage – Did you know that during the colder months, there’s less blood circulation in the body, including the scalp? Massaging your scalp for 2-5 minutes can be beneficial for hair growth and natural oil production – and your hair will thank you.

  9. 5. A Good Brush Goes a Long Way – Investing in a Natural Boar Bristle Brush is totally worth it if you’re looking to detangle your hair safely and avoid breaking strands when you brush. Traditionally brushes can sometimes shed loads of hair and you’re missing the ability to naturally condition hair. The right brush can actual help carry the oils from your scalp down the hair shaft – increasing the hydration and shine!

winter, haircare, sazan hendrix, hair, beauty, tips, how to style, ouai treatment mask, haircare tips, winter beauty 2016, trends, sazan hendrix, los angeles, beauty bloggers, lee rittiner, shop
Lee also recommends getting regular trims throughout the season (if you can!) to help keep your hair strong, beautiful and healthy. 🙂
Sound off below and let us know what haircare tips you might have that work! Any at home DIY hair masks for winter??? Would love to try one.
Photography credit: Jon Volk

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  1. I am so lazy !!! But since I style my hair for kind of wavy curls for my short hair, I am trying to do a mask once a week to help rehydrate them a lot ! This is not a DIY mask but it is the most efficient and not too expensive mask, and natural : I have mentionned Mr Coconut Oil ! Mine is organic because most of masks contains lots of chemical products that sure will make your hair looks beautiful but actually, it is not ! It is only to hide the misery.

    So, coconut oil is a solid form but it melts with your finger heat. I apply it all over my head and let it for at least 3 hours if I do this early (usually on sundays) ! It rinces off easily on the shower and my hair looks soft and shinny ! Hope this will help you !

    Bye <3

  2. I like to use 2 eggs and coconut oil (sounds so gross but I swear it works!) It leaves my hair feeling super soft and hydrated.

  3. Thanks for the tips !
    I use a mix of ghassoul (Moroccan clay), coconut oil, argan oil and honey as a mask 🙂
    Other than that I only use a shampoo and no conditioner since my hair is so oily and it keeps my hair fresh and clean all week ! I only wash my hair twice a week which has helped it grow.

  4. Oh how i wish my hair still looked as good as when i was little and my mom was the one who took care of it 🙁 aka the traditional kurdish herbs and oils <3 dear sazan, i was wondering if you could do a winter coat guide? I live in the netherlands, its sooo cold at the moment but i refuse to buy a coat because i was hoping for a coat guide from you hahaha. i love timeless classics, but i just cant decide if i should buy a timeless classic coat again or something funky, modern, or sporty…and whether i should go for white, black, navy, red, or maybe more colored?? and i am just 5'2, just like you, so i can not decide which length would be perfect to go with a great variety of clothing styles… anyway, you are my favorite person and my beauty guru (sometimes it feels like as if you are my missing big sister, we have quite a lot in common and i have a strong fantasy:P ) so i hope you will be able help me with my mini fashion crisis! 🙂
    p.s. if you everrrr come to the netherlands i would love to meet you and stevie!
    pps. maybe you can add a (weekly/monthly/regular) section with how to downsize a wardrobe ( i remember vaguely from a previous post that you have tried to do this too), and how to keep our style classy, interesting, and clean….like for example lists of top 5(or 3 or 10 etc.) musthave shoes, jeans, trousers, coats/jackets, dresses…

    anyway, love to hear your opinion 🙂
    xx Delal

  5. Hey Babe,
    Great tips thanks… I have mad frizzy hair and having too many blowdries and colours has killed it. Going through repair right now…. Leave in treatments, not too much styling and coconut oil seems to work for me too….
    Max x

  6. Hair often tends to be dry and limp during winter. It takes so much time and attention for fixing. Good thing there are these tips to apply. Will surely try them out. Nice post!

  7. This is such an awesome post, my hair is currently fried (over processed) Turning off the heat is SO hard, though! But I have been taking prenatal vitamins and splurged on a product, so I guess I’m heading in the right direction!

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