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Thank you all for the sweet birthday wishes yesterday! I had the most relaxing day ever. I’m in Texas visiting family for a few more days and thought I would share a fun little birthday post. I came up with 27 things I’ve learned about myself over the years. Don’t judge me for #20.

1. Honesty is the best policy – I used to think telling a little white lie here and there was okay, but the older I’m getting the more I’ve learned that honesty is the best policy. I kept Steve a secret from my parents for years and it was such a hard time. Learning how to be honest with myself was key.
2. I love to cook – ‘Cooking more’ was my New Year’s Resolution last year. It’s safe to say I’ve totally lived up to it and I’m proud of myself. When we’re at home in LA, I cook at least 3 times a week! Stevie loves it. 🙂
3. Babies don’t scare me anymore! – I used to be afraid of having a baby because children annoyed the crap out of me! LOL Now, my baby fever comes and goes, but at least I don’t avoid kids anymore. ha!
4. I definitely can’t stand scary movies – When I was younger, I loved watching scary movies, but now there’s no way I would sit through one. I think they’re so silly and who would pay to get scared? No thank you.
5. Still a soda lover – I’ll drink a soda once a week. Coke is my favorite!!!!
6. It’s ok to enjoy yourself – I’ve learned to celebrate life more over the years. It’s too short not to!
7. I’m a big dog person – I used to be terrified dogs (LOL). I didn’t grow up with pets so it was uncomfortable when dogs would run up to me outside. I never understood why. Over the years, I’ve fell in love with some sweet furry pups and that’s when I decided to get one of my own. SWEETIE! I’ll never forget the day Steve surprised me.
8. I’m a better listener – Learning to listen definitely requires some work! In the past it was always easier for me to speak out than to quietly listen. I’m a lot better at balancing the two.
9. Just relax (well, still learning this) – I’ve never been someone who has enjoyed “relaxing”. I like staying busy, but recently I’ve been so exhausted that I’ve had no choice! I’m finally a Netflix junkie and can relax without being on my phone.
10. A thing or two about contouring! – Let’s just say I’ve learned a thing or two.
11. My husband is my best friend – You guys knew this 😉
12. Giving back more than ever – and I love it. 🙂 Whether it’s Freebie Fridays or surprising children in need – I want this year to be filled with SAZPRISES.
13. I’m addicted to working out – in a healthy way, I promise. 🙂
14. LA made me more genuine – Los Angeles is a tough cookie. Some people lose their heart in a big city, but I found mine.
15. God loves me – So happy I found God and drew closer to Him in college.
16. I value my culture – I’ve never been more proud of who I am and where my people came from. #BijiKurdistan
17. Grateful for my roots (literally)– I used to hate my curly hair, but now it’s one of my favorite things about me.
18. Flying in airplanes isn’t so bad – Ask Stevie. I used to be terrified of airplanes, but after 189382283 flights and knowing I’m still alive, It’s all good now! 😉
19. I’m a horrible freestyler – but I do it anyway.
20. Chipotle – is my LIFE.
21. My tooth chips…a lot – My front tooth always chips and it’s so annoying getting it fixed!
22. Thank God for Friends – Hashtag #Blessed
23. I’m a horrible driver – still can’t navigate.
24. I love Coupons – even though I forget to use them.
25. I’m a lot like my mom! – I mean this in the best way, Bay! 😉
26. Checked off several bucket list travels – New Zealand, Paris, Italy, London, Alaska, and DUBAI + Israel SOON!!!!
27. Ummm – I’m still not a morning person.
Thanks again for the sweet birthday wishes. Love you all so much!!

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  1. Happy Birthday, Sazan!! Thanks for sharing this list with us! I love hearing from other married couples that their spouse is their best friend. I feel the same way about my husband!

  2. #21 My front tooth also chips a lot but I’ve never fixed it. Do you have veneers now or what to you do to fix it?

  3. You should visit both Palestine and Israel! Wait until next summer so I can come see you! I am from Bethlehem! I am also a big fan!

    1. Exactly, visit both. I’m from Ramallah and I love you so much. Would be really happy If I see you!!! <3 much love..

  4. Happy birthday, Sazan! It was so fun to read through this post. You seem to be in such a great place in life at 27 – a complete inspiration. Best wishes <3

  5. Hi SAZ! I love this and so great to learn more about you! I hope you enjoyed your birthday, from one Libran to another; mine is today! ????

  6. I can’t even say how much I love your blog and your videos! You are just so inspiring. Your BYOB videos were amazing. I found power and courage to start my own blog. And even though it’s not perfect, I am just sooo proud of myself. I was waiting so long to do it. And now I started to make my dream come true. Finally! I hope that one day, I will be able to motivate someone just like you motivated me.

    Hugs from Poland!

  7. Hi Sazan,
    Omg I love drinking Coke too! <3 twins 🙂 I am a really big fan of yours and you inspired me to want to try blogging. You make it seems so fun because you are so pretty and stylish! And I am so similar to you about #20 as well. I have been into eating Chipotle too lately!
    Love you <3
    IG: nadslania

  8. It’s occupied Palestine and not Israel, please. We struggle every single day. I advise you guys to visit the West bank, for we can not move!! PLEASE DO, WE LOVE YOU. Forever my fave <3

  9. I did some research and found out your birthday is October 2. Mine is October 7th. Like you, I’m happily married to the cowboy of my dreams and in an “interracial marriage.” You’re such an inspiration to an older gal like me and I LOVE your youtube skin care/makeup videos. Have learned a lot from you. Congrats on your various trips–I definitely recommend Israel. Loved your interview with Shae Wilbur on People Who Inspire. All the best Sazan and keep up the great work. You really do inspire me!

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