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Happy Friday loves! It’s that time again 🙂 I’ve put together a special Freebie Friday giveaway this week- Cozy Fall Themed. It’s a new season for a new opportunity to be a new YOU. Take some time to think about what that means (I know I am).
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I handpicked these products for one lucky Sazcriber because it’s the perfect blend of cozy and spicy. I included some hot fall makeup products and some random things in the mix like my favorite candle brand EVER and a yummy pumpkin spice pancake/waffle mix I found at World Market. (Stevie is hooked on pumpkin spice so I had to buy a second one. ha!)
fall, 2016, trends, goodies, giveaways, subscription, box, bless, dream big, quotes, pumpkin spice recipes, pancake mix, lafco products, mac cosmetics, selena collection, honest beauty, reviews, sazan hendrix, dw home, the best soy candles, candle, apple spice, vice urban decay, the best affordable highlighters, makeup, beauty, affordable finds, blogger favorites, round up
What You’re Getting This Week:
Urban Decay Blackmail Vice Lipstick Palette ($35)
Honest Beauty Limited Edition Falling For You Cheek Palette ($34)
MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural ($33)
Colourpop Limited Edition Summer Lovin Super Shock Shadow ($18)
Lafco Protective Hand Cream- Orange Blossom Pomegranate ($18)
Paper Source “Dream Big” Poster ($7)
My Favorite… Pancake & Waffle Mix- Pumpkin Spice ($6)
DW Home Richly Scented Candle- Apple Honey Butter ($6)
My favorite thing in this package is the Dream Big quote map you’re getting. I hope it inspires you to go on a new adventure this season. Whether it’s a bucket list travel, trying a new hike, rocking a bold red lip, driving around with your boo until you get lost – whatever the adventure, do something out of the norm. 🙂
To Enter:
1. Easy peezy! Subscribe to my blog’s newsletter HERE. If you’re doing this for the first time, check your email to confirm subscription. If you’re already subscribed from previous giveaways, you’re good to go girl!
2. Follow me on insta for a bonus entry HERE! Don’t have an IG? Try my FB or Youtube! (appreciate it!!)
3. Comment below on this post & share which product you’re most excited to try & the new adventure YOU want to embark on 🙂 I am going to read all of these so make it count! 🙂 (**Please also include the best email address in the comment so I can email you if you win this!)
Please follow all my steps to be considered for this giveaway. This is an international giveaway so everyone can enter. 🙂  The winner will be announced in my newsletter email blast on Tuesday, October 11th so please be sure to check your inbox. I always make a note in my phone so it alerts me on that day. 🙂 If you win, I hope you will share your new swag bag of goodies using my hashtag #SazanGiveaways and #SazanInspired! Best of luck!
Have a wonderful, relaxing weekend!

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  1. Oh my gosh I’m in love! This is literally perfect! Yaay for fall, definitely my favorite season alongside spring! Sending you love Saz & co.

    1. I am a new to your blog. Very excited with the freebie Friday. I am in my mid fifties. I have realized that the makeup I had used all my adult life. no longer works for me. So now, I only wear face powder and lip gloss with very little color. My challenge is finding new makeup products that will work for me. Your free products will give me the opportunity to try lots of new products that will update my new look.. I am challenging myself to try new things in my life and to think outside the box. To continue to improve myself. Thank you Sazan for the tools to do just that.

    2. Hey Sazan???? It’s Samantha, I’m most excited to try those beutiful Urban Decay Blackmail Vice Lipstick Palette colors! Since I am seventeen, I obviously don’t have that cash money flow lol but the short term adventure I want to go on is go on a hot air balloon soon! It’s fall in MN, (where I live) and there’s so many beutiful colors ???? But long term, go visit my family in Ecuador and then starting college! This is a strange season in life for me but I know God’s got me. I also want to include that I really love the fact that you’re genuine in sharing your heart for Christ. It’s refreshing to know that women with platforms and with audiences know where they stand in life (& after.)
      Alright, I’ll leave you to it- have an awesome night or day or both…????????❤️

      Just in case I don’t receive your email- insta: @samnthajimenez ( I follow you as well)

    3. Hi there, I am writing this for my lovely wife in efforts for her to be chosen to win this prize. I love her very much and would do anything to make her happy which is why I gladly told her I would enter her in this contest when she mentioned how cool this site was. Anyway, I’m sure not many husbands frequent this site so I hope I bettered her chances of winning ???? -Ralph

        1. Ohhh an I would like to embark on next is to live with her in a different country for around 6 months. We both like to travel (have been in around 20countries together) And I can’t wait on our next one????.

  2. Hey there Sazan…. this giveaway looks fantastic! I’m so excited for fall. I think I’m most excited about they MAC mineralized skin finish and the quote map. I feel like I always am focused so much on what people think of me, always trying to please others. This season I just want to stop living that way and ask God to help me start a new adventure of being self confident and not so worried about if I measure up to other’s expectations. Also I want to start trying out new things that are out of my comfort zone. Like bolder makeup and pushing my self to a higher level of difficulty when I am working out.


  3. Hey sazan! I can’t wait to try out the waffle and pancake pumpkin mix! It seems like the perfect thing to wake up to smell and eat on a cold fall morning! Thanks for doing these giveaways, it’s so generous of you!!

  4. Hi Saz!!! This giveaway just makes me feel cozy 🙂 I would love to be considered to win! I was signed up for your newsletter before it launched, and it makes me smile evey time!
    I would say that I’m not excited to try the vice lipsticks and the candles!! Yesssss!
    My husband and I are renovating our house, and we need some good fall smells up in there! You feel me? 🙂
    My next adventure (thanks to you and Stevie) is to go to Alaska!!! Your Alaskan vlog was so much fun! I felt like I was there!
    Love all you do! Hug Sweetie for me *muah muah* byyye!

    1. Omg— I meant that I’m MOST excited to try the lipsticks and candles…. darn autocorrect

  5. Wanting to get my hands on the urban decay lip palette, it is part of my new resolution to try new things, things i wouldnt normally do like wear a bright red lips or run a marathon which i am planning for summer!

  6. Hey Sazan! The product I am most excited to try is the Colourpop eyeshadow because I’ve never tried anything from Colourpop but I’d love to start! An adventure I’m excited to go on someday is a trip through South America. I want to see the beauty of Rio and the Andes Mountains. Also, I want to see orcas in the wild through whale watching

  7. Hey Sazan!
    I’m so excited for fall to come (especially since it’s mostly always warm and sunny in LA!) I do not have any fall color makeup so I would be so happy if I win this. 🙂 I hope to plan ahead with that pretty calendar as well. And I love that candle brand too, they have the best scents! Love you❤️

  8. Just signed up to your newsletter, have been following you on Instagram for a while and love your lifestyle, so now I’m even more excited to get extra close with your blog!
    Giveaways are great, I love it when bloggers do this! Autumn is my favourite month and I can’t wait to bring out all the scented candles so definately would look forward to that one. As well as the urban decay lipsticks as my bestfriend says they’re really good! (unfortunately she had hers stolen in London) I’m also embarking on a major journey to Iceland for me and my partner to relax and kick start the winter months! We can’t wait!
    Thanks Sazan! Xox

  9. Hey there – I am most excited about the Urban Decay lip palette!! Urban Decay was one of the first makeup brands I ever got into and I am still loyal. Since graduating from college & getting a “big girl” job, I’ve been using lip colors as a way to express myself and “spice up” my business casual attire! I enjoy reading your blog and following you on Instagram. Thank you for the great, genuine content! ????

  10. I would love love LOVE to win the map! It’s the only thing I saw when I looked at the picture and wanted to enter right away. I haven’t travelled a lot but it’s a dream, and I plan to do a lot of it. There’s nothing more enlightening than exploring the world, meeting all sorts of people, and witnessing all cultures. This map is beautiful. I would love my next adventure to be anywhere where there is lots and lots of natural, scenic beauty and nature to explore! Thanks for wonderful giveaways ????

  11. Hiya Sazan. Pumpkin season is here and I’m all about it. Absolutely loving fall (even though it’s still 90 degrees here in Arizona). I’m really excited about the Vice lipstick palette. It’s perfect for traveling so i don’t have to bring several lipsticks whenever i’m out and about. An adventure that I’m really looking forward to is this psych research program i’m applying for next summer. My chances of getting accepted are pretty high, at least i hope so. Prayers & lots of good lucks are needed. Happy fall!

    i can be reached at

  12. I have been waiting for the right time to go on a true adventure. (I don’t think there is such a thing as the “right time”) I have been putting my career before everything else but would absolutely love to take a year off and travel the world and be totally immersed in every culture. I think in this giveaway, I’d be most excited to try the MAC skin finish.

  13. This giveaway is fabulous!! I’m most excited to try the lipsticks, but also to get my hands on that pancake mix. My adventure has been starting nursing school this past Septmeber. I can’t believe how much I have learned but how drained I am emotional. I realized early on, it’s about being comfortable and knowledgable. Many intelligent people fail out of nursing because they don’t believe in themselves when they don’t start doing well for the first time. SO, my adventure is going to be trying to be my best self and every believe with every ounce of my body that I can do this. I’m intelligent and strong!!! Thanks for you’re amazing blog, you rock

  14. I am super excited about the candle! You are always snapping your candles and I always want to go out and buy some. Your house looks so cozy and love that you and Steve make it a home!! Talking about home I live in Frisco! Do a meet and greet!!!!! ????

  15. Hi Saz:)
    It is autumn time and here in Poland it is actually very cold. Yep, here in Poland we are watching your channel as well????Actually I am from Ukraine, but now I live and study here. So, back to the point, it is very cold. And by writing this, i mean very cold:( So, my body needs a special treatment. So, I am very excited about a hand cream:) my hands tend to be very dry, so a good cream would be just the best thing.
    I am also very very and very excited about the map, because more than hydrated hands I like traveling Ahahaha. So, the map, where I will stick the photos from my trips( and there were quite a lot, even to the USA:)) would be cool.
    Ps:) thanks for being so positive and inspiring! You are amazing 🙂 xo
    PS 2 just in case I win

  16. Hello Beautiful, I would be excited to try the scented candle! Who doesn’t love candels???especially fall favorites right?! Also the pumpkin spice pancake and waffle mix!!! The new adventure I’m ready to start is focusing on my family and just living life with my husband and children not caring what others think. Just ready to live and always put God first && My family.

    Much love Sazan!
    Have a great day. ????

  17. Hi Suzan 🙂 I’m super excited to enter this giveaway since I love the fall 🙂 I think i am super exited to try out the pumpkin spice pancakes since I am a big foodie! But I can’t deny I am also super excited to try out the mineralized skin finish! I have recently started traveling a lot this past year after getting a little health scare, so far I’ve been to Puerto Rico, New York, Missouri, Seattle, Arizona, and up next is Miami 🙂 I think life is not to be taken for granted and one should always follow their dreams and aspirations something I should have realized long before! I’ve been following your Instagram for quite some time now and I love all your tutorials! Much love to you and God bless :))

  18. Sazan! This giveaway is soooo cute! I love everything and would be so excited to try all of the makeup goodies, but also the pancake/waffle mix! We got a waffle maker as a wedding gift and can’t wait to start making them for my hubby on Sunday mornings! I am so excited to embark on the journey of marriage, and your posts about your marriage inspire me. XOXO

  19. Hello Sazan ! OMG thank you for this amazing giveaway ! I’M so excited to try the Pancakes waffle mix pumpkin because… well you know why ahah (or Stevie does !). I love pancake and would try this, think it’s perfect for fall <3
    And I would love to embark on a trip with my best friends, exploring, hiking and discover some amazing place! I love nature and it's the best way to reconnect to ourselves!
    Here my email :

    Love xx

  20. Hi Sazan!! Thank you SO MUCH for doing this giveaway! I love reading your blog and how your personality shines through in all your work! I’m most excited for the poster (a perfect daily reminder) since I absolutely love to travel and adventure! I’m also excited to try the hand cream! I’m in massage therapy school so I like keeping my hands in great shape, especially during the colder months!! My email is
    Much love! Xx

  21. Hi Sazan!! I am. It’s excited to try the ‘Urban Decay Blackmail Vice Lipstick Palette’ because I love lip color and adding a nice pop or confidence!I am currently in my 3rd trimester and about to embark on the biggest adventure yet, becoming a mom! I have wanted to be a mom since I was a little girl, so this is a dream come true. Some think once you become a parent but I feel like the Lord is saying “Dream Big!”just like this map. That this dream of becoming a mother will launch me into who I was called to be. Love your blog and insta! Best email:

    1. “once you become a parent that your life is over..” I think I accidentally deleted that part!!

  22. Hi Pretty. I love you so much especially your always talking about God. I would like to win this giveaway not just because of the all goodies but just because of that Dream Big map :* I want to travel all around the world one day and spread love of God and inspire people too. thank you.

  23. Hey Sazan! I’m so excited for fall to come! I think this is my favorite part of the year: I live in Strasbourg, France, and this place really looks amazing when all the leaves are falling <3 as a brazilian (who doesn't have that much change between summer and fall) , it's wonderful to see how a place can change in so little time and show us that beauty is in fact a lot about transformation! I can't wait to try the lipstick palette from Urban Decay, because (1) I am totally obsessed about lipsticks and (2) I've never had the chance to try this brand!
    Hope you have a wonderful and lovely fall <3 I'm always sending you good energy and I LOVE your work! Thank you for this blog and for your youtube channel!

  24. Hi Sazan! I am too excited to try the Lipstick palette by Urban Decay. I love trying on different shades for my lips because I feel like perking up the lips is a simple tweak that can make a subtle or dramatic change! I follow you on insta, I am Sazcribed on youtube, and follow your blog. Love you Saz. You go girl.

  25. Oh I want to try that Honest cheek palette! Your giveaways are always filled with so many great goodies<3 fall is my absolute favorite! Thanks for doing this!

  26. Hi Sazan! I love that you do freebie Fridays for your sazcribers! Something I would love to receive is the dream big poster. Lately, I feel like I’ve been in a rut in regards to school. It’s been 2 years since I’ve finished my undergrad degree, and I do want to go back for grad school. My only problem is that I don’t know what to go back for. I still have undergraduate loans, and I don’t want to be graduating in 2 years with more loans for a degree that I was never passionate about. So hopefully the poster will be a good reminder for me to just dream big and know that I will eventually be doing what I love.

  27. Hello Sazan, I’m so excited to try the Apple Honey Butter candle, one of my favorite things about fall is trying new candles scents!The new adventure that I want to embark on is travelling the country! I want to meet new people and discover new places, no where in particular I want to start. I just want to travel! Thank you so much for doing this giveaway! ❤

  28. Dear Sazan:
    You are such a inspirational person filled with positive energy! I love watching every single of your YouTube videos! I’m so excited to enter this giveaway! I’m most excited about the Mac minerelize skin product. I want to win! xoxo

  29. Loving this fall giveaway! I’m an October/libra baby so fall is doubly my favorite 🙂 I’m most excited to try those vampy lip colors in the urban decay palette. Also excited about the gorgeous map poster. My mom loves to collect maps and it’s something I’ve come to love for inspiration and feeding the traveler’s restless spirit. The next big adventure I hope to go on is medical school. I’m currently in graduate school and applying for medical school. This has been my dream since I was a little girl playing with my grandmother’s stethoscope, hearing stories at the dinner table of how she delivered babies in India. It’s been a really hard path and very discouraging at times. But I refuse to give up and I’m hoping this next year brings more adventure than I could imagine! (My

    1. Congratulations gorgeous! Beautiful story! The world needs more had working, compassionate people like you! Good luck with medical school! Sending you hugs, and good vibes!

  30. Omg! Would love to try the Vice Lipstick Palette 🙂 Love your blog!

  31. I too am obsessed with this candle brand. I am finishing my Sandalwood and Myrrh candlet now so a replacement perfect for fall is an exciting prospect! I am most excited about the Urban Decay lipstick palette. I have always been so focused on saving money and supporting myself while in school that I never spend money on quality cosmetics. Getting dolled up is one of my favorite ways to treat myself, and it would be such a blessing to have new products that are lasting and beautiful. Thank you for your kind heart and these giveaways.

  32. This is awesome!! My husband and I dream big! We’ve moved cross country twice in our three years of marriage to chase our dreams! Once to FL to work at Disney world then to CA! When we came to CA to live with his family (were all from Michigan) we started in a tent in the back yard. Fast forward 1.5 years and we are 8 months into owning our own successfully growing fitness studio in Claremont, CA! We are all about chasing dreams and not settling. I would love the pumpkin waffle mix because I LOVE to bake! Owning my own bakery one day is a dream of mine I hope to accomplish in the future! You can see a couple of my things on my IG @karleebowenyo Love following you and your hubby! (:

  33. Hey! Thanks for doing these giveaways, it definitely shows how much you care. I would be so excited to try the Urban Decay lipstick pallet because I LOVE LIPSTICK. I usually steer away from dark lip colors, but would be excited to give it a try and go out of my comfort zone. A new adventure that me and my friends want to embark on is going to New York together this coming year. We’re all from Tx and would love to go to the big city for a new adventure! Thanks!:)

  34. I’m most excited to try the pancake and waffle mix pumpkin spice flavor because my mom and sister are all about the pumpkin spice taste of fall so they’d love for me to whip them up a batch!
    And my biggest adventure I’m embarking on is looking for a job in Southern California and moving down there on my own after going to college there and having to move back home to Portland! Can’t wait to get back to that year-round sunshine!!

  35. Sazan!!! This giveaway is amazing..the perfect transition into fall! It’s hard to pick just one item but I’m a lip color junky so the vice palette would be amazing!! Love all your posts and YouTube vids! You’re so authentic. The new adventure I want to embark on is hopefully making my way to California one day. I’ve always wanted to go. I’m hoping to go for my friends birthday coming up soon so I’m super excited!! It will be an experience of a life time!

  36. Hey!Thanks for the giveaway!!! ???? I really wanted to try the Honest Beauty Limited Edition Cheek Palette and I’m so glad/excited that you’ve chosen it for this giveaway. This map poster is so cute and yes it makes me wanna travel around the world! Totally love it! This season I really want to go to Poland and Croatia! Travelling to countries you’ve never seen before, making memories for a lifetime and of course trying delicious food… always The best experience! Anyways, love your videos and your style!!!
    Love from Greece! ????

  37. Hiyaa Sazan ! OMG !! This amazing giveaway ! I’M so excited to try the Urban Decay Lipstick Palette… :).. Fall is my favourite season alongside winter❤️ Lovee youu 🙂
    P.S hoping i win *fingers crossed*

  38. This one is so good!! I love everything fall-ish! ❤️ The most I would love the map, of course, because one of my biggest dreams is to travel, and it’s such an inspiration! Also exciting is the vice lipsticks palette! Oh, fingers crossed, I want to win so much!! Thank you for the opportunity!!

  39. First- let me just say that you are my absolute favorite blogger (my hubby even knows how much the obsession is real. HA!)
    Second, I am loving this freebie Friday! Mostly because fall is my favorite month EVER! I am most excited about trying the Urban Decay Vice Lipstick Palette because 1. fall colors and 2. new lipstick= happiness!
    BUT the cutest part of this giveaway is that poster! Just got married and the hubby and I plan on having many new adventures together! Hoping to visit Europe for our next one!
    xoxo <3

  40. Hi, Sazan! Thank you for doing these giveaways, you are very sweet and lovely! That poster is very inspiring, and would love to see it every day when I look up. I have never been on a plane, so my goal is next summer travel to any Europe country by plane 🙂

    Best wishes,
    Diana <3

    1. Also I’ve never won a give away before so I’d be super excited to win yours as my first one lol

  41. Hi girl! Thank you for doing such an amazing giveaway. Im most excited about the mac mineralize skin finish, have always wanted it but was never in my budget. this fall i want to spend more time with my family. Really spend as much time with the company of my family, something i dont get to do very often. The best email to contact me is (i did the bonus entries too ????)

  42. I am most thrilled to try the Urban Decay Blackmail Vice Lipstick Palette- lipstick is an woman’s BFF!!! It lets us be sweet AND sassy.

  43. Hi Sazan! I am so excited to try the Honest beauty cheek palette! It looks gorgeous! I also think the pancake mix looks DELICIOUS!! 🙂 Everything here would be fantastic to win – great picks!! As for an adventure, I’m currently completing my masters, so that’s an adventure in itself. I’d love to do a bunch of travelling with my husband once I’ve graduated though – I think our first destination is New Zealand!
    Thanks so much for doing this giveaway! You seem like such a kind, genuine person who spreads joy wherever you go <3

  44. Dear Sazan:),
    I really appreciate that you are so loving and that you want to give something back to your followers.
    I personally love the fall season and especially i am a big fan of everything that is connected to pumpkins. I love the Pumpkin Spice Latte at Starbucks and Pumpkin Soup. But i have never tried this Pancake Waffle Mix before so i would be really excited about that.
    BTW i wanted to say that i really really enjoy watching your videos, especially when Steve is included he is just so funny( That Mexican accent he can do that so well:D).You are such a cute couple!Wish you all the best always!

    Lots of Love From Berlin


  45. I’m most excited to try the DW Home Richly Scented Candle, because i don’t really care if it’s summer, winter, spring or autumn, i just love candles and i can’t never get enough of them! My biggest dream is and has been to go hiking in Austria or visit my aunt in New York! 🙂

    You are my true inspiration!

  46. Hi Saz! Ahhh I would love to win the map for sure! As far as fav product either the urban decay vice palette or the pumpkin mix cuz I’m a fatty foodie haha! <3 I am getting married at the end of this year so that is definitely going to be a new adventure I will be embarking on! I'm so excited to see what GOD has in store for us and you and Stevie are such great role models for the younger generation so thank you for that. Xo. My email address is:

  47. So obsessed with this freebie Friday!!!

    I would be so excited to try the urban decay lipstick & the PANCAKE MIX! Also need that poster for when our home remodel is done to put it in our office!! I am trying to convince the hubby/plan/budget for us to go to Greece for our one year anniversary so that is hopefully our next adventure to embark on!

    Xoxox! Karlie

  48. Saz, you know your followers so well; we need EVERYTHING fall!! Love this freebie Friday! DW candles are also my favorite (gotta love TJ Maxx and Marshalls for having these goodies). The Urban Decay lipstick palette would be something I would love to try!

    I am leaving my home state of North Dakota this December to embark on a new journey in Minneapolis, MN. I am SO excited for what God has in store in these next couple months as I finish up my graduate studies in Occupational Therapy and find a new home in a new city! More than anything, I can’t wait to make a difference in my future patient’s lives through my career. Also a perk of my future adventure is that I’ll have my sister (and BFF) along for the journey!

    PS: If you and Stevie want to make Minneapolis one of your 2017 stops, I would not be opposed hehe 🙂


  49. hello!! i srsly would loge to get everything haha but i want to smellbthat candle ???? this is perfect for fall and its really big of you to make this giveaway! i’ve never won a giveaway before but i really want to get this one!also i love to travel and next summer im going to london so im super excited! the map would be perfect! and omg the waffle pumpkin spice mix? uff … i really need that!
    lots of love franccesca xx.

  50. Looking forward to trying the Urban Decay Blackmail Vice Lipstick Palette and the Apple Honey Butter Candle! xx

  51. What a thoughtful giveaway. I also LOVE that sketch collage at the start of this post. (Graphic Designer… I appreciate these things :-D)
    I would love to try that Urban Decay Lipstick Palette. It has perfect colors for fall! My current adventure is launching a healthy lifestyle blog. I have been looking for a passion project, and I really want to create a community where people feel uplifted and motivated.

  52. Hi! This giveaway is so amazing. I think the one I’m most excited about is the Vice Lipstick Palette. I’m from Houston and this past weekend I made my first solo trip to Dallas to attend the State Fair. It was so awesome. I think this Fall I would love to travel to different small cities/towns in Texas and just explore. I love Fairs or Farmers Markets. So I would def. Just like to travel to do that. Fingers crossed I win.

  53. Hi chicka! Trying all of these would be amazing but the first product I would use would be the Honest Cheek palette! Who doesn’t love some rosey cheeks for fall and winter? ???? The giveaways that you are do are appreciated, no matter if you hear it enough or not. I love what you do!

  54. I would be interested in whippin’ up a batch of some pumpkin waffles. And because I love the Honest Beauty crime blush I have, the limited edition Falling For You cheek palette would be awesome to try. I love candles, especially Fall scents, so the Apple Honey Butter candle sounds like it smells light, refreshing, a little spicy and fabulous. Can’t wait for Tuesday and good luck to all!

  55. Hello Sazan! It’s a pleasure to participate in your freebie Friday giveaway. 🙂 I’d be so excited to try the UD lipstick palette and to win the ‘Dream big’ poster!! It would inspire me even more to travel around the world and to stop having fears about accomplishing big things. The new adventure I’d like to embark on, is saving enough money to travel in a hot air balloon @Cappadocia???? (one of my biggest dreams)
    I truly hope I can win????.
    Thank you very much for doing this Sazan 🙂
    My email is

  56. i would be most excited to try the lipstick.i love the poster too.
    this really is a new season for me- i just moved to a new city and basically a whole new life turn around that God is leading me into.
    love the blog!

  57. This is the perfect fall giveaway, thanks Sazan!

    I am so excited to try out the Urban Decay Blackmail Vice Lipstick Palette. The colors seem beautiful for fall.

    My goal is to finish up law school strong and be able to go on an adventurous trip all over Europe once I finish as a reward!

  58. Hey Saz!
    I would be super excited to try out the urban decay lipstick pallet, I love the warm reds they remind me of autumn leaves ???????? also pumped to try some pumpkin spice waffles because food is the bomb. I’m looking forward to having time off uni (currently drowning in assignments). My favourite adventurous thing to do atm is going hiking at a near by river/waterfall and really getting away from reality and just taking in all of Gods splendor and glory, really keen to be a bit more adventurous and travel. Thanks for putting the effort in for your fans we really appreciate the fact that you even read all our comments! Love ya xx


  59. Hi Sazan! I think I’m most excited for the Urban Decay lipstick palette. I’m definitely a lipstick junkie! This autumn my new adventure is not being afraid to be myself and meet some new people. I had a rough second semester at school last year friend-wise, so this semester I’m really trying to make new friends and come out of my shell. Thanks for the give-away, there are some really great items, and I bet that candle smells fantastic!

    xo, Carey

  60. Omg this is the most amazing give away!!! I legit want to use all of this stuff! Sitting in bed enjoying the rainy day thanks to hurricane Mathew and I would love to have that candle burning! I have recently become obsessed with candles and that one looks so great! Also the vice lipsticks I have been dying to try those!! Thanks for doing freebie Friday you are the best Sazan (:

  61. Hi Sazan!!!! My favorite product is the Paper Source “Dream Big” Poster!! I’ve been wanting to buy a map forever because my husband and I like to travel and I want to mark our destinations. This fall we’re going to Nashville, TN! I’ve never had a reason to go to Nashville, but I have a more personal reason now. I came from an adopted family and I have an older sister who is my dad’s biological daughter. We’ve never had a relationship because my father and her never had a relationship, but we are ready to be in each other’s life!

    P.S.- My dream is to still one day meet you if you ever have a “meet and greet” in the Dallas area. It would be an amazing opportunity. Xoxo Jing

  62. I would love to try the Urban Decay Blackmail Vice Lipstick Palette! And the adventure I am excited about is getting my blog up and running! I have so much respect for all that bloggers do, and can’t wait to give it a try, myself!

    1. Do you have TJ Maxx, Marshall’s or Homegoods nearby? I always see that brand! You should definitely give those places a try if there relatively close to you. =)

  63. Love you and your giveaways girl! Most excited for Urban Decay Blackmail Vice Lipstick Palette, i love UD and have been dying to try their Vice Lipsticks! New year means new adventures, excited for travelling and family weddings to embark on for the new year!
    Hope i win!

  64. FALLing in love with this giveaway! (See what I did there? Wink, wink!) Let’s be honest, I want to try it all, but I need some of that pumpkin spice pancake and waffle mix in my life yesterday. That sounds delish ! Where do you get this mix from?

    Happy Friday!

  65. Hi Sazan!
    First of all I love following all your posts! You are so authentic in a world of chaos and craziness especially living in LA. I am in awe of all that you do and your love for Jesus. I am originally from New England so Fall of course is so special to me! I am most excited to try the urban decay palette Bc I don’t yet have any fall colors and am preparing for my trip back to visit Boston! (I currently now live in San Diego)
    My new adventure I am wanting to embark on is TRAVEL! I have spent the last 8 years in school and am so looking forward to my next trip I just planned with my girlfriends to Vietnam. I am excited to experience another country, culture, and yet be humbled by the life here I know we so often take for granted.

    Xo Saige

  66. That UD lipstick palette is the stuff heart eyes are made of! (but DW Home is my fave candle brand too. Thanks TJ Maxx, you are the real MVP! )
    I just recently bought my first house, by myself, and honestly i’m just looking forward to every single adventure that is about to come along with it. Terrifying, but also so so so exciting!
    oh, and my email is

  67. Hi Sazan,

    This Friday giveaway couldn’t be more perfect. I’ve been living in NJ for the past 6 years and I LOVE FALL. Coming from Miami where all you get is one climate–HOT AND HUMID…It’s nice to see leaves change, throw on a comfy oversize hoodie (preferably my husbands) , light apple/cinnamon candles, and make warm soups. Mmmm. All these items are great but my personal favorite would be the Dream Big Poster. My husband and I love to travel and we try to plan small and big trips each year –before the little ones make it more difficult 😉 Next year we are hoping for Ireland or Cuba <–(my family is from there). I feel each time we travel together as husband and wife it reconnects us and reminds us why we fell in love.
    Keep doing what you're doing. Love seeing your posts!

  68. Hi Sazan!

    I’ve been following your blog for many months now and since then I’ve been so inspired! My favorite part of this giveaway is definitely the DREAM BIG quote map. Something I could hang in my room and look at every morning while I get ready to get a little motivation each day. I haven’t been traveling as much as I’d like to recently, BUT I am looking forward to heading to NYC for the holidays with my boo thang! ☃️????❤️

    I was actually just in ATX and got really excited to see you were in state this week! Was hoping for a Saz sighting but maybe next time. 😉 Best wishes on your upcoming trip to Dubai. Can’t wait to hear about it.

    Vivian ????

  69. Hi Sazan! The product I am most excited to try is the Urban Decay Lip Palette and use the pancake mix! I am most excited to really embark on the new year coming up and see if it holds some good things for me, because this year has not been the best and I could use an up swing of joy and blessings in the new year! Thanks for the fall giveaway!
    IG: cocoa36heart

  70. OMG I love everything!!! Fall is my all time favorite season/ time of the year so this is the perfect giveaway????. I would be excited to try all these products, but probably most excited about the Urban Decay lipstick palette! I have been loving bold lip colors lately and have been trying to add to my collection. Those shades look gorgeous too! Also I have an adventure goal to travel more and be more spontaneous everyday! Just last week I was googling map posters that I could hang up so I can pin where I’d like to visit and places where I’ve been. Thanks for holding this giveaway, it looks fantastic!
    – Xx Brooke

  71. Sazan,

    I absolutely love all of the makeup in this Friday’s Freebies giveaway and I am looking forward to winning in order to have a good “foundation” to my growing makeup collection, but I am looking forward to the Dream Big poster the most. I have a bad case of wanderlust that pops up now and then, and between work and school sometimes I can get bogged down with adventures I don’t get to go on. Every year I try to go somewhere new. In a years time I went to Boston, Miami, and NYFW! So it’s been exciting, but I feel like with midterms and finals I won’t have any time to travel. This poster will help keep me inspired to push forward to those other adventures I want to go on (hopefully a Eurotrip in 2017)! It’s all about inspiration. It will keep me inspired which will help me inspire other people!


  72. thank you so much!you seem to be so kind and funny and authentic!i really want to try out the cheek palette!i’s so in blushes this period!many many kisses from Greece!

  73. All of these products are amazing Sazan, but I’d honestly be so excited about the pancake mix. Every year closer to fall, my friends and I usually get this pumpkin mix and bake together and it’s one of the things I always look forward to. Maybe this year we can switch it up and make pancakes, it always makes me feel so cozy while reminding me that I’m blessed to have a home away from home <3. The new adventure I want to embark on, is simply, life itself. I feel like I'm always too stressed and worried and I feel like this is the year to focus on me and my loved ones. I want to travel all over from mexico to europe, I want to take hikes and view the world from above, I want to explore things I've only ever seen on google.. That's the adventure I'm looking for! All accompanied by friends and family 🙂

  74. This has to be the most exciting Freebie Friday to date — thank you, as always, for your incredible generosity!!
    I am a self-professed fall fanatic, and I don’t think I could pick just one thing I’d be most excited to try! Buttttt, the pumpkin spice waffle mix and Lafco hand cream both look absolutely amazing!
    Thanks again for the generosity of this giveaway!!
    Email is

    1. Woops, forget to answer the question! This might not be the most ‘conventional’ adventure, but I am beginning my master’s degree in January and this is definitely the most exciting adventure I have coming up!

  75. if I were the lucky recipient of these items I would be most excited about the “dream big poster” poster for daily inspiration. I’ve had a tough year. I moved to a different state with no friends & family to pursue life post grad school. I never realized how valuable my hometown was to me. It’s simplicity was beyond perfect and comforting. Moving to a big city has been quite the journey but nonetheless a good one. It has inspired me to keep traveling while young and able. Sometimes I get discouraged so I need to captivate the “dream big” mentality. After all we only have one life to live right? Thanks for being amazing Sazan!

  76. I’m a huge food lover & lipstick lover so i totally want the pumpkin waffle mix & vice lipstick 🙂 I love the theme of this freebie friday! It’s so hot here in texas still so this will hopefully get me in the fall mood 🙂

  77. Hello Sazan ! OMG thank you for this amazing giveaway ! I’M so excited to try the Mac, I’m new to the makeup world so really exited for this.
    And I would love to embark on a trip with my best friend which is my husband, exploring, hiking and discover some amazing places! I love nature and it’s the best way to do things together with him!
    I love how you and your husband travel I hope one day we can do the same! Love your YouTube page. Thank you again. ????????

  78. I am super excited to try the Urban Decay lip palette! I’ve been eyeing their new vice lipsticks in the store and so I’ve been wanting to try them out. 🙂 The new adventure that I’m wanting to go on or have been currently on is starting my own clothing line. ???? I’ve never done something like this before and haven’t gone to college for it either so it’s a big step that I’m taking but hey…I’ll never know if I never try right?
    My email is

  79. This sounds amazing! The products that excite me the most (besides the make up) are the hand lotion, the map and the pancake mix. I’m an obsessed of food and good smells…and there is not better day to get into fall than these two products. I think the quote map is very inspiring and actually I wrote on my blog ( about how to create a vision board. I’m all about dreaming big and porsuing goals so having a little reminder of it on my wall would make me really happy. My next big adventure is to bring my boyfriend to visit Colombia for first time. I’m from Colombia and he is from Slovakia…we met in New York and is the first time he would actually go home with me. I’m sure he is going to love it! The people, the food, the music, and the adventures he will experience will be unique. It has me a little nervous at the same time because he haven’t met any family members (yet) and Colombians can be a little loud, however, I’m sure he will be very welcomed and they will try their best to make him feel like home. Have a great day Sazan! And I actually want to take this opportunity to thank you because thanks to your BYOB YouTube videos I decided to hop on the blogging adventure. You have been an inspiration for me and I’m sure for many more people…thank you and God bless you and your family! Love Monica


  80. Hey Sazan! I’ve been following your blog for a while and you are truly an inspiration. You were one of the influencers that made me start my own blog! It is through blogs like yours that have made me believe that I can actually travel and see the world and dream big. I have been to three different states and have experienced amazing adventures. This giveaway is amazing! It’s hard deciding what is my favorite but I would have to say the poster because I know that would constantly remind me to keep dreaming big and never give up. You are amazing Sazan. Best of luck to you and your family!❤️????????

  81. Hi Sazan!
    I’m an IG, Facebook, and Youtube follower. I’m excited to try the pumpkin spice pancake & waffle mix because I love to cook!

  82. This giveaway is so perfect! Love all of these goodies but I would be oh so excited to get that Honest Beauty Palette (really all of the cosmetics :)) and this fall I want to travel to at least one place I’ve never been before each month! So excited for this season!

    First of all thankyouu for this lovely gesture of yours. If i had to pick ONE THING I honestly wouldnt be able to. Never have i tried any ofthe stuff youve mentioned and its pretty exciting to give it a shot now that you’ve recommend it. As an art student i feel like all these items are smthn i have have to try and experiment with and let my boundaries break! Love you and your family for well just existing haha.
    You are awesome!
    Ps: this is totally outta topic but omg i cant wait for you to start a family and have a mini sazan!!!!!! Xx much love, mals from karachi

  84. much as I love makeup and beauty supplies…I’m a total foodie! I would love to try the pancake/waffle mix. I’ve actually never had anything pumpkin spice flavored..and I’m from the south. (don’t tell my friends haha!) Aside from the pancake mix, I would love to try the urban decay palette.

  85. Why haven’t I subscribed to your blog yet?!? I follow you on Instagram and love seeing your posts! You, Stevie and Sweetie are the cutest!

    I am most excited about the ‘Dream Big” poster. It would serve a few purposes, of which inspiration is the biggest thing. I would use it in my office cubicle to not only inspire and motivate myself, but my students (I work at a community college). I have been blessed and fortunate to be able to make a few big trips in my life, and will continue to make this a life’s purpose. 🙂


  86. Hi Sazan!
    I love that you are doing this giveaway, and am so excited for whoever gets these goodies! As for what I’m most excited about in this giveaway would be the urban decay palette! I love switching my lip color up and creating different looks for fall time. I want to be more adventurous in many ways. I want to focus on living solely in the present, not the past or future, and to treat everyday like a new adventure. I want to find joy and excitement in the little things, such as trying new foods or meeting new people. I want to be ready for whatever each day holds, and live to the fullest.

    Keep up the good work, girl! You’re killin’ it 🙂 Love following you and Stevie ( and sweetie too!)


  87. I think I am most excited to try the pancake and waffles mix – pumpkin spice. We don’t have that in the place where I live and I LOVEEEEeee pancakes!!
    And I’d love to get the dream big poster, cuz lord knows I need it. I have this passion and an aim inside me, but I just need a push to get that started. Its totally different to the profession I am in and I really wanna take a step forward in the direction my heart wants to go. So maybe having the poster hanging in my room will inspire me to take charge and not be afraid of all the ‘what if’s’ holding me back
    And lastly, I just want to say that i love and admire u sazan. U are goals for me, I love ur beautiful smile and infectious personality ❤️

  88. Loving everything in this giveaway! But I think I am most exited about the Honest Beauty cheek palette. I love what the brand stands for and I know I would feel beautiful yet have peace of mind when swiping those colors on my cheeks!As for the new adventure I’m ready to embark on, that would have to be finally starting my own hand-painted handbag line. Sitting here writing this post I am working on a piece realizing I just gotta take that final leap of faith into the adventure that is entrepreneurship!
    Sending love and autumn vibes your way!

  89. Believe it or not, if I where to win this giveaway, I would be stoked to win the pancake/ waffle punkin spice mix. I love cooking and baking, and during the holidays I love being able to try new things, and pumpkin spice pancakes sounds soooo good ???? Another thing I’d love to win from this giveaway is the urban decay lip palette. I love the colors, they fit in the season and lip products are hands down my favorite part of makeup. I hope you have a fabulous day love. And please pray for the people in Florida, because it’s raining like crazy down here.

  90. Hey Sazan! First of all I want to say thank you so much for loving your followers and doing this giveaway! I love that you want others to be open to new adventures,brave and pushed out out of comfort zones. Which is why I’d enjoy trying any of these products out. Whether it’s me or someone else, I just hope these products are enjoyed to the max and your desire for new adventure is joined by others. Thank You again and wishing you a wonderful & cozy season!

  91. Hey Sazan! ✌????️
    I have been wanting to plan a road trip with my 3 besties for some time now and this package (especially the map poster) is the perfect inspiration for an autumn road trip. I love your channel and the funky vibes you spread so even the fact that you’ll be reading this is pretty cool. Also, a couple new lipsticks wouldn’t be a bad addition to a road trip for those insta-worthy moments! Thanks for taking the time to read this. Take care and have a good weekend xo

  92. Hello Sazan!
    Happy Fall! 🙂
    I’m most excited to try the UD Blackmail Vice Lipstick Palette!
    I’m in nursing school and eventually want to travel the world, while caring for others holistically along the way.
    One of the best things a nurse can offer her patients is a bright, genuine smile. What better way to make a smile stand out than to pair it with a bold lip color?!
    My email:

  93. I’m subscribed! I also like you on Facebook and IG! As for which product I’m most excited about… hmm, I guess I can’t say ALL of them but I really want to try the Honest Beauty Palette and that poster really is incredible. And that Lipstick Palette! You’ve put together a truly awesome giveaway, thank you! I’m ill, with MS, and the changing seasons are often especially hard on me so I don’t get out as much as I would like. This fall I just hope to push myself, even if I’m not feeling well, to get out and experience as much as possible.

  94. Sazan!!!

    I am super duper excited to try the Urban Decay Vice Lipsticks!! I searched some at Sephora a couple weeks ago and was so in love. I hope I win!

    P.s. Next time you come to Texas, you should deff try to come see Waco! Home of Magnolia Market and Common Grounds! Plus, I would personally love to meet you <3

  95. The pumpkin spice pancakes are making me hungry! Plus everything looks and sounds amazing! As for my next adventure: I’m really hoping to cross the ocean and be with my family in Canada this Christmas. My sister and my sister in law will have just brought some precious babies in the world so it will be extra special meeting my new niece and nephew. Plus it will be a first for all of my siblings to meet our littlest one that was born a year ago almost! Crazy how time flies.

  96. Hi Sazan!! I would be most excited to try the Colourpop shadows! I have been dying to try anything from the Colourpop brand for the longest time now! And my new adventure I’m about to embark on is starting college next semester! Equals parts excited and nervous about that, but I’m sure it’s going to be fun! I hope you have a lovely day<3

  97. I’m most excited for MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural!
    Instagram: collifornia

    The adventure I want to embark in is to start getting into fitness.
    holliister at gmail dot com

  98. OMG! I need this map! It’s the thing I want the most in this package cause I love traveling and it would be such a big source of inspiration. I’m french and last year I was an exchange student in Texas. I miss America a lot and all of those products remind me of my exchange year and how much I loved fall there. Everything in this giveway look amazing and I’d love to win it to get a little piece of America ????

  99. Hi Sazan! (And Stevie and Brit- if you guys are reading this too! 🙂

    I hope you are all doing well.

    I’ve been following you for a few years now and continue to be inspired by you. Your strength and resilience is what is inspiring to me- although I don’t know you personally, I’m basing this on what I know of you through social media and the personal stories you have shared of what you have gone through in your life.

    I’m the most excited about the “Dream Big” poster because its something I’ve been thinking about a lot lately. I’ve been dealing with chronic- debilitating depression and an eating disorder and I feel like all of my dreams have been crushed and no longer exist. I’m trying to slowly rebuild it… but I don’t know if I can…it would be nice to have a visual reminder every single day. On the days that I feel like I can’t make it or won’t I can just look at it and think there’s so much more I need to and want to explore in this world.

  100. Hi Sazan,

    If I win, the fave thing to look forward to for me will be that dream big map. I’ve been having a really hard time lately and it’s a reminder for me never to give up. I would put it in mine and my husband’s rooms and when I feel demotivated, I’ll remember to trust in God and keep my faith because He can make anything possible.

    Love your blog.


  101. Happy fall y’all! ????????I would be so excited to try the urban decay palette as I’m always looking to switch things up for the season!I also need those pancakes in my life ???? My new adventure begins in March when I go to Belize to help in a clinic for occupational therapy! I love me some adventure so I’m looking forward to hopefully use this map to put some pushpins on each new location! Tell Sweetie I say hello ????

  102. Im so excited about this dreamy giveaway! I have wanted to try Honest Beauty for a while now, so I’m thrilled about the cheek palette.
    The pumpkin spice pancakes sounds delicious right now especially in this cold Washington weather. Xoxo

  103. Would love to try the MAC skinfinish-I’ve heard great things about it ????
    Thanks and happy weekend!!!

  104. Hey Sazan!!!

    I can’t express to you how much I enjoy reading your blogs. You and Stevie just make my day with your hilarious YouTube videos (you guys are real relationship goals ????). My favorite videos are of you guys being just goofy with each other and the travel diaries.

    I’m in a physician assistant program and school has been really tough lately. Sometimes I question if what I’m doing is worth it. But then I go out and volunteer at different clinics and hospitals and realize that even though it’s so hard it is all gonna be worth it in the end. Making one person smile or laugh just makes my day and that’s what your blogs do for me. My favorite give away item is the poster cause it’s a great reminder to keep going cause there’s so much more in store. I can’t wait to be able to travel and explore! And the fashionista in me loves the lipstick kit!

    I can’t wait to see whats next in store for your blog and thanks for giving us a glimpse into your life and fashion!!!

  105. Subscribed. Following. Aaaand, I would LOVE to try the MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural!!

    The most exciting adventure I could think of is continuing the one I’m on with my family. I want us to buy our first house, get our first puppy, go on our first big vacation together & so much more!!

  106. Oooooo honestly I want to try the lipstick pallet! ???? I’m trying to be more adventurous this season, and get away from my usual neutral lip colors ???? And also that pancake mix! Hello that looks amazing! My email

    Literally your biggest fan ????

  107. Hi Sazan,
    I just wanted to say that you are a true inspiration, you’re funny, smart, charismatic and gorgeous! I hope to meet you one day!
    I’m most excited to try ‘MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural’ as I’ve never tried anything from MAC before.
    I’m a medical student, I live in Lithuania (a quite small yet very beautiful country in Europe) and after my studies I want to embark on medical residency in Australia. It’s so scary to even think about this idea, but this is my dream and I’m determined to make it come true!

    P.S. Thank you in advance for reading this. 🙂 Love you!

  108. I think the goodie I would like the most would be the Dream Big poster. I’ve always wanted to travel and when I graduated college, I went right to working and found myself in a downward spiral relationship that kept me stuck in my city. Now that it’s been quite some time since that relationship has ended, a new one has popped up unexpectedly and it’s with someone from the UK! (hoping for some trips across the pond soon! 🙂 ) The poster would be a great reminder that even when you feel like you’re never going anywhere, trust in yourself and God and to never let go of dreaming big. You may just be surprised in the best way!

  109. Fall is already here on the east coast, the breeze is cooling us off from such a hot summer, the leaves are starting to crisp into ornages, reds, and yellows, the pumpkin spice lattes are a brewing, and the Halloween decorations are up and ready! Super stocked about this giveaway! The most product I’m really excited about is the Dream Big map quote book. Ever since I was a little bud I loved traveling with my family, seeing new things, learning more about the town’s/cities and meeting new people! And the thought of waking up to a poster like that is going to make me a morning person. It’ll remind me, ‘hey you have humongous dreams, and you’ll accomplish them, there’s a big world out there, so many new opportunities, more goals to achieve, new hidden secrets I haven’t discovered yet.’ And all of these can really come true. And with that poster recalling all of these thoughts will get me more stoked about all the upcoming adventures I haven’t encountered yet. Mostly all of the happy memories that’ll be able to look back 20 years from now and smile.

    P.S. I’m also excited for the pancake mix, I’ll be able to taste the autumn spirit.
    Sazan you’re the best ????????
    – Audrey

  110. Hey Sazan!So excited about this giveaway!!!! I am most excited to try the cheek palate! As much as I love makeup-I only have ONE blush!! (I know I can’t believe it, how have I survived????) I just recently got back from an incredible backpack trip through Europe. That trip inspired me to always keep trekking and exploring which is why next year I decided to do Travel Nursing! I am an RN already and next year I’ll be taking that passion for my job and putting it to good use across state borders 🙂 You’re beautiful and this giveaway is bomb! -Gabrielle (

  111. Hi Sazan,
    I love this giveaway so sweet from you 🙂
    I really would like to try the “Honest Beauty Limited Edition Falling For You Cheek Palette”. and i would love love to travel and also to accomplish my dream to be a Pre-k teacher.
    Thanks :*

  112. I’m most excited to try the pancake and waffle mix because I make pancakes almost every single day for my three year old and boyfriend and we’ve never tried pumpkin ones and I heard pumpkin pancakes are delicious with my family’s favorite peacan butter. I’m most excited to embark my journey to motherhood because I’m still learning and I’m excited to show my son the outdoors because I don’t want him being inside the house all day with his iPad, I want to expand his mind and show him what the world has to offer. ❤

  113. Hey Sazan I really love the dream big poster me and my husband are always dreaming big my husband is in the military and we have been lucky to travel the world Okinawa Japan, Alaska,and now washgton and we still have so many places we would like to go it’s pretty hard sometimes having your spouse in the military my biggest adventure is to keep having amazing adventures with my husband
    Thanks Sazan love your blog ❤️

  114. I love fall so this is awesome! I’m most excited to try the mac mineralized skin finish natural! Ive been praying for about 4 years if I need to move to Australia to attend Hillsong college in Sydney. I possibly will be moving this coming January so this is just a reminder to me to be adventurous to not be fearful, and to trust God and His timing for everything! Thanks for doing this!! You’re amazing!

  115. Hiiii Sazan!Fridays are my fave day of the week but with freebie fridays are a hundred times better!! Lol. I’m excited to try the Honest Beauty cheek palette and the pancake&waffle mix looks sooo delish! And the new adventure I’m about to go on is living by myself I’m saying bye to my parents house and I’m got all the feels! But I’m excited though! 🙂 love ya! #snapchatfam ????❤️

  116. I’m super excited for that candle! I know that’s a little one but fall candles are honestly the best thing in the whole world!
    I’m super excited to go hiking this fall and early winter! I usually go in the summer but why limit yourself to one month!?

  117. Love the items you’ve put together! Living in Hawaii, we don’t get to experience the Fall season, so some of these items really bring about that feeling. I’m most interested in trying the Lafco Protective Hand Cream because I have eczema and excessively dry skin! I’m always looking for new products that will help bring my dry hands back to life. As far as a new adventure I want to embark on this season, I’m really looking to spend quality time with my husband and make time to rest – intentionally. I’m always going at a million miles per second with work, volunteering and church, that I’m really looking forward to slowing things down, trying new things and rediscovering myself! Thanks for the giveaway!

  118. Hi Sazan <3 I'm totally in love with everything pumpkin- we just spend a great vacation in California and discovered the pretty faces of fall in another country. We're from Germany, and here it's already cold and rainy and we don't have that many pumpkin products (I brought Pumpkin Spice Latte to drink it at home- so delicious!) So to give our home a little bit more cozyness – more fall products would be awesome! And besides all the great things on the list the pancake waffle mix makes me curious!!

  119. Thank you for doing these giveaways! I’m most excited for the urban decay vice lipstick set. I recently got married this fall, so I’m looking forward to embarking on the next phase of my life as a Mrs.!

  120. I need fall lip colors (and just lip colors in general lol) so I’m most excited for the vice lipstick palette! I want the candle just as much! My travel goal at the moment is to explore all of India, and not just visit the state where my parents are from because it’s comfortable and familiar and I know the language well. I want to step out of my comfort zone.

  121. Hi Sazan! I’m such a huge fan of you and your super big HEART! Thanks for doing these freebie fridays!I am most excited for the Dream Big poster! I recently moved into a new apartment and really want to decorate it and make it look chic! A new adventure that I would like to embark on this new season is hiking!

    Thanks!!Much love <3

  122. Hey! I’m super excited to try these! I would def love to use the Urban Decay Blackmail Vice Lipstick Palette because I’m in need of some good lip colors and I love trying new things 🙂


  123. I’m a huge foodie so the pancake mix sounds like HEAVEN. I’ve always wanted to travel back to my roots in Southwest Asia, and visit my parents’ hometowns in India and Pakistan. I always believe it’s really important to know where you come from and I would love to see how and where my parents grew up. Love you Sazan!!


  124. Oh I love this! My mouth is watering already just thinking about that waffle/pancake mix. I would love to make those. And maybe make then while camping with my husband. We haven’t gone camping together ever! ????

  125. o m g! i loveeeee the “dream big” poster. not only because it’s so cute, but it’s the lifestyle i want to live-a dreamy and full of adventure lifestyle. i want to dream big, travel, and try out new things even though they may seem scary lol this is def the cutest giveaway everrrrr! good luck picking someone, sazan???? my email:

  126. The product I am most excited about is the Vice Palette. I love lip products. The new adventure I want to embark on is traveling to Europe after I obtain my Teaching Credential (next year). Thank you Sazan!

  127. Hi!!! I’m SO excited for the urban decay lipgloss!!! I love urban decay and have been looking for new colors for fall. The place I want to travel to the most is Egypt…. the history there fascinates me and I would love to go!

  128. OMG! where do i begin, the Vice palette! I’ve been wanting to get my hands on it! And i would LOOVE to try the Pancake pumpkin waffle mix!YUmmMmmmMM! I just got married and got a waffle maker id love to break it in with those!Love you Saz!

  129. I’m most excited about the Lafco Protective Hand Cream! My hands are always dry and many people have told me that this would help!

  130. I absolutely love Urban Decay and Pumpkin spice pancakes…so, duh! I want in! Haha I want to open my own small etsy shop business for hand lettered items soon! #newadventure

  131. Hey!
    I’m excited to see how wonderful the candle smells. I’d also really like to try the MAC powder.

  132. Hey! I would loovee the pancake mix most of all. I want to make pancakes with the boyfriend whenever I visit. That would be the yummiest coziest thing ever!

  133. Hey! I would loovee the pancake mix most of all. I want to make pancakes with the boyfriend whenever I visit. That would be the yummiest coziest thing ever!

  134. That lip stick looks amazing, also the pancake mix.. I’m not much of a traveler I’m more of a home body kinda person BUT I have been wanting to try to cook more for my husband, so maybe use the pancake mix to make something I haven’t made? Does that count? Haha anyway, love your stuff.

  135. Hi Sazan!

    While I love trying out new makeup products I am going to be honest and say I’m most excited to try the pancake mix and apple honey candle #noshame. I graduated in May from USC (fight on!) with my bachelors and am earning my masters there this year while taking some medical school prerequisites. It’s safe to say that this has been a stressful semester for me and I’m always looking for relaxing and yummy smelling candles to light while studying to create a happy and relaxing study environment. Pumpkin spice pancake mix also = great late night study snack. I have a feeling my boyfriend who is equally a fan of your style, IG, and relationship (#uguysaregoals) will love the mix too! Also, just visited a Papersource store for the first time while visiting philidelphia and fell in love!! Bought tons of products since they don’t have one here at home so I got really excited to see that as part of the package.

    Sending love from Santa Monica !

  136. Omg I love Fall so much. I’d love to try that Pumpkin mix because I’m a lover for all things Pumpkin. ???? I also really love the message from the poster, recently I went on a trip to Europe and am filled with soo much wanderlust right now I keep dreaming about where I can go next!

  137. Hello Sazan! The product I’m most excited to try is the Lafco Protective Hand Cream. Ever since I was a young lady I have been obsessed with lotions and creams- My Granny used to spank me for ‘wasting’ her Mary Kay lotion (She used to sell it back in the day) But, she just didn’t understand!! haha

    8 months ago, I left Kentucky to pursue life in Utah, so I’ve had a lot of adventuring already this year! However, later this month I am traveling to Moab, Utah to visit two MAJOR national parks: Arches National Park and Canyonlands National Park… SOOOO, Imma need this hand cream! ???? haha. The fall air mixed with camping will definetly have my hands roughed up and in need some love.

    Thank you so much for Freebie Fridays- they are the best!!

  138. Lipstick!!! i love trying new colors- especially reds for the fall.
    Im planning a trip when I get home from christmas break! not sure where at all but excited

  139. Hi Sazan! I’m most excited for the map. I love the look of maps and what they represent. My big adventure I’ll be going on soon is heading to Europe for the first time with my girlfriends to visit one of my best friends from college who is now teaching in Spain. She’s amazing and she inspires me so much. Can’t wait to see my best friend and Spain! ❤️

  140. Hello Sazan, thank you for the giveaway! I’m a new sazscriber and instagram follower and I’m really looking forward to reading more of your blogs along with viewing all your beautiful pictures. I’m most excited to receive the Dream Big map because I feel like it fits my life perfectly. It’s been a rough couple of months for me between studying and taking the MCAT to balancing classes. I’ve always dreamt big and hoped of helping other on a larger scale, and so far it hasn’t let me down. I’m graduating with my Bachelors of Science degree in Biological Sciences this December, and have applied to medical school all across the country. Currently I’m awaiting responses from schools to see if I’m accepted into their medical program. So I suppose to answer your question: I’m not quite sure just yet where this crazy life will take me. I’m not sure to what city I will have to move to attend school, and I don’t know what to expect. But whatever it is, I’m sure everything will fall into place the way that it’s supposed to. Thank you for the giveaway once more and hope to hear from you soon!

  141. Hi beauty!
    I would really love to have that beautiful Dream Big poster! I recently moved to New York from California and having that lovely map would remind me that my family are not so far away from me because I miss them dearly. Can’t wait for the holidays to go visit them <3 You're very amazing for doing this very unique cozy fall theme giveaway <3 btw, your recent picture on the gram was poppin' , I loved the burgundy dress!

  142. Hi Saz! Ahhh I would love to win the map for sure! As far as fav product either the urban decay vice palette or the pumpkin mix cuz I’m a fatty foodie haha! <3 I am getting married at the end of this year so that is definitely going to be a new adventure I will be embarking on! I'm so excited to see what GOD has in store for us and you and Stevie are such great role models for the younger generation so thank you for that. Xo. My email address is:

  143. Heyyyy Mrs. Hendrix!! ????????
    If I win I would be so excited to light that Apple honey butter candle and put on some Mac mineral finish then lounge in my new found beauty while eating pumpkin spice pancakes…for dinner!! I just moved to Canada for school from Texas and had to start my whole life all over again. Would love to win some homey stuff! Shout out to your hubby for recognizing real with those pumpkin spice vibes. ????????

  144. Heyyyy Mrs. Hendrix!! ????????
    If I win I would be so excited to light that Apple honey butter candle and put on some Mac mineral finish then lounge in my new found beauty while eating pumpkin spice pancakes…for dinner!! I just moved to Canada for school from Texas and had to start my whole life all over again. Would love to win some homey stuff!i think my next big adventure id love to go to Finland!! Shout out to your hubby for recognizing real with those pumpkin spice vibes. ????????

  145. I really want to try the “MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural” 🙂 My next adventure is in New Zealand, FEB 2017. So excited!!

  146. I love fall as it’s my birthday in a couple of weeks! Yay! Well first thanks for another amazing giveaway. Second, I would love to try the waffle/pancake mix too of my favourite things!
    My next adventure that I want to go is America! Especially NYC every time I think about it brings me so much joy always wanted to go around Christmas time, It just looks so magically. Maybe to live there for a few months and experience life in a new city.
    I’ve also wanted to throw a dart on a map and whichever city/country it landed on would be my next holiday destination.

  147. I am crazy for that Vice lipstick palette and the candle + pancake mix combo (burn the candle while making pancakes, duh!). The things I want to push myself to do this season are embrace change. To wholeheartedly embrace house-hunting to move across the country, to embrace the craziness that is having a 2.5 year old, and wanting another after the move, and to challenge myself to live my best life and be the best version of myself. Even if I don’t win I’m so happy for your success, Satan! About 9 months ago you inspired me to chop almost 20″ of hair off and it was the best choice I’ve ever made for my hair! You’re so ambitious and self-fulfilled, a true inspiration!

  148. Hi Sazan! The product in most excited about is the urban decay Vice pallete!! I own only 1 eyeshadow palette (UD basics 2) and I got that as a gift almost 2 christmases ago. I am always SOO stingy when it comes to eye shadow palettes because the good ones are always so pricey. Anyways I hope I win!! And thank you for doing this giveaway, it shows how much you care about your subscribers. Xo

    1. Oh and the new place I’m looking forward to traveling is Singapore! I’ve never been to Asia.

  149. Hi! I can’t decide between the poster or the candle! The poster would be great for my little office which in currently designing. I would like to create a small travel section and maybe get a globe so my boo and I can pinpoint places we have went to! I am obsessed with DW Home candles! Once I finish my candle I resuse it as a little case 🙂 I would love to win! My email is –

  150. Sazan!!!! I must begin by saying that I love you girl. I have been following you for a while now and I see that you’re doing big things. I’m so proud of you and I will continue supporting you. I love your energy. Now about this giveaway I am most excited about the candle since I am a candle fanatic and I love lipstick so definitely the Urban Decay lipstick palette is another thing I am excited about. The next adventure I wish to embark on soon is a trip to Paris. I have never been there and have always wanted to go. I have faith I will go one day. Hope to hear from you. Love you!

  151. Heyyyy Saz! What a fun giveaway! I’m super excited for the “Dream Big” poster! I just moved to a new city and am chasing my big dream of being a nurse. Seeing that beauty of a poster everyday would definitely keep my mind and heart focused on the dream ahead, even on the long days. Thanks for all the fun and encouragement you give everyday! Have fun in Dubai!

  152. Hey sazan!!I was so excited about your giveaway announcement!! lol. I’ve never really left a lengthy comment, but will do so since I see I won’t be the only one ????. I love your style and the way you can pull off so many different looks effortlessly. Wanna hear something funny – I love when you say “let’s do thissss” in your videos. I copy you all the time and my sister tells me I don’t say it the right way. Haha.????
    I love the dream big poster – I have travelled a bit over the world in the last few years and have been looking for a map for my office. I wanna pin down the places I’ve been and use it as an inspiration to travel more!the world is so beautiful and we gotta get out there and explore right?i especially loved your Alaska vlogs – that’s one place I plan on going next!!
    I also spotted the vice pallete! Damn girl. Im drooling. I would be ecstatic if I won!!!????
    Sazan thanks for engaging your followers. It means alot and please continue being your awesome self! You are one of the few that seem real and amazing at the same time! Needless to say, your hubby is a very lucky man!!! ☺
    Love you!

  153. Fall in the Midwest is Best! It’s my favorite season by far. Urban decay is actually one popular makeup I have never even tried before, embarrassing I know. ????. My next big adventure is a new career! I’m currently in my first week of training and it’s exactly the type of adventure I’ve been looking for.

    PS thanks for the bang inspiration!!

    Your fellow curly/wavy thick haired girl xoxo

  154. Hi Sazan!!

    First of all I wanted to say that you’re beautiful! I follow you on IG and I love everything about you. Your style,videos, advice, etc.

    First time writing a comment on here so I had to say it because I know you will read it. ☺️️

    This gift sounds awesome!! I would love to smell that candle & get that pumpkin mix to make my boo some pancakes.

    My next adventure would be to find me a new job, I been working at my current job for five years and I believe is time for something new. I’m scared because I’m so comfy at my current job but it’s TIME! So I’m on the search and hope to start that new adventure pretty soon.
    My email is

    Thank you for the freebies you be having & keep on being that beautiful person you are.

    Love ❤️ from Irving, TX

  155. Hi ????
    I would lobe to try the colourpop limited edition summer lovin super shock shadow because the color is sparkle and I like sparkle things and would be a really pretty color for this time of the season with any outfit ???? The next adventure would be to go to see my family in Mexico ????????????

  156. Hi Sazan, hope your weekend is already starting off great. For the giveaway I’d be really excited to try the Honest Beauty cheek palette, but I mean all the items are all super nice. My next big adventure I soon hope to visit for the first time is Hawaii, it’s time for me to travel somewhere warm and tropical. Following you on instagram @christinadragan as well as youtube: christina00099, email: Xo Christina

  157. You are so inspiring! I would love to win the dream big poster , I had a lot of changes in my life for the last couple months and so many adventures in my mind that they are not dreams anymore sounds more like a plan! I’m looking forward to be in LA for my 30th Bday! Send me all the good vibes! Email:

  158. Hey Sazan! I’m so excited about this giveaway since I want so much to try the Urban Decay lipstick palette! I love trying new things and the new adventure I’m going to start is a theatrical group which will give me so much joy! Thank you very much!????????????????

  159. Sazan!!!! This is perfect as Fall is my favorite season 🙂 I am looking forward to trying the Honest Beauty cheek palette. I definitely need to up my makeup game this season and your videos are always inspiring and your face be fierce girl! As for my next adventure…… my husband and I have been hankering to head to Italy as we have never been. Sipping wine along the Cinque Terre and eating our way through Tuscany will be top on our list for vacations next year. Thanks for all the inspiration!
    – Kaitlin

  160. I’m dreaming about the vice palette, I love the warm colours 🙂 super nice giveaway, Thanks!!

  161. My favourite season! The only thing that could make it even more awesome is the Urban Decay Blackmail Vice Lipstick Palette! I would rock this lipstick with beautiful fall-coloured clothes, trying to step put of my comfort zone ????

  162. Fall has to be my favourite season, so super excited about this! My goal this fall is to say yes to more opportunities and make the most of the fall activities! The colour pop eye shadow looks so dreamy???? Would definitely pair that with a dark lip and messy hair like in your tutorial!
    Thanks for all the inspiration you give me xo

  163. Hi Sazan,

    I can’t believe Fall is here yet again! It is my favorite time of year! What I love most about the giveaway is the Urban Decay lipstick palette. When it comes to makeup, nothing says more than a really good lipstick color. What better way to showcase that than with this palette?! I’m very excited for this new season, new you and new opportunities! Happy Fall! 🙂

  164. Honestly, it is hard for me to say what item I am most excited about because I love everything in this giveaway! I love the dream big poster, and I think it would be perfect to put with our vision board at home, as my husband and I just finally got our own place! I also would be excited to try out the lip palette, because I have a thing for lip colors.????

    The adventure I want to embark on (am embarking on) is learning to do life now that we are fully on our own in our new place! We’ve lived with our parents for the first few years of our marriage, but finally getting into our own space has been such a blessing. ☺️

    Just want to say thank you, and I am blessed by what you do!

  165. Hey Saz I’m in love with the map (it look fantastic) and with the candle!! Love you so muchhhh XOXO ❤❤❤ Oh fall is one of my favorite season for 2 reasion is your bday and it is fashion seasion!!! Love all your looks at NYFW!!

  166. Hey Sazan!!!!

    So excited for an opportunity to possibly fall (????????) in love with the urban decay lip pallette and mark some places off on the dream Big Map!!! And of course who wouldn’t want take some of these goodies on their next adventure! I’m a huge believer in self care especially with my line of work as I oversee a homeless shelter in NYC but whenever I have the time for myself I try and embark on new adventures – my former roomie is an avid traveler always on the move searching for new adventures and I plan to join her in her travels in Tokyo, Japan next 🙂 ✈️????

  167. So lovely! I really would be so interested in the dream big poster because it would give me so much inspiration for the day being able to push my self in my college classes and to save money. My big trip and also dream vacation is going to Copenhagen and London for me London has been somewhere I have been wanting to go for ages and hopefully I keep on saving up my money to travel there. email:

  168. What a fun giveaway!I’m most excited about the map! Im from Hawaii and recently just moved to WA… my husband is in the navy and WA is our first move! I’m excited to explore more and really stoked that I can just drive state to state (something you can’t do in Hawaii obviously haha). Love love love your blog btw!!!

  169. I’m most excited to try the Colourpop because I have been wanting to try their products for awhile now. I have been trying to learn some computer coding and design and that is the new adventure for me. Thank you.
    bookloon at gmail dot com

  170. Hello Sazan! It’s a pleasure to participate in your freebie Friday giveaway. ???? I’d be so excited to try the UD lipstick palette and to win the ‘Dream big’ poster!! It would inspire me even more to travel around the world and to stop having fears about accomplishing big things. The new adventure I’d like to embark on, is saving enough money to travel in a hot air balloon @Cappadocia???? (one of my biggest dreams)
    I truly hope I can win????.
    Thank you very much for doing this Sazan ????
    My email is

  171. How exciting!!! The next adventure I’m embarking on is the marriage life. It might not seem like an adventure to some but it is to me and I see you and Stevie as a great example of that: an exciting and adventurous marriage!

    As cliche as it may sound, I never really win anything, so if I were to win this that would really make my month!!! 🙂 *Finger Crossed*

  172. Hey girl!!!

    I’m excited to try the urban decay lipstick palette because I never wear lipstick! I’m always afraid that because of my darker skin it won’t look good on me and I just never know what colors to choose.
    I love to travel! Omg there is so much I want to see and do. I really want to take Bae to Europe since he’s never been. So hopefully in the near future we have the opportunity and ability to make it across the pond! Thanks girl!
    And I hope you enjoy those soulcycle passes soon! ????????????

  173. I subscribe to your newsletter. The Lafco Protective Hand Cream sounds great. I would like to take my kids to the midwest and show them all the sites.

  174. My favorite item in the giveaway is the candle. I always burn candles at work (I’m at high school teacher) and the students look forward to the seasonal scents. Plus, I think it relaxes not only me, but them (bonus!). The pumpkin pancake mix comes in a close second place. The new adventure I want to go on is to New Zealand. My best friend moved there last year ???? and I haven’t had the chance to go there yet and see her. Looking forward to leaving Pittsburgh in winter and land there during their summer months!



  175. I am most excited to try out the DW Home Richly Sented Apple Honey Butter candle!!! Candle are my thing and I love encorparating smells of the season to make my room more homey and cozy.

    A new adventure that I’m expecting to go on and been anticipating is to Nicaragua ???????? in December for a leaders conference with my dance ministry, In His Steps Dance Ministry. Spreading the gospel and gods love to nations through dance has been one of my biggest dreams!! I hope and pray to embark on this new adventure.

  176. Hi Saz :* thank you for this giveaway <3 I´m so excited to try the Apple Honey Butter Candle i <3 candles and also the Urban Decay lipstick palette <3
    Love you <3

    – Amaris

  177. Heyy Sazan! Absolutely LOVE this fall themed giveaway, my favorite has be to the Dream Big map. It’s just gorgeous. For my next adventure, I’d love to go a trip somewhere with my besties. We’re all currently living in different cities/countries (because ugh, life) and as much fun as the weekly Skype sessions are its just no way near the same as being there with them in person. Speaking of trips, have fun on yours to Dubai! I’ve been there, its amazing! You’re going to love it!<3


  178. I am really excited about the candles!!Your house looks so cozy and warm with them around, would love to try them!

  179. I love fall!I’d be excited to try the honest company falling for you cheek pallet. I’ve entered every give away ???????? lol. #myfavebloggerever ????????????????

    Donna Miranda

  180. Well hello beautiful! First off I Absolutely love fall and this is a wonderful giveaway for the season everything in one. I would love to try the pancake and waffle mix. (Mmmmmmm pumpkin spice) I’d be even more excited to try the candle tho I have to say! The new adventure I’m ready to embark in is just a good vacation with my husband and kids. I want my kids to be able to experience all the family time so they know how important family is and make many memories they can look back on as they get older.


  181. Wow Sazan <3 This all looks so amazing ???? I would absolutely love to win the pancake and waffle mix or Dream Big poster to surprise my mum with. She's been through so much these past few years and deserves a shining light. Love you, Layla

  182. I am excited about the Urban Decay Blackmail Vice Lipstick Palette because I am a big fan of lipsticks and lip glosses. I love trying new colors.

    dlatany at gmail dot com

  183. I love all of these products, it’s so hard for me to choose only one! Right away I gravitate toward the ‘Dream Big’ poster, reason being I recently left my big wig retail corporation to work for a company that saves lives of millions of individuals. I took a big risk in leaving a job I found comfortable and welcoming and I look at that poster with such positivity because it reminds me that I am on my path to following my dream. The adventure I would absolutely love to embark on which incorporates my biggest dream (helping animals) is to spend six weeks in Africa on an elephant reserve in Plettenberg Bay rehabilitating elephants waiting to be released into the wild.
    I would love to learn about the wildlife and learn lessons from the animals about overcoming my fears and taking chances!

  184. I follow you on FB and subscribe! I would love to try out the apple honey butter candle because my house totally needs a fall makeover!

  185. Hi Sazan 🙂
    I just wanted to say I LOVE everything in the giveaway! It has a genuine, personal touch which I really appreciate. My favorite by far is the apple honey butter candle! I go to UT Austin and since you’re a Texan girl, you know how difficult it is to actually experience fall here! I love using candles to spice up the apartment and get ready for holiday season. Plus, I’ve found that lighting candles really helps me de-stress from all the workload that college and work brings.Thank you for everything you do for us; we love ya!


  186. Hey Sazan! Dulce here????????, If I had to choose my fave product from all of these awesome goodies, I would have to go with the Urban Decay Blackmail Vice Lipstick Palette???????????? I love wearing lipstick, but I haven’t tried any Urban Decay lippies. My most recent adventure I would like to do is definitely plan more spontaneous dates with my fiancé. With both of us going to school and work it can be difficult. I signed us up for painting classes and I can’t wait ???????????? Thanks for the awesome giveaway!!!

  187. Lowkey really want that candle. It looks like it would smell amazing when burnt because who doesn’t love apple & honey?
    I hope your weekend is going great Sazan!
    Much love <3

  188. What a wonderful opportunity you have provided with this giveaway. One of us is going to be extremely happy to win these. I would be most excited about the Honest Beauty Limited Edition Falling For You Cheek Palette. I usually use the same cheek color all the time so this palette would give me options to choose from.
    I am sincerely trying to get my life organized again in every way which has been difficult to accomplish. The disorganization causes much stress and steals my joy. This may seem trivial to some but it’s major in my life.
    I’ve subscribed and following on all social media named via instructions.

  189. Hi, Sazan! I would really love to get my hands on Urban decay lipstick palette as I love this brand. And for adventure,I am hoping to visit Mount Abu before the end of this year.
    I have been a follower of you for a long time and absolutely love you & your style, you are so beautiful inside out 🙂

  190. I’m most excited about the candle. I bet it smells amazing! I’m a subscriber and follow on instance @throuthehaze
    I actually already have plans for a new adventure. This winter I will be going on a road trip through some of the southern states ending up in New Orleans.

  191. Hi Sazan!
    Thanks so much for doing the giveaway. I am really excited for the ‘Dream Big’ poster, I think it fits really well with my new adventure of compeleting my masters in Economics. Lots of love! ❤️


  192. I would actually love to try the pumpkin spies pancake and waffle mix :p living in Norway we dont really have much focus on pumpkins and that sort of thing. Though we now have starbucks serving pumkin lattes, so i really want to try that this fall!

  193. Hii Sazan. I love your content, I’m from Macedonia, Europe and many of the products you use are unavailable in shops in my home country and I would love to try them soo much. I love your look and makeup style and I would love to try it for myself. Thank you! <3

  194. hy sazan …. i m bhumika n i am from india …i m ur biggest in indiaactualy m kinda shy grl dats y u wont b seeing me comnting on ur fb orinsta posts …but i really love ..ur journey always inspires me ..mnot a very umm make up person but i watch ol ur makeup tutorials…its 1 a.m midnight n ol i cn think abt is dat i hv snded my frstentry to you fr freebie friday givaways ….i wish i cud see u in prsnbut i think its a dream wich cnnot b fulfiled ..its my brthday on 12oct(acc to indian calender) i hope n i wish dat i vl b getting mybiggest brthday gft on my 21st brthday …n in case mgetting it plz iwant dat world map poster to be autographed by you….i hope ds yearmy wish comes true …thank you so muchbfr inspiring so many ppl lykme out there ….with lots of lovebhumika rainamuuaaaahhhh ♥♥♥

  195. Hello!
    Thanks so much for the giveaway!
    I would love to try any Honest or Urban Decay products, I keep reading how wonderful they are.

    And I would also love to visit Australia. We have family there but its just so far away.

    Thanks again.

  196. Hi, im new to your blog but i’ve been your follower on instagram for as long as i can remember. I would love to try the vice eyeshadow palette as i dont really play around with makeup because i find it really expensive and so i though this would be a good oppurtunity for me to do so.
    Nazia ( @xoxo_nazzz )

  197. I really want to try the Lafco Protective Hand Cream- Orange Blossom Pomegranate and to go to Paris, France.

  198. The product I’m most excited to try is the MAC Mineralize Skinfinish & the new adventure I want to embark on is my marriage (I got married 1 month ago), I am so excited for being on this new grand adventure! =)

    My Instagram is Oohladybegood

    My email:

  199. I’m most excited for the honest beauty palette! The adventure I’m most excited about is getting to marry my best friend and amazing fiancé next year.

  200. Great giveaway! Excited to try out the Urban Decay lipstick palette, looks really wonderful.

    With some extra time on my hands these days I’ve been checking out my baking skills and failing miserably. I’m resolved to keep trying until something comes out edible, haha.

  201. Hey Sazan! Fall is my favorite time of season so I’m excited to try the pancake and waffle mix. It sounds delish! I think the new adventure that I would like to embark on is that of self discovery. Everyone has a lot to learn about themselves and I am at that point in my life where I have found that life is too short to not enjoy every single moment. I’ve always been selfless but now, for the first time, I want to put in a little more effort into taking care of myself as well. Thank you for sharing makeup and style tips–I have definitely learned a thing or two lol. Can’t wait to continue learning!

  202. I would love to have the pancake waffle mix. My hubby is obsessed with that kind of stuff, haha. ALSO, we are currently living in Rome so the Dream Big travel map with remind me of my love for travel when I wake up every morning and just motivate me to keep exploring and seeing new places. Some places on my bucket list are: Greece, Venice, and Thailand.

  203. Hey Saz,
    Once again Thank You for this giveaways, they are awesome. I’m so excited for the poster, it’s fantastic and I already wanted so bad. It’s just hard to look at it and not get motivated, this just reminds me to don’t give up and keep on dreaming big, I can already picture it hanging in my room. ????????
    The new adventure I want to embark on is to go canoeing overnight with my husband, ????????‍♀️ it just sounds fun and romantic, I feel like we need to spend some time together and this is perfect season to do it????????????

  204. I’m looking forward to trying the scented candle – I love candles. I just turned 50, so I’m going to start looking after myself more.

  205. Hey Sazan,

    I am most excited to try the Protective Hand Cream- Orange Blossom Pomegranate. During the winter, I have a severe dry skin problem and would love to have this cream on my work desk to moisturize throughout the day.

    My boyfriend and I love to travel. We visited Asia this summer and explored Vietnam, Cambodia, and Thailand. I recently started a new job and can’t take a vacation for a few months. I am already having severe travel withdrawals, but we’re hoping to experience Spring in Paris this April.

    Would love to win this giveaway. My email is Thanks!

  206. Hi Sazan!! I look forward to the map as i have a serious case of wanderlust. If i could choose anywhere to go right now it would to be Turkey – i have always wanted to visit turkey and see all the unique pieces they have! Best email to be reached at is or

    THANKS for these giveaways – you are awesome!

  207. The Dream Bid Art Print is my fav. I already place yearly goals to visit a new place within the US and to travel to a foreign country every year or at least every other year . This poster will be a great reminder not to forget to book those flights 🙂 Also the honest company cheeck palette would be awesome since I been dying to try their makeup products.

  208. Hi Sazan, This is an amazing giveaway and to be honest, I am not messaging so much about winning it but simply wishing you and your family Happy Thanksgiving. Cannot wait to see your Dubai vlog, I absolute love them, especially when Stevie gets in the picture, you two are so CAYUT!!!! Ps: Rodrigue should totally make an appearance in Dubai, hahaha that will be HALARIOUS!!! Anyways, keeping it short. Ps: that travel map looks pretty dreamy! Get your gobble on in Dubai! <3 xoxo, Konul

  209. Heyyy sazan! Oh my goodness I love autumn time so much, I really want to try the waffle/pancakes ???? And the mac mineralize… but to be honest all of these look amazing!!sending love from Northern Ireland

  210. Hey Sazaan ????
    I looove the things you do and the way you are!
    As I’m a little bit shy with trying new lipcolours, I would really appreciate to win the lip palette, so I could try different colours and find the right one for mee ????
    This fall is very Special for me, because I fell in Love with someone, who really loves me and we are dreaming of all the places, we want to travel to together, so the map Would be great for marking all those places!
    You and your relationship to Stevie really inspires me and I try to live and love as you do!
    All the best from Munich ❤️

  211. Hi Saz, thanks again for an amazing video your the best!! I’m looking forward most to the hand cream because my hand and Nails are so dry in the winter cold!! Also the honey butter because it’s sounds devine! Thanks!

  212. Hi Sazan,

    I would be most excited to try Honest Beauty’s Cheek Palette. I’ve heard good things about Jessica Alba’s beauty line but never got around to trying any of her products. This season my goal is to work hard on my last year of high school but most importantly be nice to myself and not give myself such a hard time whenever things don’t go the way I want them to 🙂

  213. I would love to try alllll the products! ???????? especially the mac skin finisher mineral powder! I am your biggest fan and I love reading all your posts and watching all your videos ! You are my role model and I would be so grateful if you picked me !!
    My email is melissacheca@gmail.con

  214. Hey Saz!
    First Thing that caught my eye was the map! But I’m also super excited for the Vice Lipstick Palette since it gives you so many options. I set myself a new goal to get fitter and feel more comfortable in my body. I wanna make sure that I’m being my possible best, enjoy life and not to worry to much about the small things!
    Love from Germany, Mona xx

  215. I’m most excited about the Urban Decay lip palette 🙂 I’ve set the goal for 2017 to compete in a fitness competition. It’s going to be a big adventure after just having twin girls but I’m really excited to see what I can do!

    Mary.e.gaudet (at) gmail (dot) com

  216. Hi Saz! I feel like we are on a nickname basis like that just because of the experience you share with your followers. I must say, you and Steve are hilarious.

    I would def love to try all the products, but I think that 2 of them are catching my eye. The first, would be the Honest Beauty Limited Edition Falling For You cheek palette. I have recently been slowly transitioning to the Au Natural 🙂 beauty products. I think this would be an awesome opportunity to try something from the beautiful Jessica Alba. The other would be the Pumpkin Spice pancake waffle mix, because who doesn’t like all pumpkin Errthang, plus I’m a fatty, I love to eat.

    The adventure I want to embark on this Fall/year would be to finish my degree in Business and spending time with my children.


  217. Hi Sazan!You are such a great inspiration to all woman! I love you and Stevie with his DIY ???? Super excited about this giveaway since I’m such a simple person. I can’t wait to try out the Honest Beauty cheek palette. The map is also a must, I would love to have it hanging in my new living room. I cannot believe I’m finally moving out of my hometown Texas after 27 years to embark in an adventure as a traveling nurse! Best of luck to you and stevie ????

  218. I’d love to try the Honest Cheek Palate – have been wanting to use that brand for a while, but just haven’t jumped in. Thanks!

  219. Hey Saz! I would love to try the MAC product, Ive always wanted to try one of their products they all look great. The next adventure I want to go on is to give more humanitarian help in Kurdistan. It is such a rush helping others that have lost so much in refugee camps.

  220. Hi Sazan!
    I am super excited about every item in this give away! Fall is by far my favorite season. The weather, colors, and flavors are perfect. I am most excited about the Urban Decay Vice lip pallet. I have been wanting to find bold lip shades to try and the ones in that pallet are beautiful. As far as my next adventure, I am currently saving up for a trip to Thailand. I plan on having an adventure of a lifetime there as soon as I graduate from grad school this year.

    Have a blessed day 🙂


  221. I would love to try the Urban Decay Blackmail Vice Lipstick Palette! For my adventure I am planning my first camping trip with my best friend!

  222. I’m way too excited for the candle!!!
    I really want to go skydiving (maybe twice!!). I love rollercoasters and heights, skydiving is DEF number 1 on my bucket list!

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