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Happy Friday! The holidays are quickly approaching, and I’m feeling all warm and fuzzy inside… and outside. 😉 Today I’m sharing my first holiday outfit of the season along with a little SAZZA CLAUS shopping spree for one lucky babe. I thought this would be a sweet treat considering all of the crazy holiday travels and gift shopping expenses eating your wallet. Keep reading to learn how you can enter this week!
It felt right styling this cozy cardigan with a pair of comfy jeans and velvety heels. For the holidays I always love playing with different textures and fun colors. What’s your go-to?
holiday, style, fashion, fuzzy, giveaway, freebie friday, blogger, street style, sazan hendrix, jon volk, photography, los angeles, siwy denim, how to style, shein, shopping, bishop and young, who what wear, target style
holiday, style, fashion, fuzzy, giveaway, freebie friday, blogger, street style, sazan hendrix, jon volk, photography, los angeles, siwy denim, how to style, shein, shopping, bishop and young, who what wear, target style
holiday, style, fashion, fuzzy, giveaway, freebie friday, blogger, street style, sazan hendrix, jon volk, photography, los angeles, siwy denim, how to style, shein, shopping, bishop and young, who what wear, target style
Outfit Details
Jeans: SIWY Denim (shop similar) | Cardigan: Bishop + Young (shop cheaper options here or here)| Top: Bebe (available in black) | Heels: Who What Wear x Target (shop similar) |
What You’re Getting:
$200 Gift Card to Shop at Shein
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Shein is a brand I was introduced to when I was in Dubai by my gal pal Sarah! I browsed their online site and noticed they have so many cute clothes for a crazy affordable price. Everything is super cheap but surprisingly you won’t be disappointed by the quality. I’ve ordered a few things on the site since Dubai (like this outfit) and I’m totally obsazzed. Side note: This isn’t a sponsored post, I seriously am obsazzed with this bargain! You’re going to get A LOT for the $200. Trust me.
To Enter:
1. You know the drill! Subscribe to my blog’s newsletter HERE. If you’re doing this for the first time, check your email to confirm subscription. If you’re already subscribed from previous giveaways, you’re good to go!
2. Like my Facebook page HERE!
3. Comment below and share 3 positive/inspiring things about yourself. I’ll be reading them!! 😉
Please follow all my steps to be considered for this giveaway. This is an international giveaway so everyone can enter. ????  The winner will be announced in my newsletter email blast on Tuesday, November 22nd so please be sure to check your inbox. I always make a note in my phone so it alerts me on that day. ???? If you win, I hope you will share your new outfit using my hashtag on social media #SazanInspired! Best of luck cutie!
Have a great weekend. Stevie and I are heading home to Texas tomorrow for Thanksgiving and more fun travels after that so stay tuned!
Photography credit: Jon Volk

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  1. A few positive/inspiring things about myself are really tuning in and listening to the feelings in my body on a daily basis it allows to me really connect to myself, doing yoga always brings out a positive and calming outlook for the rest of my day, doing something creative like drawing or writing a poem always makes me happy.. whatever that might be for you I think doing things that are positive and inspiring for yourself on a daily basis is very important. I hope this inspires you Sazan ❤️

    1. Hi Sazan,
      I’m a fellow reader from the Bahamas!3 positive things about self would be that 1.I’m caring even when a person may not deserve it I’m always there. 2. I’m a creative I try my best to inspire others around through my work. 3. I love to think positive no matter the situation.

    2. Hey lovely! Well first off, I just love this idea of giving us all a moment of reflection on the things we do well in our lives rather than our constant wracking our brain for all we could’ve done better in the day. As a second year college student, things have been especially tough; I’m trying to figure out what path I want to take with what I’m studying and just try and not limit myself. Marketing is a huge playing field and you always are so encouraging and take what you have and make something entirely new out of it and I like to think I am the same way! Another thing that I feel like is a positive is that I’m able to take my experiences and share them in such a way through this great nonprofit I work with called R.I.S.E to Empower &’ I have the opportunity to be their social media manager so in a way, I affect young girls and women’s lives daily! Lastly, I think that by constantly working towards loving myself, I emit a light for others that attracts even more kind hearted people. I may be a first generation college student, but being multiracial, I feel like I channel a different energy. I have my Hispanic and Asian sides depending on me to study and excel and I hope I do that; for them and for me and I do it dressed cute. I believe style is something that you don’t even need to say, what you wear speaks for you and when I’m comfortable in what I’m wearing, I feel like I can conquer anything!

  2. I’ve never won a giveaway (or anything online for that matter) before but here goes nothing! 3 positive/inspiring things about me:
    1. I’ve recently been discovering a different side of myself. A side that I’m quite intrigued by and am exploring more and more through my relationships with others. It’s the side of me that gives love rather than receives it. That finds pleasure in making others happy and as a consequence, makes me happy knowing that I am capable of such things.

    2. I’ve been doing more freelance work which is really positive for me as it’s giving me more confidence as a designer to know that I’m good enough.

    3. Finding inspiration from Instagram bloggers (such as yourself) has really helped me develop my own sense of style and chic! I am unapologetically myself and I want to show that more by developing a sense of style to convey it.

    1. 3 positive/inspiring things about myself:
      1. I am a first grade teacher and I work in a low income area and many students do not speak English when they come to me. I am very proud that year after year my students score highly on state testing and leave my class with confidence and empathy and a strong grasp on the English language.
      2. I am going back to graduate school in the winter to pusue a masters in education with a focus in working with students who are bilingual- I’m excited and nervous as I will still be working full time teaching ????
      3. I have been doing yoga for 2 years now and I teach it to
      My students. I work with students who have emotional impairments on meditating as a form of centering and calming them down.
      I hope I win! I love your site and Instagram!

      1. Hey Sazan,
        Hope you are amazing babe! Just discovered your online world and it rocks… you remind me of me but with better eating habits i think…lol
        I’m not entering the comp but wanted to say I think it’s awesome that you are getting people to enter by sharing 3 positive/inspiring things about themselves!! Love that!
        Max xxx
        ps your Youtube vid about your journey connected so much with me and made me feel teary eyed..

  3. Hi Sazan. I don’t have a Facebook but I am subscribed to your other social medias and newsletter. Three positive things I can say about myself are that one I am super funny, I love to make people smile and laugh by saying or doing random things. Two, everyone has bad days, and when I happen to have them I can say that I start thinking of ways to make me look at the brighter side, I don’t like to be sad. And three, I am not a quitter. I’ve been told I can’t do this and that but that’s not stopping me from making my dreams happen, it makes me strive harder. One day my dreams will come true as for now I’ll keep working on them. Happy holidays to you Steve and sweetie 🙂

  4. Hey Sazan!
    Three positive things about myself: I love embracing my natural curls (at least most of the time????, I have sang in many concerts and recitals throughout my college career, and I am making a living for myself with a stable job! I love fashion, and I need to stock up on some winter necessities ❤️ Thanks!
    Lydia Janka

  5. I have a really generous heart. I make sure I always do more for my family and husband than I think they will.
    I have become very forgiving as I have gotten older.
    I love the people closest to me with all my heart.

  6. Loveeeeee the outfit! ❤️ I love to make people laugh because life is short, I love positive energy, and try to bring the best out of people, and lastly, I never give up. Thank you for inspiring me with your positivity Sazan! You’re like a ray of sunshine ☀️

  7. 3 awesome things about me:
    1. My life has been this one big crazy adventure with God.
    2. I have moved between Texas and Arizona five times!! (I’m 22 years old)
    3. I have one amazing husband ❤️ (we just got married 3 months ago)
    This gift card would be so cool to win! I could use a little shopping.

  8. Hi sazan, I hope you are doing great..I love you and sharing my 3 positive thoughts are that in spite of not knowing anything related to cook from my home country,after I came to US I am almost Masterchef now..haha..I love going gym without a day skipped and love to be fit, and 85% I only eat vegetables, I am currently making scrapbooks and cards for the people who are in love and making little money out of their more love!!
    And well saw your last YouTube video and it was the most inspiring ever, Thank you for sharing everything with us..We adore you..much love..xoxo????❤

  9. I think it’s important to keep a balance in life : physically, spiritually, emotionally, & mentally take care of yourself.
    I like to share kindness and love everywhere I go
    I think it’s super important to be grateful because there aid always less fortunate than me so I have to appreciate what God has blessed me with.

  10. Hi Saz! I’m totally going to check out that shopping site I loved your outfit! About me: I’m a very loving person and I love giving to others whether it be my help, some advice, sweet little gifts, or even my genuine prayers! I love to sing and play my guitar. Last thing would be that I will do anything for my husband! For example leave my Texas life, family, friends, job, church responsibilities/ministries to come and be his main support here in California while he is in the USMC. ???? I don’t have a Facebook but I hope I can still have a chance to win! I told my hubby to like your page for me and he did just for me! ❤️ Have a great weekend! My email:

  11. First of- I love that lipgloss! That is so dang cool that it works with your pH- what!!
    Buuuut, a few positive/inspiring things about myself-
    1. Over the past couple of months I have really been focused on ensuring that I am experiencing life as much as I can. Along with that I’ve been enjoying watching myself grow as I push myself out of my normal boundaries.
    2. Having a blog has been one of the most creative and enjoyable outlets that I have stumbled upon. It gives me the freedom to be me entirely and do the things that I love so much- and potentially share that passion with others! (
    3. I just got the ‘Jesus Calling’ book. So I read that every day. It really tunes my focus onto the bigger picture rather than the small moments that may get me down momentarily.

  12. This is such a difficult thing to write but here it is:
    1. I am a very optimistic person. I like to look at things positively.
    2. I like to write down things, this way it’s easy to let my feelings out. It keeps me from getting frustrated or irritated.
    3. When I fail, I take that as a lessaon and try again harder. I don not give up.

  13. 1. I am a stay at home working mommy!
    2. I love to teach piano to young kids.
    3. writing makes me brave and hopeful.

    1. 1. People have friends that can go to a party with and I have friends that are the party. I am very thankful for it!
      2. Bucket list of mine – reduce world poverty by 1% or even somewhere close.
      3. I am Indian at heart and global in spirit.

  14. 3 positive things about me!
    – I am always laughing.- To the point where my friends have given me the nickname “Jolly”
    – Always there for anyone (whether it’s someone close or a complete stranger who wants to share their story) no matter what and completely non-judgmental .
    – Love making fresh homemade meals!

  15. Dear Sazan,
    I always try to stay positive, I may not always succeed, but I really try even when I don’t want to. I find joy in the little things and appreciate the people I have in my life as well as the ones that choose to leave. Everything happens for a reason- I truly believe that! Hope you and your family are well xoxo

  16. hi! love this outfit and YOU girl!! Hope i finally win your giveaways one day!
    3 positive things about me:
    1. I’m extremely caring even if i don’t show it sometimes, but i’m very possessive and care a lot of the people close to me so i don’t try to bring them down or hurt them, and make them feel better when they are hurting!
    2. I’ve been told i’m responsible, and i like to think i am as well! i’m good at getting things done and making sure i do what i gotta do!
    3. I’d like to think i’m a good friend and a good shoulder to lean on!

  17. Hi Sazan,
    3 positive/inspiring things about myself.

    1. I love to smile because I used to be such an empty person inside that I would smile, but it was fake. I would only pretend I was happy, and o one knew how much I was suffering. When I found God, He made my happiness real and now I smile all the time.

    2. A whole chunk of my life is dedicated to helping people. I’m very active in my church (the UCKG HelpCentre), which is established all over the world and we go over and beyond to help people overcome their problems. It’s what I love to do.

    3. I am trying to use my talent – writing – to help reach out and inspire people to better and change their lives.


  18. I love SheIn. They have the cutest things. I love your cardigan, I can’t find one like that anywhere. I love how you styled it. This giveaway is awesome now someone can shop for holiday outfits. Three positive things about me are:
    1. Confident. It took me a while to be confident but its important to be happy. I love pursuing girls/women to become confident because I’m tired of seeing girls being negative towards each other and that’s because they aren’t confident. So its important that they see I’m confident so they can be confident and happy as well.
    2. Big Heart. I love putting others happiness before mine. If the people I talk to can’t be happy, I can’t be happy. So it’s my mission everyday to put a smile on someone’s face. I love helping others with anything they need.
    3. Supportive. I love supporting everyone. Without support I feel like we are nothing. Supporting peoples good choices, dreams is important to keep others going. ❤

  19. 3 positive things about myself 🙂

    1. I try to find the good in every situation. For example, last year, I was extremely unhappy with where my career was heading. I often felt depressed and came home from work with tears in my eyes. “What was I doing and where was my career taking me?” Were questions I would ask myself daily. Instead of quitting and taking any job that came along, I stuck it out and waited for the right job. I learned that I am strong and can push through situations that I don’t consider to be ideal.

    2. I love my fur babies. I have two dogs (one is a 5 month old puppy) and I would do anything for them. My love for animals has grown so much since having them because now I truly appreciate the feeling that a life depends on me for love and survival (and I depend on them too).

    3. I have an amazing guy in my life that is truly my best friend. He is supportive, funny, and has the biggest heart out of anyone that I know. Knowing him has made me a better, and happier person and he brings more positivity into my life than anything else.

  20. This is such a difficult thing to write but here it is:
    1. I am a very optimistic person. I like to look at things rather positively.
    2. I like to write down things that happens in my life or about stuff that is bothering me. It keeps me from getting frustrated and irritated.
    3. If I fail, I take that as a lesson and try harder. I don’t give up.
    Thank you for this post. You are helping a lot of us to realise some of the good things about us!

  21. Choni Sazan, I enjoy following your instagram, it’s very inspirational, truly thank you for that. Three positive things about me would be I am humanitarian, I always try to help others as much as I can even when I know I should doing my own work. Lol! I just do not know how to say, “No,” because I truly believe that when someone is asking for help, it’s God sending them your way because He knows you are capable of the job. Second, I love to learn, my top strength in Gallup’s strength quest is input. I love to learn about everything and anything, and when I learn something new, I share my knowledge with others. Finally, I don’t allow failures to get the worst of me, but the best. I embrace it and move on because I know if it was meant for me, then it would have come my way. “If something is meant to go elsewhere, it will never come your way, but if it is yours by destiny, from it you cannot flee.”-Umar Ibn Al-Khattab

  22. Okay so, The inspiring/positive 3 things about myself, is that I learn to love myself. that happened to me recently and that makes me see myself in a different light, a good light. other thing is since I learn to love myself I make a facebook grop to my girlfriends and thay add their friends and know we help each other and make a positive and save space for girl to help them feel good about there self.
    and last but not list were I live, we can take one year off after we finish school, not work and just volunteer for are community. not everyone chose to do it(since that mean you don’t gonna have a lot of money) but I want to because that was important to me and now I volunteer with children in need and that actually the best decision I ever made in my life.

  23. I find it every difficult to talk about myself as I am still in the process of finding who I really am. I guess I could say that three positive things about me are the fact that I try to be closer to my family and friends, whereas in the past I’ve kept a distant without realising it, the fact that I try to be more free, spontanious and open to trying new things, and lastly the fact that I more in the “business” of taking myself more emotionally, letting go past things and people from my life, who brought bad energy to me, and just trying to be more in control of what situations I am letting to affect me. I hope I win, this time, or any time, to be honest.
    Mway, mwya 😉

  24. Hi Sazan, Just wanted to say your such a beauty and my favorite blogger. So 3 Positive/Inspiring things about myself would be 1). I’m not a quitter. Since I was kid I wanted to work in the medical field. I went to school to become an Ultrasound Tech and unfortunately, after completing 2 long years and taking out a hefty loan. I was told I could not get hired unless I was registered. I attempted to sit for my registry exam but found out that the school I went to was not accredited and I had to retake the whole program again at a different school. I am currently,back in school getting my associates and studying for my boards. 2) I try to keep a positive mind even in the most difficult of times. Some days are harder than other days, but staying positive always helps me get through 3.) I take one day at a time and make sure to enjoy the moment. It’s easy to get caught up in a hectic schedule, but I appreciate the life I have no matter how hard it gets sometimes.

  25. Hi Sazan.
    The cardigan looks great and I’m sure it is cozy as ever .
    3 inspiring things about myself – 1)I love my faith in God and inspire myself to be faithful and hopeful in all matters of my life . This has helped me with my family and friends and to be strong .2)I do my best to be kind and generous to everyone around me , it is motivational for me and Is amazing how it brings out the good side in people.
    3)I like to travel , explore places by myself and even with friends . To seek adventure is important and it’s this amazing excitement you get out of it . The memoirs with each place , even if it’s a small moment , I have learnt to treasure them.
    You are an inspiration to women starting at a young age and you are successful. I thank you for that and hope we all find our strengths and weaknesses and learn from them .
    Be blessed – Jessy

  26. 1. I am an entrepreneur at heart….working on starting up my own designer cookie shop called, The Cookie Xing!
    2. God blessed me with a pretty decent singing voice that I have used in many ways over the years… but my favorite place to use it is church.
    3. I can easily get along with anyone. I rarely found many people that I see eye-to-eye with, but I never let that stop me from making a new friend.

  27. Sazan!!
    You are so inspirational and stylish, such a great combo 🙂
    1) people say I’m an encourager which plays out at work as a physical therapist assistant and at home as mom!
    2)I smile a lot but watch out when I’m slap happy, the whole room may be in tears from laughter and I’m not sure anyone knows why.
    3)and the last is a positive post I looooove being married, my hubby is my best friend and support, a little side note is that he is soo tall and I’m soo short 6’8″ vs me 5’2″, people often are watching us so my hope is that we can be an inspiration for other couples in our actions 🙂

  28. Hi Sazan! Thant’s a stunning an comfy outfit there. Some psitive things about me are finding happiness in small things (like a big pile of leaves in fall), confidece in what I do (Fake it until you make it girl!) and readiness to help others. I hope you will bring more and more inspirations.

  29. Sazan!!! You are amazing!!! Every time I hear you speak I can just hear your joy and true love for the Lord! You inspire me to be bold with my faith on my social medias.
    3 positive/inspirational things I can share about myself is that I try to see the best in people. We all sin and I think it can be so rad to just point the finger and look down on those around us with judgement. It’s silly because I am just as sinful! I think focusing on how we are made blameless and pure by a God who loves us unconditionally is what we need to focus on! There is only one judge and He sits on his throne!
    The second positive thing I can say about myself is that I try to be as kind as possible. I don’t care who you are or where you come from, I love you anyway! Even on my worst days I make a conscious effort to stay joyful. When I realize I’m starting to be crabby I try to take a step back, take a deep breath, and then say a quick prayer.
    The third thing I could say about myself is that I am very adaptable! When things don’t go as planned, I’m ok with it! I think it’s easy to get ‘stuck’ when things don’t go out way… I’ve realized hat spontaneous plans always end up being more fun anyway!

  30. Happy Friday Saz! 🙂 I don’t have a facebook but I do follow you on all other social media & I am subscribed to your newsletter.
    1. I’m a very caring person. (cancer zodiac)
    2. I help out my mom a lot. She is a breast cancer survivor & has had multiple surgeries because of that. I’m happy to help her out though. 🙂
    3. I take time for myself every now & then. whether it’s writing for my blog or just getting a mani pedi.

  31. Hi Sazan!
    3 positive/inspiring things about me are…
    1. I’m driven. At 19, I worked really hard to pay for my first year of college without my parents help by getting creative.
    2. I’m loyal. My friends tend to use me to vent because I’ve been through a lot of things myself I’m able to direct them to positive mindsets.
    3. I’m witty. This is probably my favorite thing about me. I tend to be very quick with humor and can always make people laugh and make myself laugh harder.

    I adore your blog!! Xoxo

  32. Hi Sazan… Happy Holidays! I don’t have FB (rolling eyes emoji) but if I did I would totally like your page. Three things I love about myself are my smile because I think smiling and laughing can make anyones day brighter, my confidence in who I am as a woman, and my family because I wouldn’t be who I am today with out them! Loves.


  33. 1. I am a dentist and my goal is to help as many people as possible.
    2. I moved to America from Romania last year and it hasn’t been easy on me. I’m struggling to transfer my diploma here ( I feel like I’ve been studying 24/7 ever since I was born haha) and in the meantime I am a stay at home wife who loves taking care of her husband and always cooking and baking for our friends.
    3. I have been through a lot in my life, been in the hospital for so long, sometimes I wonder how I even survived (long story), but God has been there fighting for me and protecting me all along. I am amazed I can walk and talk and have recently started my instafashion; I am an aspiring make-up artist and I want to inspire people with my story, when the time is right.

  34. Hi Sazan! Thanks for the idea for writing about 3 positive/inspiring qualities. Most of us won’t win the prize, but how great of a idea to leave even more positive vibes and energy out there in the universe through these posts! Plus – people can be so critical (I definitely experience that at work sometimes!) that it can be reallll easy to forget the wonderful things about yourself as an individual. Here goes!
    1.) I love that I am a warm and compassionate person. And in return I have attracted some equally caring and sensitive people into my life that I am oh so grateful for.
    2.) I love that I have a positive outlook on life. This trait has taken me further than anything else. Along with being positive, being resilient in the face of adversity is definitely a quality that hasn’t been easy to have through heartbreaks and things not going well over the years…But I truly believe that it is something that can be developed and it is SO important.
    3.) I love that I am open to new ideas/new ways of thinking. As we get older, we can become fixed in the beliefs we have. But I think one of the coolest things in life is that we can learn something new every day. Making new friends and exploring new points of view is important to me and I’m glad that I have developed that quality!

    As always, thanks for always keeping it real Sazan!

  35. Yay for Freebie Friday! Thank you for continuing this Friday tradition with us!

    3 positive things about myself..hmmm..
    Each day I continue to choose happiness, even when life gets hard and nothings seems right, I choose happiness because my life is too precious to be anything but happy.

    I love my love for my fellow humans; seriously I genuinely LOVE people, and one of my favorite things to do is meet new people who will show me other perspectives and outlooks on life.

    I am all about them positive vibes! Although I understand that we can’t always be our best selves because let’s face it we are only human after all, and we have to feel all the other feelings sometimes even if they aren’t as pleasant. But I sincerely like being around others who bring out good energy and I as well enjoy giving off good vibes to the people around me.

    Thanks Saz 🙂

    email is:

  36. Hmm…

    1. My family and friends are everything to me, and I do all I can to make them as happy as they make me!

    2. I love surprising people with gifts. Even if it’s just a coffee for a coworker who I know is having a hard day. The smallest things can make the biggest difference!

    3. Even though transitioning from being a student to having a full-time “adult” job has been tough, my roomie and I make each other go to the gym 6x a week!

  37. Hi Sazan! Hope you are having a wonderful day!!

    The first thing I can say about myself that even when things Doesn’t go the way I want I know that everything is going to be alright and I really grateful for what I have

    The second thing is I love to see beautiful things around me and it makes me so happy just see the kids laughing and playing or early morning in a city when it’s quite and people getting ready to start their job..

    I love breakfast ! Truly my favorite part of the day ????

  38. 1) during my last two years in college, I learned to really live for myself. All my life I worried about what others thought, and did what everyone thought was the normal thing to do. Now I’m focusing more on myself, and what makes me happy.
    2) since I was 15 years old, I was a caregiver for my dad with Alzheimer’s disease. Juggling school and taking care of dad really put a toll on me, and I admit my academics failed miserably. Since his passing, I’ve been focusing on getting my life back on track and in my last semester finally to graduate!
    3) my favorite thing to remind myself everyday is “be the version of yourself, and love others deeply”

  39. Hi Sazan!! I have 2 fur babies that I am so obsessed with and they make my whole world. I make time for fitness at least 4x a week because I honestly just feel so much happier after a session at the gym. And lastly, I love myself. It’s so important to love yourself to lead a happy life and love others.

  40. Hii Sazan ????
    that’s not so easy but I’ll try to pick three of the things that ispires me everyday to live better.
    One is observing and discovering; I really like everytime I go out is to try to find ispiration in nature, weather, or new cities and looking aroud like it’s the first time I’ve seen something.
    Another thing that I find ispiring is to be always courious and passionate about life, even though it’s not so easy sometimes we all have our way to be happy and that’s important to find our special things that canare make us happy.
    Another thing that truly ispires me is painting, or dancing by my own.
    It makes me feel free as nothing else and happy 🙂
    love your blog so much!!
    hope you’re gonna read this,
    bye bye????
    Claudia, from Tuscany ????

  41. Sazan! You’re so beautiful, habibiti. I’ve been looking up to you for years. Some positive/inspiring things about myself. I’m a listener, I will listen and learn about a person .. helps me figure that person out and connect more. I am caring and giving, I hope to start an organization to help Palestinian and Syrian kids. I love to write so I’m working on starting a blog!

  42. Happy Holiday Season Sazan!!
    I love your outfit, it’s giving me major inspiration right now!!!
    If I had to name 3 inspiring and positive things about myself first would be my heart for others which is also something I’d like to grow in in the future. Caring for others spiritually has been such a great opportunity lately. Also my seriously corny sense of humor (like my jokes are worse than dad jokes). Lastly I’m very dedicated and persistent in everything that I do.

  43. Sazan!
    1. I love my determination. Life has not been easy, but I am determined to make my dreams come true!
    2. I love my body! This is something that I have always struggled with, but I have reached a point where I am beginning to embrace who I am.
    3. I love my positivity. I love to laugh, make others laugh, and spread joy and the love of Christ when and where I can!

  44. I would say #1 I am always trying to find the good in negative situations. I know God has everything in His hands and all I need to do is to trust in Him and do my best in whatever situation I may be in. I am also huge in prayer!
    2. I think my personilty allows many individuals to feel comfortable and able to share anything they need to. I am not overwhelmingly friendly but a friend of mine once said that I am one to feel right at home and comfortable with. That made me happy because knowing that someone can look at me and just know and have that feeling of the kind of person I am is great!
    3. Aside from trying to be proactive and do everything I think my napping skills are on point! You name it, any spare hour I have free I’ll take it. I do find it weird that if I drink coffee I can go right to sleep.???? Taking break time and being able to fall asleep like I do is a positive thing for me!:)

    Thank you Sazan for being the awesome, God-loving and cheerful person that you are! You definitely make many people’s days even if you might not know it!

  45. Hi Sazan! Love this outfit, and excited to try Shein!
    Here are 3 of my best qualities:
    1. I am very positive. You will never see me without a smile! I barely ever let things get to me, and always look at the brighter side and try to be thankful to Allah for everything I am blessed with. I moved to America from Pakistan for my undergrad and had no experience living alone before, so it was a huge change. But I always welcomed change openly and have made the most out of my opportunities by being positive.
    2. I always stick to my beliefs. I am not one to be peer pressured into trying to be someone I am not. I think this gives me a lot of peace of mind. For example, all my friends in college drink but I don’t, and i have never even felt that desire I like to stay strong in my faith. At the same time, I never enforce my believes onto others, really got that “live and let live” thing going.
    3. I am very resilient. Once i set my mind to something, i don’t quit, be it getting an A in college or completing the BBG or getting to bigger goals in life. I really don’t believe in being half-committed, and give everything my whole heart once i decide to do it. I think this really helps me accomplish my dreams and not get knocked out by adversity.

    I actually see all these qualities in you as well, which makes me feel like we would be great friends if we ever met!

    Lots and lots of love,
    Zoha ❤

  46. Hi Sazan! First and foremost, let’s have a moment of silence for your outfit because giiiirrllll you KILLED it! It is so well put together. I would have never thought of pairing items like that!!

    3 positive/inspiring things about me:
    1.) I love praying for people. It’s second nature to me. I’ll be in my car and see someone on the street and I literally just start praying that they have a great day and that God will bless them in whatever way He can.
    2.) When i was in high school I used to witness other student picking on the special ed. students so I decided to be a mentor in the transitional classes. I graduated 3 years ago and I still have an amazing friendship with most of those students.
    3.) I believe in always giving back to others, especially during the holidays.

  47. Hi Sazan,
    I’m a 22 year-old bald woman with the disease Alopecia Areata. I could have let this define me, but instead I’ve redefined what beauty can look like. I know that I’m stunning because of who I am on the inside and how that shows on the outside. I’m a very hard worker and just like you, people have told me I can’t do certain things and that I’m going to fail. However, I take an Elle Woods (Legally Blong) approach to life and use my heart and passion to reach for the stars and use my independence through what makes me different to get there. Lastly, I unabashadely stay true to who I am. I’m dorky, very in to fashion, a family girl, tell terrible jokes, and I don’t hide that for anyone. We only have one life and one body to live in, so I’m going to let my freak flag fly and treat my body with respect and kind words and never let anyone make me feel bad about that. I am enough!

  48. Hi Sazan,
    I’m loving the fact that you’re bringing up others positivity! There is too much negativity in this world.
    3 positive/inspiring things about me:
    1) I love to serve others – whether that be great food, with my time, as a nurse. I just like making people feel good. This explains my number two.
    2) I’m a really good listener – friends and fam always come to me for advice or just to talk.
    3) I never give up!Ever. – which is why you inspire me 🙂

  49. Hi Sazan,
    Three positive things about myself, I love to be optimistic even though life gets tough it’s important to keep a positive outlook on life. When I was 16 I had a baby girl and I thought my life was over, everyone told me I wouldn’t give her a good life. Well it turns out she is now 17 going to college next year 4.0 student and she’s my best friend. I wanted to inspire other teen moms to know that they still can be successful and go to college just like I had the opportunity to. Lastly, I believe in being kind to others because you never know how your smile can change someone’s day.

  50. A few positive things about myself are I am always laughing, I always look at the positive things in life, and I love helping people!

  51. Hi Sazan!
    The first thing I can say about myself is that I love spreading positivity! I finally learned how to love myself and I want others to learn that it’s important to love yourself first. Second I’m not a quitter, I rather fail trying than not try at all/ quit. And lastly I care a lot about the environment and I try my best to help it.

  52. thinking for a bit, the three good or positive things about me I can’t even come up with them. I guess I’ll have to say my determination, I’ve been in a weight loss journey since February and I’ve lost over 50 pounds, I honestly can’t even believe how I did it and to think I used to be so negative thinking I would never do it. A second thing about myself it would be my honesty. I’m that type of friend that keeps it raw with no filter. If you want my honest my advice you will get it. When I’m honest and say what I think, I try to look out for the person and say to them what they don’t see. My last good thing my positivity. I’ve been trough a lot of rough patches where I wanna quit, give up and cry but then I just talk to myself and I’m like no no you’re no like this, you always trynna see the sunshine during a rainy day. I start to imagine positive outcomes and I become hopeful for the future and think how this one failure will help me rise back up and make it another reason to try and achieve my goal once again.

  53. Hey Sazan, I get so excited on fridays cause I know FreeBie Friday comes with it! Your outfit is absolutely amazing, as always 🙂
    3 positive/inspiring things about myself:
    1. I LOVE GOD! My daily goal is to speak to at least one person about the gospel & to show those that surround me Gods love.
    2. I LOVE CHILDREN! Little humans are my absolute favorite, that is why I’m pursuing to be a teacher cause my dream is to inspire & help instruct the up coming generations.
    3. I LOVE BEING POSITIVE! I’ve never liked to be negative or surround myself with negativity. I believe God is a forgiving God & He is my source of Joy. So I always strive to be positive in any situation, forgive & give grace, and always try to remain JOYFUL!


  54. Hi sazan,
    Three positive things about be are
    1- I love helping out always gives me a satisfying feeling to know I am able to make someone’s day better.

    2- when I look at people I always see their good side and never their bad(sometimes that’s not a good thing) but doing so I have learned to be good to all and leave those who are ‘not so good’ ashamed of their actions (killing them with kindness) lol.

    3_ I can make almost anyone laugh.

  55. I would like to start by saying that you are an inspiration with the most beautiful soul, Sazan!
    But to add something good about myself I can say that I always try to stay positive, no matter what. Also I work hard for my goals, as for now it is to study hard in a university for me to have a bright future. And last, but not least I try to spread love in the world as much as I can, because you are such a good example for me to do that.
    Thank you for everything you give to me and this world❣️

  56. Hi Sazan,
    3 inspiringly things about me are that i like to make people happy, i am caring and compassionate.

  57. I love this post because these days it is sometimes perceived as vain when you talk about what you love about yourself. One thing that I’ve learned to love about myself recently are my curvy Egyptian thighs. My mom always told me that men find a curvy booty sexy, but I never truly appreciated that until I began to love myself. Another thing I love is my crazy curly hair! I’m sure you can relate to me when I say I’ve literally BATTLED my hair in the morning growing up LOL. But once I learned to tame the beast, I began to love what makes me stand out! The last thing I’d say I love about myself is my drive to follow my dreams despite my obstacles. Growing up with immigrant parents, school was never the easiest thing to understand. I had all the support behind me, but the system was so confusing. Nevertheless, I reached out to helpful sources myself until I could hold myself up in the system. Now I’m proud to say I am on the road to earning a Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine to treat little cuties like Sweetie! I’m glad that God gave me a heart to love animals <3

  58. From one TX gal to another hello!!! 🙂

    Lets see, 3 inspiring things about me

    1) I always manage to persevere through the most difficult of times. I’m currently a full time university student in San Antonio, TX, biology major with 2 part time jobs, and a load of extracurricular and not to mention of bit of a shopping sweet tooth! 😉 Life (just like everyone else) definitely has managed to throw some curveballs where there were many times that I felt I was not going to make it as far as I have now. I always tell mysef that everything I am going through not only empowers me at the end of the day but it also gives great advice for others going through the same thing.

    2) Creatively optimistic: Since I work at two jobs, one dental related since my dream is to become a savvy dentist/stylista and at a thrift store. I feel that my jobs require me to always remain true to myself and being a kind person to those around me. Whenever the jobs get tough I will wear a smile on my face and assure not just myself but my teammates/friends/co workers that everything will be okay. Instances when woman are feeling low self esteem (who walk into the store I work at) I always make sure that these ladies walk out of there feeling absolutely happy and beautiful!I make it my mission to do so!! I like to believe I have the ability to be a tooth fairy of style! :3

    3) Language & culture enthusiast: I currently am fluent in various languages( I know English, Spanish Japanese) and I am currently focusing on 3 others (Arabic, Mandarin, ASL). In a world that has become rather dark, I try my hardest to promote not just self love but love for other cultures. As someone who wants to work with people it is absolutely important to understand people’s roots. What better way to do that? It is by knowing a bit about someone’s language and culture. If more people took the time to learn I think this place could be a whole lot better. <3 I always make sure that people are aware of loving not just their own cultures but others as well.

  59. Hey Saz!
    First of all, outfit is on point!! I LOVE x 100000
    So here it goes, three of my best qualities……
    1) I believe that there is good in everyone. Regardless if someone is mean, negative, non encouraging…I don’t let those vibes get me down or change my point of view on that person (definitely can be challenging at times)
    2) I like to show appreciation to the people who are close to me often. My husband, friends, parents, sister…I always want them to know how much they mean to me and how blessed I am to have them in my life. Life gets so busy, but I think its important to show people how much you value your relationship with them. Weather its a phone call or showing up at their work with a coffee…its the little things that mean the most and try to do those things OFTEN!!
    3) I am extremely GRATEFUL for things I have. Today, its so hard not to get wrapped up in social medial and always wanting more and never being satisfied with what you have. Each day I remind myself of 5 things that i am truly grateful for. By doing this it has made me to be an extremely positive and humbling person.

    PS- Thanks for making me do this (actually was a little hard) I deffiniely feel better about myself then I did before i wrote this post xoxo

  60. You look absolutely gorgeous Sazan! I have been following you since day one and I am still obsessed with you! ❤
    I never used to have much confidence, so I really struggled talking about myself. However I have built it up and I feel like I can happily type all the things I find positive about myself!
    First of all, I am so caring, yes sometimes it doesn’t always work in my favour and I care too much – but none the less it’s the most amazing quality to have about yourself as I am kind hearted and love helping peoole. Sometimes a kind heart goes a long way.
    Secondly, I love how I can make other people laugh even when I’m at my lowest point, for example now I feel totally not my self and I am really down at the moment but I pick myself back up knowing that other people around me are happy and well. I love making people laugh as I love seeing my loved ones smile! ❤
    Lastly, I am literally a machine. I work so hard towards my goals that I get no sleep, I often have sleepless nights because I am so focused on achieving my goals and working my socks off to get where I want to be. Once I reach my goal I will totally go back to 8 hour sleep life haha.. but until then #WorkTillYouNoLongerHaveToIntroduceYourself ❤❤❤
    Love you lots Sazan! X

  61. Hey Saz! This is a good topic starter and super cute outfit (as usual)!
    I loved reading people’s comments! Alright, a few things I’m proud about myself are:
    1. I’m a warm, open minded, optimistic person. I think it’s a combined trait from both of my parents. I’ve used it to keep my head up in hard times and to connect with people on a more emotional level. I definitely thank God for giving me those strengths.
    2. I just graduate college and hit the ground running. I somehow landed a job in a Fortune 200 company.. (cough cough thanking God again) I’m the middle of two girls so I knew the importance of being a good role model because the example my older sister left for me. I try to be that role model for younger girls. If you try hard and are optimistic something good will come your way. It may not be as quick as my journey but it will happen.
    3. I’m into living a healthy lifestyle -that doesn’t exclusively mean dieting and working out. I try to be the best me and for me that’s making sure my body, mind, relationships, and spiritual life are in their best shape. I encourage all of my friends, blog readers, and people I met to do the same all the time. ☺️

    Happy FriYAY!

  62. Hey Sazan!
    I love your outfits and your style, I have been following you for a while and you never gave me a reason to leave! I’m currently in medical school studying for my board exams so I’m giving myself a “social-media-detox” and started to get intimate with the books! I know you had a blog so I check it out when I can, its the way I reconnect to the world lol and keep me in tune with what’s happening in the fashion world…let’s just say you have become my spirit animal <3 I love the energy you put out and your style is so classy to me and I'm always inspired by not just your style but your positivity which at times is a big struggle for me. So I actually told myself I was going to start doing more positive things for myself and I am glad this post can be part of my kick start!
    1. I am very dedicated and stubborn about my goals, I have entered medical school after going through some tough times and I know I am not done on the battlefield but I keep going!(*just keep swimming*=life motto) I can list 5000+ reasons to stop this dream of mine but I can't just for the one reason that I love medicine!It has been very difficult for me and unfortunately my family to commit to the journey but I imagine everyone's face in the end and that makes it worth it for me.
    2.I don't have friends I have family 😉 I have a tight knit of people(+dog, he is family too) who I cherish and would do anything for as a reflection of their unconditional love. They have become my fuel to push forward <3
    3.The gym and running outdoors (when it's not too cold) is literally my only me time and even then I have no idea what I'm thinking except grunt-counting lol. A good workout instantly makes my day better and is my pocket of escape, I am sure you can relate.
    Keep being Sazanulicious and continue brightening the days of many as you have for me!
    Saruja <3

  63. Hey Sazan!
    First of all, I want to say how much I love your style and your blog. As someone who aspires to work in the fashion world, you are definitely a great inspiration. I am still a college student right now so I have a while to go, but I am determined to make it. I am very passionate about anything I do, and am a firm believer in following one’s dreams to achieve whatever it is that one wants in life. Fashion is something I have always loved and cannot imagine having a career in something that isn’t that. Aside from being passionate and believing in following dreams, I also love how honest I am with people. I think we all know how it feels to be lied to and I don’t want to be like that to any other person. As cliche and common as this saying is, honesty truly is the best policy.
    God Bless!

  64. The first inspiring thing about me is I love nighttime skyline views! They put the world into perspective and remind me that I am one person in a world of many. This brings me to number two, my desire to make a positive impact in this big world. With so many of us coexisting on this planet,we all have to do our part and give back, caring for others is the best way to make your mark on the world. On to number three, my way I want to make a positive impact is I want to go to medical school and become a doctor! I just finished my MCAT and I’m preparing to apply for med school, wish me luck! 🙂

  65. Hi Sazan! I love the outfit you’re wearing. It’s so chic and you look flawless.

    Three positive/inspiring things about myself is:
    1) I’ve always struggled accepting my body type since I was a young girl. Being Chinese, I have more of a square shape. I mostly played tennis and ran when I could, but I was an emotional eater until I graduated college. I never got to wear the clothes I wanted to because I had self-esteem issues. For the past two years, I really started eating healthier and pushed myself to work harder in my workouts. It started with my husband and I training for a marathon and we completed a 26.2 miles on Valentine’s Day!! Since our marathon, my favorite go-to exercises is ultimate frisbee, weight training, and yoga. I’ve accepted myself more because my husaband told me I can have the body I want if I just work hard for it. I can make the change by starting now and continue this journey forever.
    2) I’m a kind person. I won the friendliest award in high school and I didn’t know people knew me! There is some loneliness to that though because I didn’t have a group. My three best friends are from different times in my life. I feel like since I was a child, I’ve been there for all my girl friends. I realized I never ended the friendships I lost. I understand life happens, but I thought why some of the reasons we didn’t continue our friendship was because I was boring, too nice and not enough drama. I value relationships and friendships very much. I believe that’s very important.
    3) I’ve become a more spiritual person. I was a PK (Preacher’s kid) all my life. My dad was a Presbyterian minister. My parents were very strict and I always obeyed what they told me. I believe even though my parents were hard on me, I appreciate my life so much more living on my own. I didn’t move out of the house until I graduated college. In your twenties, you’re supposed to make mistakes and learn from them. I’m learning many things about myself and even though I had a good upbringing in a Christian home, my Chinese roots are still there. I’m adopted, so I feel like it’s okay to have two faiths. I like being more spiritual with multiple beliefs, instead of having only one religion. God is my savior, but I also like the connection with spirituality.

    Have Friday!! Xoxo, Jing

  66. A few positive things about myself are that I’m a great listener — I have few words to say (typically) so I simply listen, and it can be helpful for people who may just want someone to hear their heart. ☺️ I’ve also found over time that I’m a sensitive person, and I cry. A lot. ???? I was watching your video on YouTube just yesterday where you talked about how you got started blogging and I was literally tearing up! Haha. And when you got emotional, oh believe me girl I was there with you. ????❤️ The last thing I’ll say is that I can read peoples’ body language and pick up on things that other people may not see. It can help in situations where someone may not want to say something out loud, and I can just let them know that I understand. Thanks for doing such a sweet giveaway. I truly love following along on your blog and Instagram (and now Facebook!).

  67. Hi Sazan! I’ve been following your blog, YouTube, and Instagram for a while now. I came for the beauty tutorials, but stayed for your authenticity and to fuel my travel envy. Im usually a quiet observer, but I just bought a dress off SheIn for my cousin’s wedding last weekend and got so many compliments on it!

    So, three positive things about me…
    1) I’m a mom to the world’s best little human. He has taught me more about life and love in the last 2 years than I learned in the 25 before he came into my life. It’s a really incredible feeling to be exposed to such unassuming, unconditional love and joy every single day.
    2. I’m a recovered anorexic. I’ve been well for nearly 10 years now, and sometimes it feels like a very distant part of my narrative. But it’s something that I’ll always carry with me, and that I’m extremely proud to have overcome. It taught me not to fear my vulnerability.
    3. I can rap Busta Rhymes part in Look At Me Now.

  68. Hola Sazan! first of all, i love your style and your energy, you and Steven are such relationship GOALS, i love watching vídeos of you two, you always manage to make me smile. The positive things about myself are 1) I live for helping people, since I was a little kid I always like to take care of the others, even the strangers, which was kind of dangerous???? 2) people say that I’m so positive, it’s annoying! I don’t let them get to me because I think that I’m every situation, doesn’t matter how bad it looks, there is something good that you can get out of it. and 3) I never say “I can’t” to anything, there is nothing in the world that I can’t do. when you say that you can’t, you automatically are putting barriers in front of you that doesn’t let you accomplish that goals. this is it 🙂

    I hope you have a great time this holiday, wish you and your family the best! thanks for inspired me!

    ps. sweetie is the cutest dog ever! I’m in love!!!

  69. Oh I love Shein!! Thanks for this opportunity 🙂
    Three positive/inspiring things (thanks for encouraging us to do this, as we are usually so hard on ourselves)
    1. I have always wanted to be a wife and mother and when our daughter asked me to write down the things I did when raising them, I new I had succeeded:) Of course with the help of my wonderful husband!
    2. I take my faith seriously and hope I walk the walk and talk the talk. (Need to try a little harder on the tennis courts…I’ve been known to accidentally mumble ‘s-it’ if I miss ????…but I’ve been working on it.
    3. I volunteer reading to elementary age kids and find such joy in it!
    Thank you again ????

  70. Hi Sazan! You are gorgeous and I love your style! Happy to join your blog following 🙂

    Three positive/inspiring things about myself:
    1) I’m smart and love to learn new things.
    2) I’m confident in myself and who I am.
    3) I’m a good listener and friend.

    Have a good weekend!

  71. Hi Sazan,
    Goodness it’s challenging to list things that are great about me because really they are only great because of Christ. With that being said I think one is the ability given to me to serve and love my enormous family (there’s 14 of us just with my parents and siblings!). Many of them are unbelievers and we are Italian so we are quite a challenging group. Secondly, I always seek to find and know the truth about everything. Whether it is facts, or stories or Jesus. I have a great desire to know what is always true. Lastly, I care deeply about people’s heart conditions and seek to understand why we do the things we do, make the choices we make, etc. Thanks for being inspiring and encouraging in so many ways. -Jenna

  72. I know that you love God so do I so I always put God first. I always work so hard to achieve the things that I really want them more than breath. Always seeing the full half of the glass in every situations. Xoxo

  73. Three positive things about myself:
    1. I don’t let my failures define who I am and let my optimism flow. 🙂 As a pre-medical student it’s really tough at times to implement good “self care” because it feels as if time is never on your side and you always have studying to do! Even if I underperform or don’t meet my expectations, I always strive to do my best and remain optimistic! (If I’m in a rut I also go on a mini shopping spree to alleviate all tensions hehe)
    2. I love people. I am a total extrovert and love meeting and getting to know others– it makes me so happy! One thing I love to do in my spare time is to make a mason jar full of encouraging notes and share them with a friend that is going through a hurdle. Spreading positive vibes is absolutely the most fulfilling thing.
    3. I try to see the beauty in everything. I am that girl who gets super happy after seeing a butterfly or a squirrel or any trivial thing that most people just simply walk by without appreciating. I believe that it’s important to take a moment every day to see the amazing miracles that occur around us and appreciate it. It sounds silly, but implementing this into my life made it so much more vibrant and joyful!

    I just wanted to thank you for this post. I was having one of the roughest days today, but taking some time to reflect on positive things brightened my day by a lot. Keep being you Saz, your positive vibes are contagious!

  74. Hey Sazan!

    Sometimes it feels so much easier to find things you don’t love about yourself, and it takes so much more thought and searching to see the good side of yourself, so I love that you’re doing this!

    I absolutely love to encourage people and make them feel loved. I believe each person is so so unique and we should never waste an opportunity to shine the light when a person feels alone or is struggling. That’s what we’re here for, right? To build each other up and love each other as deeply as Christ loved us!

    I love to learn and be challenged! I’m really passionate about school, which sometimes feels a little weird to say, but it’s honestly something I enjoy and look forward to everyday (I am a freshman in college right now).

    Jesus is the most positive thing about me. He is my peace and my strength, and I love to share that with others.

  75. Hey!! I’m Anna kler and I’m from india studying here in cincinnati. Three positives about me are:- I’m a very happy and energetic person, I’m family orientated and would do anything for my loved ones and O love to help people:). Happy holidays

  76. Hi Sazan!

    I would say three positive or inspiring things about me are that I am passionate about dog rescue and took action to volunteer at a local rescue. If you want to see change you have to be the change! Another thing is that I am honest to a fault. I don’t sugar coat things. Honesty is the best policy! Lastly, I am super loyal and loving – everyone needs some love and support in this crazy world!

  77. Hiii Saz!
    I love you so much, and your posts. You always maje me laugh, and you ar so beautiful!
    Postive things about me: i have a really big heart, and i love my family and my really true friend so much. My passion is make up, and if anyone ask me to do her a make up look, my always into it! I really like to help people, because i know that it means so much them, and they need it. I always try to see the good things in bad situations and i learned that if you want something really really bad, you can get this, you can live your dreams, and this is what motivates me! ????
    P.s. You and Stevie are the most georgeous couple i’ve ever seen! ????
    Love you! Xoxo ????

  78. Three inspiring/positive things about myself:
    1. I’m currently in grad school working on becoming a school counselor in hopes of inspiring others to never look down on themselves and to keep pushing forward.
    2. I found out two summers ago I had Hashimotos disease along with finding out I can’t consume any dairy products. I was devastated and found it so difficult to find things to eat that wouldn’t make me fatigued and in pain. I now have a list of things I can stir up, along with restaurants that can help accolades my needs and are allergy friendly. I hope to start up a site/app one day with a list of things you can buy at a local market, a shoprite or even a Trader Joe’s that don’t contain dairy. May stores provide gluten free items, but often times people forget about the few who can’t consume dairy. Try eliminating butter and milk out of your everyday diet. Not as easy as it seams when you realize all cookies contain it. Most chips do. Many cereals do. Most frozen items do. Many dressings do so salads and wings are limited to either oil and vinegar and BBQ. Forget eating out. Many resturanat don’t serve margarine and butter is added to many items like seafood and what not. And breakfast isn’t easy either. Many dinners make pancakes with milk.
    After two years I’ve found many alternatives and have not caught myself in a rut or frustrated or crying like I was two years ago. I hope to spread the word and inform others that even though it may be tough I can help you through it!
    3. I’ve started up yoga and find that it puts me at ease. I am looking into aerial yoga in hopes of it pushing me more and opening me up to things I wouldn’t normally do (I’m scared of heights and aerial yoga involves ropes and you swinging around with only the support of yourself and the strings).

    I am subscribed to all your channels.
    On Instagram I am Jbugs_
    On Facebook I am Joanne Mariet and my email is connected to your blog.

    Best of luck to everyone!
    P.S. My birthday happens to fall on November 22!!

  79. Hi Sazan, I’ve been following you for a while but this is my first time commenting. I love anything with a positive message, so I couldn’t resist. As someone who was extremely self-conscious and had low self-esteem during the most crucial years of development, it wasn’t always easy to look at myself in a positive way. But I have to say over the past several years, I have grown so much and learned to love myself. I love how passionate I am about things. I am full of emotions (which is a good thing!) and put my heart and soul into everything I do. I am also kind and accepting of all people. This recent election has gotten me so down. All of the negatively, exclusion, divisiveness, and hatred going around hurts me so much, but it is making me want to be more kind to people. Even just smiling at strangers, that could make someone’s whole day! And finally, I love to learn. I’m in my last year of school after 10 years of undergraduate and graduate work. I chose this path because I knew what I wanted to do with my life and this was the necessary route, but it has taught me so much. I never want to stop learning, long after I’m done with school. I want to learn from the people around me, including people who disagree with me. The second you stop learning, you aren’t living anymore. Keep being positive and inspiring others 🙂

  80. Sazan,
    First, you are beautiful as always. Few people can take any look and turn it into something fabulous like you. I am always inspired by your confidence in that!
    Second, I just wanted to get your take on SheIn. I’ve tried researching them to get reviews, and see such a mix! Have you ever had any troubles or had to make returns? I’m curious how their customer service is and if returns are possible.
    Now, down to business. 3 positive things:
    1) I’m halfway through my Doctorate of Physical Therapy program, and I have worked my butt off to maintain my 4.0 GPA. Not to look good to others, but to show myself I am capable of more than I give myself credit for.
    2) I finally love the way I look, not after losing weight but by making myself healthier and stronger instead!
    3) I’ve been working really hard to bring my faith back to the forefront of my life. After leaving my parents’ home, growing into my own adult faith has been an up and down journey, but my husband and I are working hard to encourage and support each other as we grow close to Him.
    Thank you so much for his opportunity, and for encouraging us to reflect positively about ourselves. We ladies need that push sometimes.

  81. Dear Sazan,

    3 Inspiring/Positive things about myself:

    1. Perseverance. Growing up with a diagnosed bipolar dad is one of the hardest challenges I face in my life. There are nights where his anger becomes uncontrollable and this would disturb our sleep where we had to go school the next day or even be sitting for an exam. There were days where I used to hide under my study table (as he is also diagnosed with Retina Pigmentosa) just to revise for my examinations to hide from my dad  shoutings directed at us. However, today I am already completing my Bachelor of Science with Honours in Nanyang Technological University of Singapore.

    2. Optimistic.  I got married early this year to my childhood friend who resides in Germany. We wanted to get married 2 years ago however due to his parents disapproval as our culture differed we had to postpone our wedding. We quickly seized the opportunity to tie our knot. Now, I have to complete my final year of university studies so we are in a long distant relationship. We meet only once every 3 months and that only for 2 weeks. Parting with your husband, your best friend, is never easy. However, each time when I send him off at the airport I just tell myself how fortunate I am that at least God opened up His doors to unite us in this world as husband and wife.

    3. Amore. I take the time to immerse myself in solitude witb God’s nature and to reflect on my very existence on this Earth. How  am I able to bring benefit to mankind especially to the ones in need. I have mastered several languages namely, English, German, Urdu, Bahasa Melayu and now Arabic. Main reason for doing this is to be able travel to the different continents and just integrate with the community to build a better understanding across our culture.  At the end of the day world peace can only be attained if we can integrate and respect each other for our believes.

    P.S. I really look forward to your daily posts and short videos as you give me that bubbly aura that perks us up:)


  82. 3 positive things:

    1.) I chase love, experiance and happiness – not salary

    2.) I am a giver

    3.) I am very much a dreamer ????????

  83. Hi Sazan! What a great giveaway! So nice of you! ❤️ Three positive/inspiring things about myself would have to be: – My sense of humour, I feel like I am also turning any situation into a positive one
    – The fact that I always put a lot of effort into everything that I do. I think it’s important to be the best you you can be!
    & my sense of style! Fashion is something that I love and ever since I was young I always loved putting together outfits even if it’s just to go to class!
    Thank you! ❤️

  84. So many people wish they could be someone else, or had someone else’s life, house, car, relationship, or friends. As a public figure, I am sure you are also under the scrutiny of many strangers and fans alike, Sazan. It’s difficult not to compare our behind-the-scenes life with everyone else’s highlight reel. Having followed you now for years, I have noted how positivity has alway been your life’s anthem!
    So I also try to be the best version of myself, and stay humble. I try to love, and live in the present because it’s so easy to forget what an amazing gift life really is, and it can pass us by in a blink of an eye. And believe it or not, positivity really is contagious. It doesn’t just alleviate my mood and outlook on life, but my hope is that some of it also diffuses on to people in my life.
    I obsess over my goals, because there’s absolutely nothing a woman on a mission cannot accomplish. I have now just finished Graduate School – it was a mission, and at times felt like a never-ending uphill struggle but it was important to stay true to my dreams, in order to accomplish what I have set out to do.
    Talking about our problems is our greatest addiction, and I have also tried my best to break the habit. I try to talk about my joys, not just to be positive and inspirational to others, but because there’s so much to be thankful to God for. Thank you, for always encouraging your fans to reflect positively on ourselves and others, and thank you for living that example everyday!
    Wishing you, Stevie, Sweetie and your families a Happy & joyous Thanksgiving. Safe travels! xx Hira

  85. Hey Sazan!
    Three positive/inspiring things about myself:
    Well, I’m a mom. And with that being said it’s a little hard to pinpoint the three things believe it or not. I guess I look to others for inspiration lately and haven’t really been looking at myself. But when going through a tough time recently, I was told by my brother that I have a compassionate spirit.
    A second thing, that I find positive, is taking care of myself. I do this by drinking a lot of water and working out several times a week. This really helps refill my cup so that I am able to tend to others.
    Lastly, I believe in the power of prayer. I certainly do pray a lot and I find that to be very uplifting. I know not everybody prays, but for me it’s absolutely necessary even before starting my day.
    Thanks for this post. I really enjoyed reading it and also reading everybody else’s comments. Happy Thanksgiving Sazan & Stevie!! Be safe ????

  86. Hi Sazan!

    First off, I want to say thank you so much for the amazing content you keep putting up on your blog/youtube! I watched your video and it really inspired me 🙂 I want to continue working hard, and I feel like it gave me the push I needed on working towards the things I really love.

    Three things positive things about me:

    1) I can say that I am a cheerful/optimistic person! Life has definitely tested this for me this past year, but I try to deal with my worst moments and make lemons out of lemonade for sure! I always start my day off by practicing gratitude and end it doing the same thing! It forces me to love for the best in myself.

    2) I can sing really well! I feel my most confident when I am on stage, making other people smile, and performing the best way I can. No matter where I am in life, or what I might deal with, music is something that keeps me zen and I always love to play guitar and sing my heart out.

    3) I am a true blue friend. I know this sounds like a small accomplishment, but I can say that I am the most giving and loyal friend I know and will do anything for anyone! I always want to make sure that everyone else is happy before thinking of myself. Making other people happy gives me more joy than anything else.

    Thank you so much for having this giveaway, hope you have a great day!! 🙂 <3

  87. Hey Sazan!:) A few positive/inspiring things about myself are that I am following my dream and traveling the US as an occupational therapist. In my freshman year of college, I knew that this was the path I wanted to take, and here I am, 5 years later, blessed with the best travel job and helping people get better every day. <3 Not only that, but I get to travel with my sister, who is also a traveling therapist!:) We are currently in Frisco, TX (your hometown I believe?!) on assignment, and LOVING it here! God has blessed us for sure!

  88. Hello Sazan,
    First and foremost what I love about myself is that I am a positive and caring person for whatever I do if I do something I do it with love because that’s what makes the world round!!!
    Second I love to see everyday as an adventure and love to make memories, I am a busy individual however I put passion unto life and cease the moment!
    Last I love to dress up because I believe it makes me who I am, I feel confident and free to do whatever I can!
    Love, Yesica ????

  89. Hi Sazan!

    First off I would like to say how fantastic I think it is that you are having your subscribers write 3 positive things about themselves. In times like these, it is important that we look within ourselves for light. We must focus on the positivity in us so that may share it with others. That being said here are my 3 positive things:

    1) I always put God first. With God first in my life, I know anything is possible. God has a path for me so I must place my full trust in His plan. When times are difficult it is hard to remind myself of this, but I know His plan is greater than anything I could imagine for myself. It is my job to share my gifts that He has given me with others and continue to spread His love.

    2) I like to say I’m a great older sister. There’s me (Bianca 24), my brother Lucas (18), my only sister Olivia(10), and my little brother Joaquin(5). Being the eldest of four, my siblings have always taken up every space in my heart. They are what inspire me every day to be my best self and to lead by example. I want them to know that all of their dreams are possible with hard work, trust in the Lord, and determination. My siblings mean the world to me and I will always be there for them. Life isn’t always easy but you should always have your family to lean on.

    3) I’m artistic, inspired and driven! For my undergraduate degree, I received my BFA at CalArts in Theater and I am now working towards my Masters in Journalism at CSUN
    *holler to the journalism majors ; ) * I am currently working on my thesis which is a multimedia project addressing the topic of college student homelessness. I am proud to shed light on this issue and share personal stories from students that deserve to be told.

    So that’s me!! Thank you Sazan for always being you, and encouraging us to do the same. Your girl,

  90. Hi Sazan! I have to say when I read what you wanted us to write about I had to really think about it because I don’t feel that I inspire anyone just want to give out what I want to get back in my life as well so here it goes!
    1. Im a instructional aide for special needs children. Now I have to admit some days I come home exhausted mentally or even physically because I work with children with anywhere from autism, behavioral issues and Down syndrome. But after I get some rest I definitely feel happy that if some way some how I helped make there day easier or progress in some kind of way I feel satisfied.
    2. I decided for my break off from school that I could preach in another city that needed some extra hands to knock on doors to talk to people about Gods good news for the future. With so many changes with the president we just need a little reminder to focus on what’s most important and give a positive message.
    3. Im moving to another city soon which is a huge hurdle for me. I won’t have my family, friends, job or daily routines that enjoy to the fullest. But I’m trying my best to focus on what Matthew 6:34 says one day at a time. Relying more on God and less on my own is the one thing that’s getting me through it.
    Thank you for making me dig deep to analyze how I can continue inspiring others
    Xoxo agape

  91. Hi Sazan!
    Three positive things about is first that I am creative, I love to take pictures on my phone of scenery and landscapes. The second thing is that I like to make my friends laugh, I love seeing them crack a big smile. Third things about me is well that I am trying to be positive about my future, lately I havent been feeling happy or with energy and am asking God to give me strenght and I believe he has which is why I am able to be postitive of what is to come.

  92. Hi Sazan! Hope you have a wonderful getaway for Thanksgiving, and I’m so thankful you are doing this giveaway! 🙂 I think it’s so hard when someone tells me to list the positive things about myself because I’m usually better at pointing out the good qualities in others rather than myself. After giving it some thought I decided that three positive things about myself are that:
    1. I’m a good listener. Overtime I’ve gotten better at actively listening to other people when they just need to talk it out.
    2. I’m not one to give on something I really want. A few years ago I began doing yoga and there were some poses that I never thought I’d be able to do; but I have accomplished them with hard work and dedication! My yoga page is @yogeebee in Instagram!
    3. Finally, I’m kind. I like to be the reason for a smile on someone’s face and I believe in being kind always!!

  93. I love that you are encouraging girls to talk highly of themselves! Definitely something we need more.
    I am a hard worker, and I have worked very hard to get to the position I am in now despite my young age. As you know, its all about who you are working for; and we do not work for man, but for the King!
    I am a loyal friend. My friends know that I am always available, and that I will be rooting for them in every season.
    Additionally, I am creative. Though I am no artist myself, I am a lover of the arts. Of poems, Of music. Of paining. Of fashion. I love that I have a creative mind and am artistically intuitive, and that I am so moved by art. I mean, worship time alllllways gets me. Am I right? Can I get an amen!?

  94. Hiiiii beautiful! I am very critical of myself so that’s a hard question. Nonetheless, here are my top 3:
    1. When I came to college, I gained the freshman 50 instead of the freshman 15. Two years ago, I started placing my health and wellness on a pedestal. I am currently in the best shape of my life. Weightlifting is a passion!
    2. I can cook you just about anything using nothing but my soul and heart. After experimenting and following recipes, I am starting to figure out what works and doesn’t work. Chopping is my therapy 🙂
    3. As someone who comes from a lower SES, I believe that all children have a right to an excellent education. I will be graduating in May to pursue my dreams of teaching in low income communities. I hope to inspire as well as change the narratives society has!

    I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving! I will be in TX as well. ❤️ Sending tons of good vibes and love your way!

    Amber ????

  95. Another great giveaway! I just learned about SheIn recently… lot of cute stuff!
    I’m not great at talking about myself but if I had to find 3 positive/inspiring things about myself I’d say 1) I’m always up for an adventure, 2) I’m a bit of a architecture/design/photo nerd and have made a living out of it, and 3) I like to combine those things and plan trips for hubby & I. I feel like I’m actually pretty good at planning trips that allows us to explore the historical part of any town and the local flavor.

  96. Hi Saz!
    Three positive things about myself:
    1 .I always stop thinking in terms of fear! Living in fear keeps you in a state of worry instead of action.
    2. I dont let the setbacks set me down for good. They are part of the living basis and they will always happen.
    3. My smile is my signature! I love to make people smile.Spreading happiness is the most important thing for me.
    This giveaway is amazing, as well as all of them. Love you SO MUCH. You inspire me.

  97. So quick short back story, I’ve been in severe chronic pain for almost 4 years now, the reason I had to preface my answer with this is because it truly taught me so much! Not only about myself, but really about others, and the world in general. So here goes nothing:
    1) I have learnt to be very patient, with myself, my pain, and others. When I say patient, I mean forgiving, accepting of rudeness, and bad behavior. Because even though I knew this before as a concept, being in pain for 24 hours of everyday made it real, and that is; you really don’t know what people around you are going through most importantly what they’re dealing with.
    2) I don’t judge others: although I grew up my whole life in an Arab culture that’s notorious for judging others, my husband is Armenian and he grew up in a home where they never spoke negatively about anyone. I didn’t even know such a home could exist! He really conditioned me, over the years of us dating, to not say or even think of anyone in a negative light. No matter what they look like, what they’re wearing… etc. I truly havr him to thank for this!
    3) I am very very giving, and loving, although it almost always takes a toll on my emotions, and a lot of people see this as me being weak. I don’t! People constantly use my kindness to their advantage, of course I run with the 3 strike rule, I would rather see the people around me happy even if it takes away from my sanity. I don’t ever regret it either, no matter how badly it effects me, and I also don’t base others actions on the next person I meats actions. I don’t know if the way I’m explaining it makes sense, but this is the best way i can describe it!
    Sazan I LOVE your outfit! It’s perfection! I really wish I could take you shopping with me! But I’m lucky enough to have this blog to get inspiration from!

    Warm regards,
    Haifa Shalabi

  98. I’ve been a travelling teacher for the past few years and it has really changed me as a person and professional. Spending 24/7 with teenagers can be trying but sometimes all they need is someone to listen. I think everyone at one point gets wrapped up in their day and forgets how important it is to listen. I can confidently say that I am a really good listener. Another thing that I can say is that I always look at the glass half full. Life can get you sometimes! It’s not always puppies and chocolate cake (two of my fav things) but I firmly believe it happens for a reason! Let’s make the most of it! Positivity is infectious. Always spread that!! Lastly, I strive to be kind. Such a simple, short, four letter word, that can make the biggest impact on someone’s (and your) day. Just as infectious as positivity, kindness is what life is about. Happy American Thanksgiving, Sazan!

    – Brianna, your neighbour to the North ????????

  99. Hi Sazan! Great giveaway! ????

    1. Staying positive! Specially when it seems impossible. I always say to myself things could be worse. You are healthy and have your whole life ahead of you.
    2. Being thankful. Appreciating everything you have. I have the best family, husband and friends. I ask myself how did I get so lucky.
    3. Being present! Social media is a HUGE part of everyone’s life but being present and enjoy the moment is what life is about! I have 3 nephews who I try and enjoy every chance I get!!! ❤️

  100. Omg first i would like to say i love u, ur so beautiful and straight up down to earth…….keep doing what u do….SLAY all day ????????
    Even.tho i.could come up with alot more no ao positive because im not too confident, but 1. Ive learned to be okay with where im at today, nothing is permanent in life. Each day bring hope and opportunity for a better tomorrow.
    2. God and family come #1 always, which keeps me grounded.
    3. I love to help people even when im the one who can use the help. Its always been apart of me ????
    Best luck to everyone and happy holidays ✨

  101. Hi Sazan,
    I am Rasa and 3 positive things about myself are:
    1. I’m naturally a very hard worker and i get it from my parents but it might not always be a good thing because sometimes I get too hard on myself
    2. I always make an effort to squeeze in ‘me’ time everyday
    3. I love and enjoy complementing people

  102. 1. I got married at 19 and I have been married for 16 years and counting
    2. I reached my goal obtaining my masters degree
    3. I now have a bucket list of places and things I want to see and do with my little family

  103. Hi Sazan!
    What an amazingly generous giveaway thank you ???? You’re seriously someone I look up too. Not just style wise but spiritually & just the way you just radiate positivity & humbleness. 3 inspiring thing about myself… mhmm. 1. I can say one thing I have going for myself is my excessive love I have for making my husband & my kids happy. They’re always top priority. 2. As I get older, I’m only 25, I’ve learned/still continuing to practice to stop sweating the small stuff and not care so much what others think of me & just just trust God ❤️ Never ending lesson for sure. && 3. As a mom of two little ones, I’ve managed to balance ‘me time’ with everything else. Esp having gone through postpartum depression. There were years in my life where I lost touch with who I was (outside of being a mother & wife) I lost all interest on what makes me, Me. But with a lot of praying with my husband & all of his support to see me thrive & happy. Our marriage has never been stronger ❤️

  104. I was inspired a couple years ago to delete my Facebook account, so I won’t be eligible for the giveaway; but I’m totally okay about that. xo (1) I believe kindness is the most important of first impressions. It sets the stage for positive things to follow. (2) I believe happiness is a choice. For as many reasons I can find to wallow in misery I can easily find to be joyous. The latter is certainly the better of the two. (3) Encouraging others elevates the self. Happy Holidays, Saz!

  105. Three positive things about myself would be:
    1. I am a very loyal friend. I never give up on people, even when they deserve it. I appreciate long-term friendships.
    2. I attempt to follow God in everything I do (some days harder than others). He has never let me down.
    3. I think it’s really important to have compassion for people, no matter their circumstances. I try to do this even when I’m tempted to be judgmental.

    Lovely giveaway! Thank you Sazan ❤️

  106. Sazan, I just love you!

    Thank you for thinking of your readers and giving back ♥️

    It’s so much easier to write three positive + inspiring things about someone else but when regarding yourself it feels near impossible! One thing I am thankful to God for is that he blessed me with the gift of creativity. I’m so grateful that he created me to create and hope to one day inspire others with my gift just like you! Another thing that I appreciate about myself is my work ethic. It is definitely something that has taken time to grow and developed but through ever obstacle in my life it has been a huge part in helping me get through. Third? A third thing feels like a gloat but I am also grateful for my love for all things living, nature, animals, human kind lol. Ever since I was a small child animals and now that I am a mother that love has translated into my little guy. It’s something we share and bond over and I thank Jesus for that!

  107. Hey Sazan! 3 positive things about me (amazing idea to ask!):
    1. I’m quick to laugh and love others with a good sense of humor.
    2. My husband and son are the best things ever and I always try to put them ahead of everything.
    3. I’m working on taking care of myself more, whether that’s pampering myself or just giving in to a tv night at home when I’m feeling lazy.

  108. I think the positives about me are:
    1. I have a GPS in my head and never get lost. Always remember the way anywhere…
    2. I love to cook and bake, which makes my husband really happy lol
    3. I have common sense!

  109. Hi, Beauty!
    Unfortunately, I have no facebook but I’m on all Insta & subscribed on here.

    1) I am 23 and gaining confidence to connect with my womanly side
    2)I want to change the world in many ways but impowering women is one way
    3)I have a huge heart and smile lol

  110. Hi!! My name is Melissa, I’m 21 and I am a full time bachelors student at Miami dade college. I was actually homeschooled for my high school years after being bullies during elementary and middle school. During my years being homeschooled, I started going to my churches youth group where I grew in the Lord and learned to be happy with who the Lord made me, rather than be ashamed of myself because of what people might think of me. After graduating with a full scholarship I was able to get my bachelors degree in business and now I’m running my flower/calligraphy business @melsboutique_ ❤️❤️ So happy for what the lord has done for me and the talents He’s given me! so glad I didn’t lose sight of Him, and the way he’s blessed me ❤️

  111. 3 things about me that others find inspiring, going through a divorce in the kurdish culture, not going through traditions and fighting for my child in a country all by myself. Never a quiter.
    2)still staying postive and happy after so much horrific things ( i dont see myself as happy and positive but appareantly others do lol)
    3) something that I am proud of was that I build myself from scratch. Homeless etc to having my own place and great job and being stable. Thank God!

  112. Hi Saz! ????
    3 things about me:

    Currently pursuing my degree for Business!????
    I enjoy snowboarding.❄️
    I am a passionate Christ follower. ❤️

  113. Am a survivor, I am sober and am a big motivation to those struggling with addiction. I have taken up on running to help me cope with alcoholism and have even signed up for my first half marathon to show that Nothing in life is impossible. Thank you for this contest.❤️

  114. 1) I am realist optimist, I feel it’s the best combination of both worlds, I have a lot of the logic and self-actualizing of a realist but with an optimistic twist. Aka “an optimist who wears a raincoat”. 😀
    2) I am terribly sappy and while I used to think this was a bit of a weakness, I have come to realize it’s one of my greatest strengths! Being able to be raw and vulnerable (while remaining self aware) is a beautiful, it allows you to feel deeply and empathize with others.
    3) I have poured my heart into a blog that I do with my best friend and it’s surfaced all of this creativity within me and brought out this huge light of inspiration, it’s made me feel more fulfilled and so very happy!

  115. I’ve never won a give away even tho I try to enter as much as I can???? Keeping my fingers crossed this time☺️
    1. I like to bake.
    2. My job is all about kids and I love it sometimes it’s too much but they’re so cute and adorable….never thought I’d love someone else’s kids, it’s amazing.
    3. I’m actually super shy and quiet, but I know I have a good heart.

  116. I am an adventurous person who loves to have fun all the time

    I love who I am and how I look and fell at all times, positive vibes always ❤️

    I try to see the positive side and the potential I see and make an effort to go for it #positivemindset

  117. I love with an open heart, I’m independent and I have amazing hair ????????????????????

  118. Hi Sazan!
    I didn’t win your last giveaway either and Ive never in my entire life won any.

    So first of all I love how dedicated I am! I’m extremely goal oriented and love achiveing my goals and setting new ones to conquer.

    Second of all, I love how I invest my time in studying and being on top of my game rather than being lazy and not achieving anything.

    Third of all, I love how I have so much love to offer to everyone around me. I believe we really only live once and if our families and close friends aren’t loved enough, we’re really wasting our existence!

  119. 1. Always grateful no matter what life throws at me.
    2. Amazing listener and advice-giver!
    3. I can teach myself to do/learn almost anything.

    Thanks, Sazan! Love your positivity in every aspect of your life.

  120. 3 positive things about myself.
    1. I love Jesus
    2. I love food
    3. I love people
    4. Also, today is my birthday 🙂 I don’t think this one counts though.

  121. Hi Sazan,

    I will tell you a little bit about myself!
    I am a Serbian law student who’s living in The Netherlands. I was born in Serbia but came when i was three years old to The Netherlands (it was war in Yugoslavia).

    Ok and now 3 different things about myself!
    1) I am a fighter, no matter what happens i keep fighting in this world you can’t give up! I think a lot of people find that inspiring about me. I like that about you too you are a fighter i saw what you have been through in you latest youtube video and i love it that you never gave up!
    2) I love my family! Family is the most important thing i wouldn’t know where i’d be without them! My mother,father,sisters,brother,grandmothers and grandfather! They are my closest family and i love them with all my heart! I couldn’t image a world without them.
    3) I love my boyfriend. He is the most inspiring thing in the world for me! He keeps me going and pushing myself to reach goals i thought i would never reach! After being almost 5 years together i know God has put him on my path for a reason!
    4) i know you asked us to describe only 3 things about ourselfs but i couldn’t keep this one out of my story! I loveeee my dog he is everything to me. Gives me so much love❤️

    Thank God for everything! ☦

    Wishing you and your little family the best Sazan! Sending you lot of love from The Netherlands!

    Ps. Sorry if i made any grammatical mistakes English isn’t my first language.

  122. Hi Sazan! First of all I’ll like to say that I love you and I love how sweet, transparent and inspiring you and your husband are! You’re latest video of how you got started blogging gave me that extra push I needed to start my own. I am nervous about it but I feel like that is the direction I should be going! So 3 inspiring things about me before I keep rambling on hehe. 1. I graduate with a Communications degree in 3 weeks! I’ve been in school for 10 years. I almost gave up, cried and cried but I pushed myself to accomplish this one goal! 2. I live to make people smile, to give advice, to inspire others through my experiences as much as I can. 3. I have promised myself and God to make time for a missions trip if not every year every other year starting 2017. I will be going to Haiti for a missions trip!

  123. Hey Sazan!
    (Omg let me start of by saying I had to type your name in 3 times because my autocorrect kept changing it to Satan. ????) Yikes! Anyways, I wanted to start off by saying that I’m not sure if your remember me, my name on IG is Saraaboo, but I’m happy to say that I’m one of your first followers on IG and you’re actually following me back♥️. I know I’m supposed to be telling you inspirational things about myself but I wanted you to know that YOU have been one of my inspirations for a very long time now. I’ve watched you grow into this huge, amazing, funny, and beautiful blogger. Watching you become this successful is really a blessing. I’ve always been into fashion and makeup like yourself and honestly you inspire me so much. I can’t even think of anything inspiring about myself and it’s ok if you don’t pick me I just wanted you to know that I’m so happy and proud of you, and I wish many more happiness and success your way❤️

    Ps I hope the next time you’re in D.C. My (Kurdish) bf and I could show you and Stevie around ☺️
    Ps.s we can listen to Nancy Ajram and I can show you some new Arabic songs too???? Lol

  124. Hi Sazan!
    First off, you are an amazing human being who I look up to so much! I just finished watching your latest video and couldn’t help but become so inspired by your amazing story. You are #goals
    Okay anyways! A few things that I’ve learned to love about myself is how I have compassion for others to the point where I’m able to put my own life on hold to help someone else.
    And I’ve come to find that it’s easy for me to find opportunities to comfort and care for someone in need.
    And lastly, I think it’s really awesome and rewarding that I can find joy in doing the right thing and being nice and just seeing the good in other people. I hope I can win this fancy schmancy shopping spree! Thanks Sazan, u the real deal!

  125. Although I typically don’t like to talk about myself, I need clothes for my new job so… here’s my 3 things: (LOL.)

    1. I am about to graduate from college in ONE MONTH. It has been a really hard road leading up to this graduation date, but my college career is finally coming to an end, and I couldn’t be any happier. I am so excited to have the time to really dive deep into my passions without having to worry about homework – Ha!

    2. I am a singer and songwriter living in Nashville trying to chase my dream. You’re last video about how you started blogging really connected with me on a personal level because I understand how competitive any kind of entertainment industry can be, and it is so easy to get discouraged and feel like you aren’t good enough… I have struggled with this, and I still continue to struggle with it sometimes… But then I remember that God has given me the gift of music for a reason and that he has brought me to Nashville for a reason, and it helps me get through!

    3. I recently started beauty blogging! I have been a part-time MUA in Nashville for about 3 years through Aveda, and I’ve always thought about starting a YouTube channel. After watching your videos, especially the ones talking about the blogging process, I finally just jumped right in and started one! My vlog combines my two passions: makeup and music, and it has already brought so much joy and confidence into my life. I love being able to express myself in a new way – It has really awakened my creativity! Thank you for being such an inspiration for me, and thank you for this opportunity!

  126. Wow cool i’ve never won a giveaway ever…just gonna try this out who know’s maybe it works right..hahax..
    1. Doing yoga’s every morning makes me be positive and feels fresh all day
    2. Reading novels with a cup of coffee beside is everything.
    3. Go for a walk with my father at the park, spent some private time with family.
    4. Not to do work at last minute..Always finish it up before due..;)

  127. 1. I am kind and courteous to everyone.
    2. I choose to be happy and optimistic.
    3. I love to learn and teach.

  128. Hi Sazan! I love your personality! ????
    So,three positive thing about me:
    1. I’m pretty empathetic,so i can get very very sad at times if i feel bad for someone and i cant help them.
    2. I try to make people laugh as much as i can,even if that makes me look silly at times i’m willing to pay the price.
    3.I love helping others,i am a student of medicine so i hope i will be able to give proper help to anyone in need one day. ☺☺☺

  129. This is hard to write but here we go ????
    1. I am an undocumented college students who will be graduating next year with a degree in Child Development.
    2. My heart lights up (with fireworks and glitter) when I help others. Weather is translating and non-English speaker to giving someone directions or even holding the door for them. Makes me feel awesome.
    3. I am currently the woman of the house. ???????? (Girl power) Since my mom recently got sick from her heart, I managed to work two part time jobs and still attend school. Girls we can do anything we set out minds to.

    P.S I’m not sure if I did it correctly

  130. A few inspiring things about me!
    1. I have worked since I was 14 (I’m now 24) and I have always paid my own bills since and helped my mother out.
    2. I moved to the US from Belgium when I was 8-9 and had to learn English from scratch, which can be really tough on a kid, thankfully I was always kind to others and made friends that way, even with the language barrier!
    3. Although I work full time I decided to go back to school and take night classes on top of a 40+ hour work week. It’s extremely challenging but if my blogging doesn’t go as planned I’ll have a back up with my degree, and I also want to make my parents, especially my mother proud, after all she has done to make sure we always have a good life in the United States, the least I can do is give her a diploma.
    Side note: I love all your YouTube videos and your posts, they are so refreshing and always kind, unlike most bloggers you really connect with people on a different level instead of just showing everyone what you have and I really appreciate that. So thank you for being an inspiration.
    Xoxo- Vanessa Navarro

  131. Hi beautiful! I love this exercise! 1) listening to my gut and not bringing myself down by negative energy. 2) being adaptable to every situation and being ok with the ups and downs life brings! 3) having faith in everything happens for a reason and no matter what being grateful for this life!

  132. Hello Sazan,

    I like your posts very much and I am always inspired by your positive attitude. The way that you live your life,travel and do the things you love for a living is a great inspiration for me because I dream that I will do that some day.
    3 inspiring things about me:
    -I work part time at an Insurance company in the IT Department and i am also a 3rd year student at Computer Science part of “Politehnica” University in Bucharest,Romania
    -I am 21 years old and I am in a long term relationship (5 years, so since I was 16) and since we went to college,3 years ago, we have been living in different cities and we still love each other more every day
    -I LOOVE dogs very much and we are planning on buying a PUG right now and even though it will be difficult to be a “fur mamma” it will be worth it.

    Thank you ! Love seeing your posts !

  133. 1. I am a good listener
    2. I try to be kind to everyone, you never know what kind of day they are having or what they are going through
    3. My family makes me the happiest!

  134. Hello, Sazan! I love these giveaways, girl!
    I’m currently backpacking SE Asia and Indonesia – and will be doing so for the next year. I feel truly inspired by my courage to just get up and leave my very content life in New York, to pursue… well, who knows. (: I love my ability to adapt! And i love how hard i love! Thanks for reading!(crosses everything on body for good luck)

  135. Hey Sazan!
    My name’s Jowana and I’m 19 years old 🙂 coming from Stockholm.
    Three positive or inspiring things about me… Hm…
    1) I think one thing that I like about myself is that (apparently) my friends think I’m very trustworthy and loyal. After splitting up and moving to study at university I don’t see them as much anymore. Our contact is primarily through phone calls and we’ve had to have some talks about our friendship and how we’ll do to maintain it. We’ve worked out all issues in the past, and during those phone calls I have gotten to hear how they appreciate my honesty and loyalty and that they’ll always have trust in me and the advice I give. That made me really happy to hear, it’s easy to forget that when you live so far away from home and all that comes with it.
    2) I recently got “compliments” on my human rights activism. That it wasn’t fake or not based on knowledge etc. That it wasn’t something I did to impress someone, but rather because I actually care. It came from my friend’s friend. She’s black and she was surprised to see someone vouch for human rights and black lives without doing it to show off or just using it as a hashtag under a selfie, etc. It was really nice to hear because school keeps me busy and my human rights activism is important for my identity. Lately I had felt I was lacking in spending time reading and discussing human right issues. So to hear from someone that she’s never met someone to care so much about someone else’s struggle meant the world to me. It made me super happy.
    3) Something i like about myself, that I didn’t hear from someone else, is how I am with and treat my mum. My family has been going through some things but it’s brought me and my mum closer. We’ve never been the type of mother and daughter who talk about anything and everything, but when I visit on the weekends, the best thing is to lie down beside my mom and pretend I’m 5 again. To drink tea and listen to her talk about what’s been bothering her.
    This is all not super inspiring but it is what I feel I’ve liked about myself in the recent months. Moving away to study in a different city was really difficult for me, and I’m only now starting to not let sadness consume me all the time. I’m not sad. Finally!
    Except for moving so far being mentally exhausting, my wallet is basically non existent. It’s so expensive and living on student loans and savings means letting the wardrobe suffer. Which is why I hope I win this giveaway.
    Hope you didn’t think I wrote too much! Have a lovely day Sazan and thank you for the opportunity! Super nice of you.
    With love,

  136. 1. I’m ambitious! I’m competitive and I love to challenge myself daily to be the best I can be. I haven’t always been this way, but I after a few rough patches in life I made a conscious choice to acknowledge my strengths, not doubt my potential and encourage others to do the same. It makes me feel strong to face my fears and weaknesses.
    2. I like to look for the good in people. I like to listen and I love people. My parent’s were refugees and came to America because a communist dictator decided to kill over 300,000 innocent people in their country. They were lucky to escape and despite all the bitterness in their lives, they are the most positive and loving people/parents. They live by example and taught me to be compassionate. I was lucky that they worked so hard to make my life the opposite of theirs. My college track coach liked to say, “never judge a person because their actions are a result of their life and you can’t possibly know what they’ve been through.Try to find something to love in everyone.” I live by this and it makes me happy to love people. Even the ones who aren’t easy to love.
    3. I’m a wanderer and love to travel. I’m a student who works over 50 hours a week. I live for the chance to travel, I used to be a normal college student; spending money on going out and material things. I’ve learned to balance life, money, and experiences. I’ve been dating my boyfriend for seven years and about four years into it we decided to spend less on things and more on memories (balance is the key word because I’m still obsessed with clothes, shoes and make-up). I get a week or two of PTO a year and we save up to travel! First it was small things like ACL in Austin 🙂 But we’re saving for Japan in March. We want to travel to a new place every year and work hard to have these memories with each other. I feel blessed and lucky to live in a country full of opportunity so I love stepping out of my comfort zone and keeping my mind open to the way the rest of the world lives. It helps me grow and in some cases it is humbling.

  137. Before sharing 3 things that I find inspiring in me, let me thank you that you have such a big heart and you are so transparent with us!
    1. Love is everything for me, to forget about yourself and start thinking for others good was difficult and still it is, but to see the smile in others faces because of me, makes me happy.
    2. I am bulgarian living in France and mixing 2 cultures is always creative and fun.
    3. I am honest and it is difficult to accept you like that, but I don’t thing to change because there are people who doesn’t like the truth.

  138. Hello dear and thanks for this great giveaway.
    Three positive/inspiring things about me:
    1. I’m adventurous. I’ve created a lot of exciting possibilities for myself, and I’m always open to new ones.

    2. I’m a talented person. Everyday after my son goes to sleep at night I work hard to crochet/Knit and make people happy with their orders.

    3. I like that I am intelligent and open minded. I’m interested in so many things and always eager to learn.

    My email

    Thanks lovely and please you share with us too 🙂

  139. Three positive/inspiring things about myself are that I am the first im my family to graduate highschool and college(next month). I have learned to love myself for how I look, I have always been so insecure about my body. Lastly, I try to forgive anyone in my life who has put me down because holding grudges is not the key.
    I hope I win , im a broke college student. And i have never won anything on social media.

  140. Well,
    The positive things about me are:
    _I am a survivor, three wars, displacement, and finally immigration….i moved more than 16 times including 4 countries….held different jobs but i am still going strong and hopefully start applying for colleges next year
    _i am relentless….no matter how many times i fail, i will try and try again…100+ pounds weight loss just to name one
    _ i am 31 and a couple of years ago i had an epipheny about myself, this body i have is a blessing, the strechmarks, the bulges, the curves, the frizzy curls, the somewhat large nose this is what makes me, well me!! And i learned to love every piece of myself and embrace my imprefections!
    Thanks for this i feel better already :*

  141. This is my first time doing stuff like this, but I’m a student who lives with my dad, so money is a little bit tight right now. Let’s see, three things about me????
    I try to always be positive about life and people, even though there has been some obstacles and some ups and downs.
    I always put my friends and family before me, because I’m lucky to have them care about me so much, especially my best friends who’ve always been there for me when I’ve had a tough time, so now I’m trying to give back to them somehow.
    I hope I’ll be able to inspire young people someday, that’s why I decided to become a teacher. Just like my teachers helped me when I was a kid.
    Thank you!! I love your videos by the way! Hope that I’ll get to meet you someday even though I live in Sweden! Bless you!

  142. Sazan! Your blog brings so much joy to my day! I love your energy too! Three positive things about myself would have to be my positive attitude, my love for others, and my will to never give up! Thank you for always sharing your vibes with us!!! Xo

  143. 3 things
    1. I am a daughter of the most high king
    2. I am a survivor of trials both mental and physical
    3. I will one day soon be a district attorney working on reform.

  144. Hi sazan! Happy thanksgiving for next week ???? I’m from Ireland where we don’t celebrate thanksgiving but we’re going to have a dinner this year just for fun ???????? writing three positive things about myself is a bit scary..but here goes…
    -1. I’m loyal to a fault. When it comes to my friends, boyfriend, fanily, I’ll always stick up for them and be loyal to them. I hate disloyal people!
    -2. I always try and see the positive side of things ,I don’t like negativity and I believe every cloud does have a silver lining! Good vibes only ????
    -3. Im open-minded. I try not to judge other people or other situations, I try and put myself in their shoes and give my honest opinions!

    Have a lovely thanksgiving I hope you post about it on your blog! Lots of love, Eve xxxxxx ????

  145. First and foremost, I would like to say thank you Sazan for being a constant source of inspiration. Your video on your journey to find success has reminded me how important it is to not give up in life and to constantly challenge yourself. Here are the three things I find the most positive/inspiring about me:
    – I smile all the time. Smiling is a very simple thing to do but it does make a difference in my everyday life. In a world which may seem bleak, I think smiling brings a bit of joy in people’s lives. Also, as they say, it’s your best accessory to wear!
    – I am not afraid of change and starting all over. In fact, change is a good thing. I have been studying abroad by myself and managed to meet and learn from so many different cultures. I find the experience of adapting myself to another culture enriching and mesmerizing.
    – I try to challenge myself all the time by learning new things. That way, I have started to learn coding, creative design and a bit of kickboxing. Next one? I don’t know yet, but I’ll find out very soon!

  146. For a stay at home forty something Mum, following fun, happy and postitive people like you help me feel connected to life outside kids!
    I’ve found as I have got older and my kids enter new stages in their lives, I’ve had to become more resilient to bumps in life’s road. Teaching them to deal with disappointments and upset, has in turn made me realise that a positive outlook on life is the best way to tackle each day.
    I try to be kind. Simply, kind. If you can look a person in the eye and know, deep down you have treated them kindly and with respect – then what more can you do.
    I also have a competitive streak, but with my kids, I’ve had to show that that winning isn’t always the goal. This was a rough one for me. But to be gracious, no matter what.
    I guess my 3 things are- kindness, positivity/resilient and gracious.
    Stay happy always. No matter what. ????????

  147. First time entering! Fingers crossed. Not fabricating or embellishing my life.
    1. I am inspired by my patients. I am a pediatric physical therapist. Im inspired to come to work and take care of helping my little patients with walking, standing, sitting as if they were my own kids. Im committed to making them happy the minute they see me.
    2. I am inspired by my kids (2 years and 6 months) to be a good role model. I do a lot of charity/volunteer events and make sure I take my kids. Last year i held an event in which we made 500 Valentine’s Day cards for children at children’s hospitals. I am doing it again but on a larger scale. It’s all for my kids to be proud and inspired to be a better person themselves.
    3. I am inspired by my husband. He’s so low key about all the extra work he does. He mentors high kids after work and creates challenges for them to engineer/design to help teach them. He just became the lead on Themis mentorship program. No one besides me knows he does this because he doesn’t like to boast about anything. I am inspired by how one can be so amazing and not share it with the world!

  148. Hi sazan,
    Happy holidays ! ????????
    I never really took a moment and thought of 3 positive things about me because I think I am more likely to focus on the negative and try to improve myself, instead of focusing on the positive and embracing it..

    3 things about me:
    1. I would say I am a very honest person. I have been in situations when I was younger where i thought lying was a better option instead of being honest. Ofcourse, what goes around comes back around so I’ve learned A LOT from that mistake and now I’ve improved and am an honest person.

    2. I am someone that is true to my word. If someone tells me a secret I will keep it with me forever, I wouldn’t even tell my best friend. That’s why my friends choose to tell me their problems because they know I won’t go behind their backs.

    3. I am an open minded person. Because I have been discriminated quite some times, I realized how important it is to respect and welcome other religions, ethnicities etc. Especially with all the hate and negativity in this world it’s important that we spread love and joy.

    From the Netherlands ????

  149. Hi!

    1) I’m a pharmacy student and spend alot of time volunteering
    2) I am quick to forgive
    3) family first

  150. I work in the medical field so caring for people is literally my job and passion!
    I embrace myself (body, personality and the whole SHEBANG!) for who I am!l
    Last but not least, family is everything!

  151. Hi Sazan! 3 positive/inspiring things about me:
    1. recently i’ve started going back to church (i stopped for a long time) and i’m trying to rebuild my relationship with god because i’ve realized what life is like without him, and it’s awful. Throughout this process, you’ve been a huge inspiration because of your relationship with god, and i feel like you’re helping me move in the right direction!
    2. i always try to have a positive attitude and outlook because i feel like it makes my day so much better and i just love being happy!
    3. I am young, and i don’t have a boyfriend. i haven’t had one in a few years. But i’ve accepted being single because i know that when the time is right, the man upstairs will send me the man for me. Just like he sent you Stevie 🙂 i’ve learned through the past few years that true love is worth the wait.

  152. Hi Sazan!! ❤️️
    Thank you for doing this to inspire some stylish gals out there.
    3 positive/inspiring things about me:
    1. I’m an educator. I teach kindergarten babies how to read and become kind humans. It is a pretty special give. I do happy dances with my students every time that light bulb goes off! My school just donated turkeys to every family at my school- so that was pretty incredible.
    2. I’ve moved around the country with my husband but I’m always staying happy and stylish. I truly believe we are better together and even though we are far from home we are living our dreams!
    3. I serve. I am always serving others. Last weekend, I ran a 5k with a 3rd grade student called Girls on the Run. It inspires young girls to be healthy and active. It was a lifelong memory for both of us.
    Also, fun fact I have two darling golden retrievers. Thank you for always putting a smile on my face and inspiring all of us to be better. XO

  153. Three positive things about me.
    1. I care about people. I care about people to the point that my heart is absolutely invested in everything and everybody that enters my life. It can be a dangerous thing. But i strongly believe that we need more people who are willing to put their heart on the line for those they care about. We need more empathy and love in this world.
    2. I love how passionate and driven i am. I am so wildly ambitious haha. I become so restless when i am idle. There is this constant pull to keep moving forward, seeing more, creating more.
    3.I am a singer in my second year of Bachelors of Music Performance. I am the happiest I have ever been in this program. Everything is fitting like a puzzle right now. Nothing feels more satisfying than the reassurance and voice in your head that says that you are meant to be here and you belong.

  154. Hi Sazan! ????
    Having been an army brat, I have been fortunate to live all over the world and I LOVE meeting people from different walks of life. 1. I’ve been everywhere, man. ???? ????
    I am a real life Hermione Granger. have a lot of things I want to do but on the immediate list is to write more, learning another language, and taking my mom up on sewing lessons. ???????? 2. I never want to stop learning.
    My family is the best part of my day. They are my favorites. I have a hubby and tiny baby girl. She’s got some a punk. These two keep me energized and motivated. 3. They’re the best. ????????

  155. What an awesome give away girl.

    Three things…hmmm…

    I am determined this includes my life as a single mom, my work, and making the best out of my Lil world.

    I am my own drummer. I make my own beat, and hope to make new paths never crossed. This includes style, work opportunities, and what it means to be a gal.

    But most importantly I am loved. My two little men, my family, and friends. There is nothing better!

  156. Hmmm I have allot of positive things to say but heres 3
    1. Recently i learned to love myself , my body , my beauty my personality basically everything ! Loving urself is the best freedom you will ever have and feel . So wake up everyday loving urself more and more .
    2. Not long ago I decided to give nice things weather its food or coffe or clothes to the need . But unfortunately i dont have that great budget so i decided to say nice things to others ( also strangers) ! Such as ” you look beautiful today ”
    ” your nail polish is nice ”
    ” your hair is gorgeous ”
    People would love to hear nice things from others so do you , so always say positive and nice things to others.
    3. Lastly you’re winning this battle called life.
    Honestly everyone goes through hardship and theres always future struggles . I have learned to live . We will always face problems so why not just accept the fact that this is life . I have got to the point where i do not say the word problem or trouble anymore because it’s literally what life is ???? . The point where you Learn to accept life is the point where u start living ❤️.
    Sending love to you and ur lovely hubby ????

  157. Hi Sazan! I’ve recently discovered your blog and YouTube channel and I’m obsazzed!

    This is not a strong point of mines to toot my horn regarding what I would like to think of myself or what others may perceive of me as inspiring or positive, but here we go:

    1) I’ve recently become a Mommy to our daughter Ellie Grace and it’s been the biggest miracle and blessing. Because of that I’ve been inspired to document my journey through blogging in hopes to reach new moms through my personal platform. As it’s refreshing to be able to relate to someone outside of Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat. I use to blog in my earlier twenties just for fun, but now I’ve be inspired to dedicate one blog a week to mommy related, beauty, life in general! Coming across your blog has definitely inspired me.

    2) I would like to think people think I’m a good listener. In my circle of friends whether it’s a co worker, a sister in Christ, or an old friend they choose to share their happiness, struggles, or experiences. And honestly, nowadays, with how busy we are and connected by texting. It’s nice to Jane a friend call and vent. I’m honored when friends turn to me when they feel like they just need someone to talk to.

    3) I’m a half glass full kind of girl. Optimistic. An encourager. In the past, I didn’t realize how valuable this was until others would tell me they enjoyed being around me because of this trait. And with the world we live in today I try to exercise this gift daily!

    Thanks for inspiring and being open about your faith. As a follower of Christ it’s encouraging to see a fellow sister on YouTube (my guilty pleasure!) so open and honest about their love for the Lord. It’s refreshing. I adore your relationship with Stevie. Your spunky personality. And your love Sweetie!


    Julie Anne

  158. Hi Sazan!
    Three things that are positive about me are:
    1. I try to think of the positive things in life and know that God is allowing a trial in our lives for a divine reason
    2. I lend a listening ear to patients (im an Occupational therapist) and friends and family alike which lets them feel heard and appreciated
    3. I love dogs/animals and know that they are therapeutic themselves

  159. I am a survivor, I am sober and am
    Fighting my addiction to alcoholism by running. I have signed on for my first half marathon and this is keeping me motivated to stay sober in this world. I hope to be of inspiration for those who are still struggling with addiction. I hope to win as I need a good shopping spree as I feel lately all I am on is tennis shoes and running clothes. Thank you for sharing this contest it is wonderful to read so many women staying positive things about them.

  160. Hey Sazan! Just finished the first two steps and now it’s time for the third.
    1) I had a college experience that most people would endure but walk away from. I always wondered why I was put in that position and why my parents never supported me with it. But with that experience I learned that as a woman I am the only one that is going to support myself and I became a stronger version of myself mentally and physically over time. I no longer think I’m a loser because I’m a fighter. I have learned to come at peace with myself and my family. Because no matter what I know my mother and father love me for who I am and soon will discover it’s not about the titles.
    2) my successes over time we’re not granted easily. I worked hard for it. I started from rock bottom. So the patience that I learned allowed me to put in good work ethic and more passion into what I’m doing. I love how even though no one is there to congratulate me I’m the one at the end of the day with awards, so I celebrate myself because I did what I did because I chose to work hard and believe in myself.
    3) lastly, I love how confident I’ve become. I’ve learned to love myself In ways I never thought I would. Being harassed in high school for my so say “developed body” I always hid it to stray from attention. But why do I have to hide, why can’t they control themselves. And I never understood that until little over 3 months ago. I’m in sports communication with a women’s in gender studies who hopes that I will be able to have a positive affect on women in sports.

    It’s hard to go through stuff solo. But at the end of the day I’m a stronger, more efficient and more understanding person. Thanks saz for reading my reasons.


  161. Hi pretty and inspirational ladies!

    My name is Alex and I’ll go ahead start with the first inspiration/positive thing about me is that after a year & 1/2 of perseverance I have finally been accepted to a Masters Physician Assistant program. Another is that I ALWAYS start my days with a positive thought and make a list of what needs to be done for that day and most importantly – I jot down ONE thing I’m EXCITED for that day. Lastly, I am so tenacious and if there’s a goal I have set for myself I do anything and everything it takes to reach and I refuse to give up.

    Happy holidays!! ????

  162. Hey Sazan! 3 things about myself:
    1. I like to live in the moment. Sometimes, I feel like we have to take a step back from our fast-paced lives and just cherish what’s happening in the present. I am able to pay attention to my surroundings that way, and focus on the people with me.
    2. I learn from my experiences. It’s important to take whatever lessons you can from life- because it helps you discover yourself and grow as a person. It allows me to strive for my goals!
    3. I love making myself look presentable- it makes me feel good. I put together outfits when I go to college, that are always fashionable and casual at the same time- looks matter but comfort does too!

    Sazan, you are such an inspiration. & you and Steve are goals! ???? Love you!

  163. It is so cool that you give us the chance to win such a great giveaway. So, here are three positive things about myself:
    First, I think I’m very helpful. I enjoy helping my classmates when they have any problems by answering exercises for example.
    Second, I love irony and sarcasm, so I think you can have a lot of fun together with me.
    Third, I am quite conscientious, so I try to act the best the most time.
    I hope, all I wrote is understandable ????.
    Love and kisses from Germany ????

  164. Oh man, it can be hard to say kind things about yourself out loud (or, sorta out loud), but it shouldn’t be; practice makes perfect, so here we go 😉
    I am a really good listener, and I can easily empathize with others. Being a hairstylist I listen. A lot. And I think aside from being skilled in my craft, making a client know how valued they are and feel touched is the best way to make someones day.
    Along with that, I love helping others see the beauty in themselves. Creating a beautiful style that is not just trendy, but suits their lifestyle and brings out their own personal features; authentic communication and attention to each person that sits in my chair.
    I think that for myself, the only way I can earnestly effect others in a positive way is to be humble. Not thinking less of myself, but thinking of myself less often.
    Thank you for always being bright and honest! I love following you because you are so lovely inside and out and that’s totally inspiring to me <3

  165. Hey Saz! So three positive/ inspiring things about me are:
    1) I’m noticing that people’s mood and behavior depend on what they are being surrounded with. And so I’m on my tough way up to be influential to as many people as i can and help everyone make the place they call home be as beautiful, inspiring and original as the owners themselves and really give them that head start for an awesome day.
    2) I am a travel freak, so me and my boyfriend are always looking for best places to visit next and maybe we’ll turn this hobby into something bigger!
    3) I’m learning to accept myself the way I am and try loving myself a bit more and enjoy life without putting barriers. (Still working on it;)
    Overall, I’m just trying to make a difference and not waste my chances.

  166. Hi Sazan! Have a great thanksgiving week 🙂
    3 positive things about myself include:
    1) Compassionate-If there is anything that my friends say they appreciate about me, is how I am always there for them. Through ups and downs, I pride myself in being a person they can always count on. Also one of the reasons I wish to be a nurse, I love helping people.
    2)Optimistic-Having an optimistic viewpoint for life leads to a happier healthier life in my opinion. Love this post for its positivity
    3)energetic-As much as lazy days in are great, I still love my adventure. Being so energetic and exploring has brought some great memories into my life as well

  167. Hi Sazan! 🙂
    Happy thanksgiving for next week! This is a great giveaway, I’ve never ordered from SHEIN, but always wanted to try!The clothes looks fabolous.
    3 positive things:
    -My family is the most important in my life! 🙂
    -I love to learn new things every day
    -I love to help other people, I think I have a great heart.

  168. About me:
    1. I love God with all of my heart and have dedicated my life to singing for Him.
    2. I love helping children and run a free after school tutoring program for children in NYC’s public schools.
    3. I am a newlywed and love my husband!
    Thank you for considering me and for simply taking time to read about me. Happy Thanksgiving! I hope it’s your best one yet!

  169. Hi Sazan! 3 inspiring/positive things about myself:
    1) I’m honest and straightforward that it makes me the friend people come to talk to about problems and advice. I like helping people and being there when someone needs me
    2) I’m a really closed off person so I’m really trying to be more open with my feelings so the people around me are aware of how much they are appreciated and loved because you never know when your or their last day will be.
    3) I’m hardworking. I don’t like people spending money on me because I feel guilty so I tend to work a lot so I’m able to give myself the stuff I want. For example, every paycheck I got for 6 months went straight to my trip to Great Britain. I did not buy anything or did anything with that money because it had to go to my trip, it was hard 6 months but the trip was one of the best things that’s ever happened to me and I don’t regret it at all!

  170. Hey Saz, have a great trip to Texas!
    3 positive things about me are:
    First off, I’m super energetic and get excited about every little thing! It’s just the sort of person I am, and I get happy and excited about even the most mundane things, and I’ve realised that really cheers people up around me too! It’s infectious! I love making people smile 🙂
    Secondly, I’m very dedicated to whatever I put my mind too, definitely not a quitter. Sometimes things are harder than I expect, but I stick to it.
    Thirdly, I love my family and I’d do absolutely anything for them, no matter how tough!
    Hope you have a great Thanksgiving week, love you ????
    Email –

  171. 1. I’ve recently become a Mom which has been both the hardest and most rewarding experiences. I’ve learned so much about myself and feel proud of how much I have grown.
    2. Turning 30 this year has been incredible! I’ve decided to really focus on myself and make sure I’m taking the time for not only my physical health but my mental health as well 🙂
    3. Balancing working and being a mom can be difficult but I finally feel that I have found my happy medium, which I’m very proud of and it makes me feel amazing when people say they are inspired on how I manage both.
    Thank you, Sazan, for inspiring me to always look on the bright side of things and always reach for your dreams! 🙂

  172. Hi Sazan,
    That is a really good question! Totally caught me off gaurd. I think so many times we are taught to be humble or to not acknowledge how truly wonderful we are. So thank you for the great thought thinking question!
    1) I am a great aunt, one who gets down and plays hands on with our gazillion neices and nephews, imagination is definitely encouraged.
    2) I am paper pregnant for going on the 29th month and recently swapped out program to do a dual track adoption, so thru foster care and private adoption. I’m so excited to be a mom even when it’s been such a long process because I know that the end result is a life!!!
    3) as of this last week my mom will be moving in with my hubby and I so that she can get healthier and we can do life together. It’s exciting and scary at the same time but I’m it will be wonderful!

  173. Sazan, you’re gorgeous! You and your relationship with Stevie/ love for each other is inspiration enough! #relationshipgoals. Three positive/inspiring things about me:
    1. I left a promising and steady career in finance to follow my dreams. Against all odds and everyone’s nay saying, I decided to walk away to pursue a career in merchandising/corporate retail. I took a major pay cut and STILL consider it one of my best decisions to-date! I know it has inspired others and hopefully people can find joy in taking risks they believe will make their dreams come true!
    2. I don’t like bullies! I aim to make everyone feel included! There is nothing out there that states one person was created better than the next person. We are equals.
    3. I was recently called out by my boss that I am not ‘stressed out’ enough at work (I didn’t know that was a good thing) Despite her trying to bring me down, I strongly believe in keeping a positive head on my shoulders and remaining professional in any circumstance. Happy people are beautiful people! Life is too short.
    Happy holidays to you and yours!

  174. It’s always hard to come up with three positive things about yourself. I guess number one would have to be that I am patient, which I have to be because I work with disabled children for a living. Number two is that I am caring and always willing to go the extra mile for those I love. And number three is that I always value honesty, no matter what. Love the outfit, and the giveaway! Stay positive 🙂

  175. Hello! Three inspiring and/or positive things about myself would include…
    1. My increasing faith day by day with a husband who is so spontaneous and trusts God with whatever is placed in his path. I have learned to really let go of my worries and trust that no matter what happens it is okay because it is all for a reason and there will be a blessing through the experience, whether it seemed like a negative experience or a positive one.
    2. I have been in school for five years now with no degree and the reason being is my need to pay for school out of pocket. I have worked part time and full time while in school and still have not given up on my goal to become a registered nurse. I am surrounded by friends and family that have given up on their academic career, but I do not want to give into their example (No matter how difficult nursing school can be). I have two more semesters before I sit for the big exam to become a registered nurse and I am still going headstrong.
    3. I love people and I love serving them. (Hence, the reason why I decided to pursue a nursing career.) I am so willing to help whoever it is that is need of help and my heart ends up swelling with joy and satisfaction as a result. I really do believe it is my calling to serve others.
    I hope you have enjoyed reading a little bit about me!
    Melissa Ibarra ♥

  176. Hi Sazan! Even though I never met you I feel like I know you for long time! you are so inspiring!
    Here is some positive ting about me:)
    1) I got inspire to put myself out there through Instagram from you. I don’t have blog yet but I’m thinking to start soon! So thank you for your inspiration! I’m really excited! I love myself and hope I can one day inspire other people like you did for me! It’s all about being positive!
    2) I think I challenge myself a lot with a lot of task in the good way. I’m Japanese came to America as college student when I’m 18 without my family. I graduated college and now I’m full time grad student and working full time as marketing assistant as well. I’m 23 now and I love America:))) it’s been hard because I haven’t seen my family almost 3 years but I’m greatfull for their support! Now my new task is to start my own blog! It’s something that I really passionate so being busy is not an excuse! I can see my self grow as a person past 5 years! I’m excited to see my self to grow even more 🙂
    3) I have amazing boyfriend for 2 years and soon we are leaving to vacation! So I’m really excited to spend alone time with him and to take a lot of picture! I love him and I feel luck to have him everyday:)

    thank you for the opportunity Sazan!

    Fatima @fameleon

  177. Hi sazan! I’m a huge fan of you ☺ I think you are so Inspiring and a super woman fashionista! Okay, here are three things I find positive about myself:
    1. I just turned 26 years old and I feel like now i’m finally starting to learn to say no to things, people and places that don’t make me happy anymore. I finally learned that this is my life and I do deserve happiness.
    2. I enjoy doing yoga, I eventually want to become a certified yoga instructor and I want to blog as well, a certified yoga/ blogger fashionista. Let’s do this! ( no pun intended) And… Drum roll…..
    3. I’m strong willed. I have a drive to better my life and I don’t want to stop bettering my life until I get where I want to be. I have never been more determined and focused.
    P.s I was thinking of doing a fashion shoot on a yoga mat. What do you think?
    Xoxo -sarah

  178. Okay, three positive or inspiring things about me… I missed more days of high school than I attended (due to multiple health issues) but graduated with honors; I have been an intern for the past two semesters along with college classes and am really passionate about helping people through it; and I am surrounded by the BEST community with my friends, small group, and our young adult ministry (I guess that isn’t necessarily about ME but it’s one of my favorite things about me!)

  179. Sazan,

    If I chose three inspiring words to describe myself it would be determined, faith-filled, and strong. A few years ago my whole life was changed when I was forced to leave college for a semester due to unfortunate circumstances. I was crushed. I did all the right things, participated in all the right clubs, made all the right grades, but somehow this was still happening to me. I suffered a lot in 2014 constantly second guessing my abilities and strengths, but in the end I made it through. To take my mind off my situation I created a blog to concentrate on my passion and share my love for fashion with other people. My situation strengthened my resolve in my faith, my creator, and myself. I pushed through to accomplish things for myself up to this point and I know that if I can make it through that tough time I can make it through anything. Being in a dark time teaches you so much about yourself, so for anyone out there, if you’re going through hell just keep going!

    Hope you have an amazing Thanksgiving! I love the freebie Fridays!


  180. The positive things about me hmmm
    I have a lot of patience, i work at the LAX airport and i deal with a lot of angry, emotional , frustrated people and still they don’t ruin my day.. lol i have seen you there a couple of times ????
    Another thing is that i have a big ❤️ i always go the extra mile to help people even if i can’t i always find a way to help.
    Oh and my smile ! I always get compliments on my smile .. i think a smile can change people’s day ????
    P.S. you’re gorgeous ????????

  181. Hi Sazan,
    Thank you for your blog and spreading light!
    3 positive/inspiring things about me:
    1. I am proud of finishing college in 2.5 years summa cum laude. I look forward to finding out decisions from graduate schools- doctoral programs in history.
    2. My goal is to become a history professor. I have the opportunity to use my God-given talents and abilities to spread kindness and truth and encourage my students to believe in their work and themselves.
    3. I strive to spread the gospel in all that I do, the way I live and speak to others. I believe this translates into my life goals because teaching about oppression and injustice can change hearts. I believe telling the stories of people who lived in the past can create true change in the world we live in.

  182. Coucou !! (Hi in French ^^)

    Well, 3 positive things about me :

    1) always try to laugh as much as possible every day
    2) making cute jokes to people that I care about (so we can laugh yes !)
    3) being independent : not very clear buuuuut I explain ! I have been in previous relationships where I would do anything to make the boyfriend/couple happy because I thought it would make me happy… Wrong ! So now, learning from my mistakes. I do what I want (obviously easy because I’m single), what pleases me, what makes me happy !

    Not sure this is inspiring !

    Thanks for this giveaway !!

    Bye xo

  183. Hi Sazan!
    My boyfriend and I (yes, my boyfriend too!) love following you on all of your platforms! As for 3 things that make me proud to be me….
    1. My unyielding dedication to those I love (my family, friends, boyfriend, kids I babysit, etc). I know people say that you should put yourself first, and as much as I believe in that, I also love being able to be there for others when they need a helping hand, a shoulder to cry on, or just a warm smile.
    2. I juggle a ton to get me to where I want to be in life. Granted, I know that doesn’t necessarily make me special because so many people have to fight to where they want to be, but I am proud of myself for having my priorities straight and loving myself enough to do what I have to do. I am a full time student (senior in college), maintain strong grades by putting in a great deal of hard work, hold an internship, babysit on the side to earn money to support myself, and love and care for those than mean the most to me. I am proud that I know what I want and that I will do what I have to in order to get there as cliche as it sounds!
    3. Lastly, I’m so proud to be able to say with a clear conscience that I operate from day to day with integrity. I can say with confidence that the person my friends know, my family knows, my employer knows, and my professors know is the same. At the end of the day I believe everyone deserve the same level of respect and kindness regardless who their title. We’re all just people, albeit different people, but that doesn’t mean they should be treated any differently!

    Happy holidays to you, Stevie, and Sweetie!
    (P.S. I’ll be renting an apartment once I graduate and move to Irvine (from Boston! Sooo exciting!) and I love your style. Any chance you’d be up to share another house tour?! I need major inspiration!)

  184. Yay, another giveaway!

    3 Positive thing’s about me:

    *No matter the situation, Christ is always first in my life.

    *I’m never afraid to be myself and inspire others to be confident with the beauty God has given us.

    *I love my smile regardless of the imperfect teeth I have and enjoy bringing out people’s smiles :D!!!

    Happy Holidays Sazan, you are such an inspiration and blessings to women. Thank you for being you ????????????????????

    Donna Miranda

  185. I would say I try my best to find something positive in every situation or person, I try to live my life like Christ (I’m far from perfect at this, but at I try), and I chose a profession in the healthcare field because I want to help everyone and lift their spirits when they need it the most!

  186. 1.) One of my favorite things is learning about the passions of another person and then coming alongside them to help them achieve their dreams!
    2.) I pour a lot of time and love into children as I desire to impart everything that has been given me to the generation rising.
    3.) I sing! All the time!! This might not seem inspiring, but our bodies respond to song far quicker than spoken words. Regardless of what you are going through, using your voice to bring melodies of truth will lift you above circumstances and take you to a higher place. Often times I sing encouraging songs over my family, friends, and our nation. God is always singing songs of deep love, joy, and deliervance over us. I just want to hear Him and sing what He is saying.

  187. Yay for freebie fridays! A few things about me:
    1. I had an opportunity to visit Italy for the first time last year. I fell in love with it so much that I decided to move here and now I am going on my 4th month of living in Italy…say whaaaat??
    2. I have decided to start blogging full-time and really give it my all.
    3. I started a blogging community here in Rome for bloggers/creators who want to collaborate and support each other and we host monthly meet-ups with speakers and such 🙂

  188. Hi Saz!! Love this look and can’t wait to check out this store. I don’t have a Facebook unfortunately but thought I’d give it a shot anyway:
    1. I’m very appreciative of my friends and family. I love to make them feel appreciated and happy. I always remind them how much they mean to me.
    2. I’m determined.. I’m a nursing student and it is NOT easy but it so rewarding and worth it.
    3. I put all my trust in God! When I feel like I have no where to turn to, I know at the end of the day that He is always there and is always listening.
    Thanks for reading ????

  189. What I love about myself (3 positive things)
    – optimistic – I am always looking for the good in people and in every situation
    – teachable – I am very open for new information and ideas and ways to become a better person
    – good with myself – I am living the joy of being good to myself and trying to be good with the people I love

  190. 3 positive things about myself are:
    1. I try to see the best in everything, no matter how bad the situation is I try to make it the best situation- good or bad
    2. I’m a curvy girl and self love and confidence is something I pride myself on. I’m a size 10 and I love every aspect of myself. Accepting that you are beautiful just as you are is an amazing thing to have.
    3. I’m a big jokester! I love making people laugh at my jokes or playing a harmless prank on them. Life gets too serious and it’s nice to break that up.

    Sazan you are so positive it’s so inspiring! Thank you for being you!!

  191. Hey Sazan,
    Thanks for doing this cool giveaway! Not only do we get a chance to possibly win some clothes, we get to think about some positive aspects of ourselves! Not something I do on a daily basis, but I am learning to be as positive as I can be as life goes on.
    1) Recently I moved out of my child hood home, 2000 miles away, to pursue my career. It’s been difficult because there’s no one I know out here, yet I made the conscious decision to do it anyway in hopes of pursuing my dreams and making my passions into a reality. By doing this, I feel like I’ve tapped into my bold and adventurous side I used to have as a kid. It’s nice to know I still have that characteristic deep down.
    2) Another positive thing I’m learning to do throughout my life is trying to be contempt with the process of being. I used to be a very naively optimistic person…but then life happened 🙂 it opened the door to a lot of negativity in my life. Recently however, trying to be ok with the processes of life is what’s getting me going to overcome the obstacles of the day.
    3) I would say forgiving myself would be the last inspirational aspect I would like to touch on. It’s so easy to say “I’m not worth this” or “I don’t deserve this” but forgiving myself on even the little things was something that altered my negative thoughts. Forgiving myself says I’m here for a purpose. And it’s the process to figure out what my purpose is.
    That’s it! Thanks for taking the time to read this! It was nice to share as well. 🙂

  192. 1. Extremely compassionate. Always putting myself in other people’s shoes to know what they might be going through.
    2. Optimistic. I can always find something positive in a bad situation or trial.
    3. My love for God. Know I wouldn’t be anywhere in this world without Him. I thank him everyday for my blessings!

  193. Hi Sazan!
    I’m obsessed with your fur coat! It looks so warm and would be perfect for the cold weather we’re having here! Three positive things about me are:
    1) My goal in life is to be a positive, uplifting spirit and empower others around me to be and feel their best! As a beginning makeup artist, I think it is very important to leave your client feeling like she (or he) can conquer the world.
    2) I like to think of myself as a humanitarian, of sorts. I love volunteering at the animal shelters in town, and I adopted an angel through the salvation army this year for Christmas. I have a very difficult past and my name was on the angel tree at one point in my life, so now I love to give back to those who don’t have the things that they need, because I was there just a few years ago.
    3) At this moment in time I don’t have a vehicle, or a real home. My apartment became infested with bed bugs whenever the neighbor downstairs got evicted and for many nights I was sleeping on the floor in the living room until I could find another place. I am currently sleeping on my best friend’s couch and walk to work every day and even through this adversity I feel so blessed to be where I am. I am so proud of myself for using horrible situations like this as a learning experience and for making the best of it instead of giving up, which I have felt like doing many times. That is the thing that I admire about myself the most – that even through all the adversity I’ve been through, I’ve chosen to learn from it and use it to stay positive and have an uplifting attitude through it all.

  194. Hey Sazan!

    A) You have such an inspiring way of sharing your life and passion through your lifestyle blog and it’s motivating so thank you!

    B) Three positive things about me: #1- I’m an emotional person and I like to look at it not through the lens of the negative connotation of being ’emotional’ but rather being able to experience an array of emotions that not only allows me to live life to the fullest but also be relatable and empathetic towards others. #2-I have a passion for all things art and design opening doors to many hobbies which allows me to enjoy and experience so many things such as fashion and photohraphy! #3-I love to make people laugh including myself! The more smiles, the better!


  195. Hey Sazan-

    Thank you for doing this giveaway and thanks for continually being an inspriation in life and business!
    3 Positive things about me:
    1. I am a hustler, I work super hard at everything I do and learn from every situation I put myself in.
    2. I am empathetic, I try to put myself in other peoples shoes no matter what so I can understand more of what someone is going through or where they are coming from.
    3. I am a big thinker! I love to think about the big picture in business and life, so I can plan for the future or imagine improvements. You will never win if you don’t begin-so I always plan for action so I set myself up for success!

    Thank you again and have a Happy Holiday next week!

    Sophia 🙂

  196. Hey Sazan! I’m not on Facebook, but I have subscribed to your newsletter. Hope that’s okay.
    The 3 inspiring things about me are:
    1. I love my family to bits and I’m so thankful for everything they do for me! I always make time to visit and do enjoyable stuff with them.
    2. I really enjoy aerobics and kick boxing and staying fit is one of my big priorities.
    3. I’m a big believer in God and I trust that whatever happens to me, good or bad, is ultimately going to help me become a better person, cause He is always by my side.
    Thanks for doing this giveaway, it’s my first time entering! Lots of love ❤
    Email Id:

  197. I am very nice and polite to everyone 🙂 Even for those who doesnt really reserve it. I somehow try to make them see this world differently. I laugh and smile a lot and bring sunshine around me 🙂 Plus I am super cute 😀 (Thats what my boyfriend tells me :´))

  198. Hey Sazan! Hope you are having a lovely day and thank you for doing this giveaway!
    3 Positive Things About Me:
    -I am very passionate about music and I dedicate time to it every day in some way or another
    -I have a great sense of humor and have dozens of inside jokes with my friends 😀
    -I always stand up for my ideas and beliefs, even when it’s hard!

  199. At the Moment I’m a Full Time Student and i Love to inspirer my classmates by presenting different presentations

    I love to do good things which help me to feel good about myself ( yoga , meditation kickboxing ..)

    To arrange a girls night and to speak and talk with my friends and family is the most important think i have to do at the end of the week.

  200. Aloha! 3 inspiring things:

    – always happy, it’s not worth worrying over things we cannot control & if we can control them then why are we worrying!?

    – sprinkling kindness everywhere, it’s very scarce these days

    – perseverance, it’s how we get places.

    Lastly, you’re a rockstar. Out of the multitude of bloggers out there, your humbleness is what keeps me coming back.


  201. Hi Sazan,

    Firstly, I would like to say that I love reading your blog and seeing all the amazing adventures and daily tips on your Youtube videos. I am 19 years old and live in London. From watching how you started your career has inspired me to challenge myself as an individual. The three qualities/ inspiring things about my self are:
    1. I love to volunteer and help others in need. I am very passionate about helping disability children as from my experience growing up different to others can be challenging.
    2. Travelling is a love of mine. Seeing the different cultures and tasting the different types of good are always amazing. I have travelled to a few countries so far like Canada, Norway, America and Dubai ( my favourite). Next counties, I would like to go to is Australia, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Greece, Rome.
    3. lastly, Cooking and baking is a hobby of mine. Since, I can remember I had loved to make my own dishes especially desserts which involved CHOCOLATE!!!!!

  202. Yay!! Wow, this giveaway is awesome! I am obsessed with your blog in general since I came across you on IG, and checked it out. and I have been totally in since then.

    3 positive/inspiring things about myself:

    1. This past August (3 months ago) I decided to up and quit my job making over $100k/year, sold my house (which was my absolute dream house I bought and fixed up myelf when i was single), and moved to another state to be with the love of my life. I really was not passionate about my job in Real Estate and I wasn’t happy with myself even making that type of money at 25 years old. So I up and quit and moved from Louisiana to Texas to be with my love and find what I am really passionate about while I finish up college (I’m a senior for my Bachelor’s degree in Accounting) Now I’m not saying that Accounting is what I am going to be passionate for. But I am finishing up college, living my life with the love of my life, and trying to find out what I am most passionate about and looking to find my niche.
    2. Me & my boyfriend, Matt, have the most adorable Maltipoo puppy named Bella, and she is my best friend. They make my life complete…. until one day we add a little baby to the family 🙂
    3. I bought my first house as a single woman at 19, and the next house at 22, which I fixed up to be my absolute favorite house I have ever seen. I later sold it FOR LOVE. It’s all about LOVE.

  203. Hi Sazan! I hope you guys are having a great weekend. So, I am very bad at giving compliments to myself so I decided to ask my husband what were 3 positive/inspiring things about me and here are some of things he said 🙂
    1. Patient . Specially when handling hard situations .
    2. Loving , to everyone I know.
    3 Selfless , I always think about my family first. I take care of my kids and husband first and then I think about me .

    P.S I love your blog and your instagram. I make my husband watch some of you and steven’s videos sometimes lol 🙂

  204. Hi Saz!
    1. I will be going back to school next fall for my masters! I took a year off after graduating with my bachelors and thought it was about time to move forward with my career goals!
    2. I’ve been doing more skincare routines instead of spending more money on make up and I’ve been seeing such a difference.
    3. I exercise for 20 mins each day ATLEAST. No matter how tired… I’ll take my pup on a long midnight stroll even 🙂

  205. // i am a goofy person that loves busting a funky move to make my husband or co workers laugh
    // i love my family, my husband and dogs ???? &would do anything for them
    // BOY i know i have flaws but i try &work towards being a good person every day
    Thanks for the push to self – reflect! I love your blog! & Sweetie 🙂

  206. Hi! If I were to narrow down three positive and inspiring things about myself it would all be related to perseverance. For starters, I am a go getter and a dreamer. I am the type of individual that chases after the dreams in regards to just about anything! Whether its school, my career choice or even a new hobby I’m tackling. I like to tell myself that the “sky is the limit” and nothing can stop me. Secondly, not only do I like to chase after my dreams but I believe in supporting others as well. I always tend to see the potential in others and vouch for their success even when they don’t see it themselves. Lastly, I would tie those two attributes together with my faith. I believe faith and perseverance go hand in hand because it can be so easy to lose sight especially when life gets tough. However, standing by my faith is something that I see positive within myself and if it weren’t for God or His blessings I wouldn’t have the opportunities that I currently have. Which is something that I will forever be grateful for. So, those are the three little positive tidbits about me. I hope everyone enjoys their Thanksgiving and has a Merry Christmas <3

  207. I am very positive about any situation because I know that in the end everything will be ok.
    I find the good side in every person because every one has their strengths and weaknesses
    I love helping people and making sure they are ok. This love I have for helping has inspired me to become a surgeon. Ps I love your blog and you as a person. I love the purpose and meaning behind why you have your blog and channel. Happy Holidays and may god bless you. XO

  208. A few positive and inspiring things about me. I am EXTREMELY Driven and Motivated to succeed. Impossible does not exist in my vocabulary. I am a Mother of a one year old, wife, full time working woman, graduate student and blogger. I want to be able to do the things that fuel me while at the same time be present in all I do. While it may be a challenge it is possible trick is to not do it all at the same time. I want to be the best mother possible and I want to teach my daughter to not give up on her dreams and quite honestly defy what others or society tells you to be or do. 🙂 Love following your blog! <3

    Monica De Leon (Me)

    1. Eating healthy, drinking a lot of water and staying active makes me feel good about myself and I love seeing the difference in my face/body, it gives me confidence.
    2. I am a Technical Designer- (clothing) and I LOVE my job! I want to eventually design & develop my own line and open up an online boutique or Etsy shop.
    3. I love making people laugh, I don’t care if I sound or look silly. I sometimes randomly laugh at my own jokes. I think that everyone has a silly side that they hide behind closed doors 😉 P.S. I love the funny #StevieandSazan videos.

    Sazan, can I just tell you that I find YOU so inspiring and I absolutely love watching your videos/ photos. You are one I go to for outfit inspirations and when I don’t know what to wear I feel like you save me! You are one of my favorite bloggers and I love your style. I also live in LA and can’t wait for the day I run into you and Stevie, you guys are seriously the cutest!!!

  210. I love SheIn! I’ve never received anything of bad quality – such a great site! Your Freebie Fridays are always the bomb btw and Sazza Claus is too good. Made me LOL.
    3 Positive things: (thanks for giving women a place to do this – we don’t do this enough for ourselves!)
    1. I’m learning lately that one of my spiritual gifts is maybe teaching. I’m still trying to learn what that’s going to look like, but I think it’s going to be through writing. I’m excited to see how I can use this gift and passion for the Lord!
    2. I tend to see the good in everyone/every situation.
    3. I’m a big believer in building each other up – especially women!

  211. Hi Sazan!

    A few inspiring & positive things about myself are that I love to serve others in any way I can and this usually lays out in the education space. Over the past 13 years, I’ve been a teacher, mentor and HS Assistant Principal & now I run a “gap year” program that puts tutors in high need schools. Lastly, I’m pregnant! My husband and I waited 10 years since your first baby for this bundle of joy. I’m beyond blessed & excited, most of the tunics Ive been sporting this trimester are from SheIn & this gift card would go a long way!????????

  212. You are so cute Sazan! Love this giveaway! Shein is amazing!
    3 positive things about me:
    1. I always look for the bright side of everything
    2. I live by Faith and not fear
    3. I’m a very driven person
    Thanks again babe!

  213. 3 positive/inspiring things about me:
    1. I’ve learned to be forgiving and never to walk through life with a heavy heart.
    2. Been married for 3 months to my lovely husband 🙂
    3. I dedicate my time to doing educating people about HIV/AIDS in order to work toward A World Free of AIDS.

  214. I say these in the most humble way—
    -I have lost 50 of the 75 llbs I need to lose with determination and dedication to creating a healthy clean lifestyle, and have been told that it has inspired others with my regular posts on fb!
    -I am a great listener to my friends, always make time to allow them a safe space to vent
    -I try to always find the lesson or the positive in challenges life throws at you, or decisions that didn’t pan out…
    ❤️Your blog…

    Thanks so much for this awesome gift!! Xx

  215. Hi Sazan!
    Three positive things about myself are:
    1) I try to always stay bubbly and happy every day
    2) I always put others before myself and try to be there for my friends whenever they need me
    3) I love God and always thank him for the blessings he gives us every single day

    You are such an inspiration to me and I love reading your blog! Thank you for sharing your beautiful life with us!

  216. 3 positive things that I like about myself: I always try be resourceful and helpful to others, I am able to laugh at myself and see humour, even in dark situations, and I know how to prioritize my family. I love your holiday look – looks so comfy yet so chic! 🙂

  217. Loving your blog, Sazan!
    Three inspiring things about me:
    1. I used to give up on everything when things got tough. I recently turned that around and I refuse to give up on anything. I’ve mastered SO MANY new tasks from that change and I love it! Best accomplishment.
    2. I gave up my career to follow my heart. I started my own business writing inspirational poems. I believe turning those poems into artworks that people can hang in their homes is my key to making a difference in this world.
    3. I have good morals. I am grateful for it because good morals are rare these days.

    Love you work. Keep it up! You’re truly and inspiration to me. <3

  218. Hi Saz xx
    Three positive attributes that I like about myself are:
    1) I’m extremely attentive and observant, which translates well when it comes to meeting new people and visiting new places.
    2) I’m super self-reflective, which I think allows me to better understand myself and the people around me.
    3) I have a lot of creative energy, and I love exploring ways I can incorporate that into different pursuits.

    Much love from Canada (+ I LOVE soft furry sweaters, especially when they are mixed with different textures in an denim, leather, velvet)
    🙂 xx

  219. Outfits looks great!!
    Being positive can be hard for many people!! I have found that meditation few times a week helps a great deal! I am a huge advocate for meditation simply because you “pause” for a few minutes, which is much needed sometimes! Three positive things : I always have a shoulder for anyone I know! I think sometimes just being there can mean a great deal and I enjoy being able to be there for anyone I know in any capacity. Number two : I always try to make the best of the situation at hand! Number three: I always try to find the good in people!


  220. Three positive things about me are that I always have compassion for people even if they are people I’d rather not talk to or I disagree with all of their opinions. If I see that someone is upset, I will always want to comfort them. Next, I have a happy-go-lucky personality. It’s hard to break me. I try to stay happy and fulfilled no matter what get’s thrown my way and I try to laugh every single day no matter the circumstance. Finally, I love my own clothing style. It’s feminine, clean, and well put together. I know exactly what I like and I don’t like and I always try to wear clothes with confidence. Love you Sazan!

    xx, Hannah

  221. I have been following your posts on instagram and on your blog for over a year now! Being a Christian woman myself I’ve found you to be inspiring for not being ashamed or shy about your beliefs! Thank you for that!

    1. I’m extremely detail oriented and organized! (although this can sometimes be my downfall too LOL)
    2. I always try to find the good in everyone. My mom raised me to love your neighbor no matter the differences you may have with them.
    3. I love Jesus with all my heart, soul & mind

  222. Hi Sazan! You are such an inspiration to me. 🙂
    1. I am a very thoughtful person, which makes me a great gift giver!
    2. I love with all I have.
    3. I live in the moment. 🙂


  223. 1. I am a mother and what inspires me to be a better person everyday is everything about my children.
    2. I am a middle school teacher and what inspires me are my students.. to see them grow personally and academically…
    3. I am a coordinator of an anti-bullying program… this inspires me to stop all kinds of hate and focus on inclusivity, respect and love.

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