27 Things I’ve Learned About Myself

Lifestyle Relationships | October 3, 2016


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Thank you all for the sweet birthday wishes yesterday! I had the most relaxing day ever. I’m in Texas visiting family for a few more days and thought I would share a fun little birthday post. I came up with 27 things I’ve learned about myself over the years. Don’t judge me for #20.

1. Honesty is the best policy – I used to think telling a little white lie here and there was okay, but the older I’m getting the more I’ve learned that honesty is the best policy. I kept Steve a secret from my parents for years and it was such a hard time. Learning how to be honest with myself was key.
2. I love to cook – ‘Cooking more’ was my New Year’s Resolution last year. It’s safe to say I’ve totally lived up to it and I’m proud of myself. When we’re at home in LA, I cook at least 3 times a week! Stevie loves it. 🙂
3. Babies don’t scare me anymore! – I used to be afraid of having a baby because children annoyed the crap out of me! LOL Now, my baby fever comes and goes, but at least I don’t avoid kids anymore. ha!
4. I definitely can’t stand scary movies – When I was younger, I loved watching scary movies, but now there’s no way I would sit through one. I think they’re so silly and who would pay to get scared? No thank you.
5. Still a soda lover – I’ll drink a soda once a week. Coke is my favorite!!!!
6. It’s ok to enjoy yourself – I’ve learned to celebrate life more over the years. It’s too short not to!
7. I’m a big dog person – I used to be terrified dogs (LOL). I didn’t grow up with pets so it was uncomfortable when dogs would run up to me outside. I never understood why. Over the years, I’ve fell in love with some sweet furry pups and that’s when I decided to get one of my own. SWEETIE! I’ll never forget the day Steve surprised me.
8. I’m a better listener – Learning to listen definitely requires some work! In the past it was always easier for me to speak out than to quietly listen. I’m a lot better at balancing the two.
9. Just relax (well, still learning this) – I’ve never been someone who has enjoyed “relaxing”. I like staying busy, but recently I’ve been so exhausted that I’ve had no choice! I’m finally a Netflix junkie and can relax without being on my phone.
10. A thing or two about contouring! – Let’s just say I’ve learned a thing or two.
11. My husband is my best friend – You guys knew this 😉
12. Giving back more than ever – and I love it. 🙂 Whether it’s Freebie Fridays or surprising children in need – I want this year to be filled with SAZPRISES.
13. I’m addicted to working out – in a healthy way, I promise. 🙂
14. LA made me more genuine – Los Angeles is a tough cookie. Some people lose their heart in a big city, but I found mine.
15. God loves me – So happy I found God and drew closer to Him in college.
16. I value my culture – I’ve never been more proud of who I am and where my people came from. #BijiKurdistan
17. Grateful for my roots (literally)– I used to hate my curly hair, but now it’s one of my favorite things about me.
18. Flying in airplanes isn’t so bad – Ask Stevie. I used to be terrified of airplanes, but after 189382283 flights and knowing I’m still alive, It’s all good now! 😉
19. I’m a horrible freestyler – but I do it anyway.
20. Chipotle – is my LIFE.
21. My tooth chips…a lot – My front tooth always chips and it’s so annoying getting it fixed!
22. Thank God for Friends – Hashtag #Blessed
23. I’m a horrible driver – still can’t navigate.
24. I love Coupons – even though I forget to use them.
25. I’m a lot like my mom! – I mean this in the best way, Bay! 😉
26. Checked off several bucket list travels – New Zealand, Paris, Italy, London, Alaska, and DUBAI + Israel SOON!!!!
27. Ummm – I’m still not a morning person.
Thanks again for the sweet birthday wishes. Love you all so much!!



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