Pupdate: Sweetie is Getting Spayed Today


I just dropped Sweetie off at the vet and as ridiculous as this might sound – I am emotional about it. She’s getting spayed today and it’s a decision we’ve been dreading for months.
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I realized there’s pros and cons to every decision in life. I did tons of research and called her breeder for advice, and finally came to the conclusion that we need to get her fixed. Our vet said that in Sweetie’s case it’s better to do it now at 7 months instead of waiting because she’s such a big girl and soon entering her heat phase. The longer we wait, the higher the risk of complications during surgery. I also kept thinking about things like: her period arriving, the male dogs in our neighborhood, and of course – our lifestyle. We travel a lot for work so if we decided not to spay her until 15 months, it would be hard. The last thing I want is coming home to a pregnant puppy!!
I hope I made the right choice for her. Part of me feels bad, like I’m responsible for her never getting to be a mom to her puppies. My eyes water when I think about it. I know many of you out there have dogs and have probably faced a similar situation. Any advice? I feel like such a mom because Sweetie is totally my baby. I want her to be healthy and happy – always.
I can’t wait to pick her up later this evening and give her cone head lots of treats and big ‘ole kisses. #spoiled She really is the sweetest dog and a wonderful blessing in my life.
golden, retriever, sweetie hendrix, sazan, hendrix, cutest puppies, sweetie, spay, sprayed, when to, tips, advice, female dog, golden retriever facts, lifestyle, blogger
P.S. We took this photo yesterday in our backyard. Our next door neighbor’s husky Carly is the same age as Sweetie and they are best friends. Carly is also getting spayed on Friday so we wanted to set up a last minute play date for them. SO CUTE!!!
And since it’s Thursday and we all love Sweetie, here are some cute throwback pics. I can’t believe she’s already 58 pounds and still growing. She’s definitely more hyper than ever, but its okay because she’s the most loving, cuddly creature on the planet.
golden, retriever, sweetie hendrix, sazan, hendrix, cutest puppies, sweetie, spay, sprayed, when to, tips, advice, female dog, golden retriever facts, lifestyle, blogger
golden, retriever, sweetie hendrix, sazan, hendrix, cutest puppies, sweetie, spay, sprayed, when to, tips, advice, female dog, golden retriever facts, lifestyle, blogger
golden, retriever, sweetie hendrix, sazan, hendrix, cutest puppies, sweetie, spay, sprayed, when to, tips, advice, female dog, golden retriever facts, lifestyle, blogger
Thanks for letting me vent guys. Happy almost Friday!

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    1. Hello Saz! Love all your blogs! I have a fur baby that’s a golden too. I’ve had her now for 11 years. She is pure love, just pure love. I had my baby girl spayed at 6 months, and she recovered nicely. Sweetie won’t be quite herself for a few days, but before you know she’ll be right back in action. Wishing her a speedy recovery! 🙂

      1. Don’t feel bad!! I always wish I could see my kitty as a mommy because shes so sweet and nurturing but the fact of the matter is that cats are dogs are so overpopulated that so many are being put down every day because there just aren’t homes for them. 🙁 I know the commenter above said that its just a little more attention but its not just a little… it’ll be 6 more mini-sweeties without a guarantee of a future. You did the right responsible thing!Sweetie will be all healed in no time and won’t remember a thing! xo

        1. Yes totally agree with Irene. The overpopulation of shelters and rescues is REAL and we need to take every step we can to reduce these numbers! Sweetie is happy, healthy and loved and that’s the most important thing!

    1. Absolutely not. SO many perfectly healthy, loving dogs like Sweetie sit in shelters for months or years, some only days, only to be killed bc people choose to go to a breeder over adopting. The LAST thing we need is anymore dogs! Dogs dying while people breed is just greed, plain and simple. For anyone who disagrees, I highly suggest spending time in a public animal shelter and watching a dog walk to the euthanasia room.

  1. Got my Lab/Pit mix spayed at 5 months, and honestly, I wish we had done it at 4 months! We had to carry her up and down 3 flights of stairs EVERY time she had to go potty (no stair climbing allowed for the first week ago – don’t wanna risk tearing any stitches). She was so heavy! 50lbs doesn’t seem like much until you have to carry it up/down stairs multiple times a day.

    Also, puppies are so hyper, so as soon as the meds wore off, all she wanted to do was jump and play. It was tough getting her to stay calm, and she HATED the cone around her neck. Ugh. All these memories are making me antsy all over again, lol. It was a tough phase, but it’s nice to not have to worry about her getting knocked up, and now she’s allowed to go to doggie day care, so that’s great.

    Sweetie will be fine! Very sluggish the first day or so, but she won’t know the difference 😉

  2. Aww I know that feeling.. I had to have my guy neutered but it’s a good decision overall and has a lot of positives than negatives!! He came back home with the cone collar and kept giving me these looks and pointing toward his privates and I felt like he was blaming me , it was horrible 🙁 hard decision but something that has to be done …

  3. Even though she is getting spayed, if you ever decide to get another puppy she could be an adoptive mom 🙂 You haven’t totally taken away that experience from her if you choose to get another dog sometime 🙂

  4. She really is beyond adorable! Isn’t it amazing how much they love us!? You’re doing a great job loving her back, Saz! Wishing for a speedy recovery for pretty little Sweetie! I just wanna squeeze her! Xoxo!????

  5. Shes such a cute dog???? i feel you did make the right decision???? its way more responsibility, and you are a busy person. Best wishes to you ????

  6. It’s good you spayed her when you did! We spayed our baby as soon as we got her around 4 months old. It’s better to spay/neuter your pets as it protects them from cancers in their reproductive organs! Plus there’s so many abused and abandoned animals in shelters already there’s no need to have anymore puppies if you don’t want them. It’s better than letting her have them then having to take some away ????

  7. Hey Sazan!

    I struggled with my decision to neuter our puppy Malcom. The vet told us to wait till he was between 9mos and a year. As soon as he just the 9 month mark my husband was asking when we were going to bite the bullet and do it. I kept pushing it back and pushing it back till finally my husband said “Look I know this is hard for you but it’s important that we get Malcom neutered and healed before we are out of the country.”

    I finally called the vet and made the appointment expecting it to be a month out for scheduling. They had an opening with Malcom’s doctor the next day ????. I wasn’t prepared either and I cried super hard dropping him off.

    He is all healed now and back to his playful self. ???????? A little bit of info from one fur mommy to another: Be prepared for your little Sweetie to cry a bit when you bring her home. Malcom cried a lot that first day. I was so worried he was in pain, but the vet assured me that it’s typically a side effect of the anesthesia and if they are in pain they will have trouble get comfy and staying relaxed. Just wanted to share some wisdom that I wish I’d had when I brought our little guy home. I hope Sweetie feels better. Xo

  8. Sweetie is so ADORABLE- I always show my husband her pictures, he says Parker (our pup) is going to get jealous. We have a golden as well, we didn’t get her spayed until 10 months (she is smaller and that’s what the vet recommended). We don’t have children yet (in 5 weeks we will. LOL) so Parker is our little baby and it was the HARDEST thing to see her go through! She was knocked out for the rest of the day which is not like her, so just prepare yourself for that. Otherwise, I think you are making a good decision, you really have to have the right house/property to breed dogs. They are the cutest puppies in the world, so I know its hard. Best of luck and to a speedy recovery. 🙂

  9. My husband and I rescued a purebred Husky from a terrible family, he was 5 months old with severe anxiety, he couldn’t be left alone (the previous family left him in the crate all day, not walking him, nothing). He also had two types of worms, one of them was harder to cure than the other. To top it all off he also had really bad fleas, it took my husband and mother in law almost 6 months to complete rid him of fleas, (I was in a wheelchair at the time so couldn’t physically do it). They charged us sooo much for the puppy, but it was all worth it, he has always been a little naughty, in the cute way, and we slowly started leaving him at home alone. Really really slowly, literally 30 minutes at a time. When we got him, 5 months old, he was already neutered. We were upset that it happened at such a young age, that can be bad for them. But he’s awesome, handsome, naughty, and the most loving, overprotective puppy I’ve ever met! I couldn’t imagine a second of my life without him.

  10. To me, there is no other option than to spay or neuter your dog. There are hundreds of thousands of homeless dogs in the world, making adoption and the prevention of more homeless puppies and dogs so so crucial. So good choice!! And soon enough, sweetie will forget all about this day 😉

  11. IT’s the best decision. In my case, we spayed our little girl because she had pyometra just after her first period. So she had an emergency surgery for saving her. We were still deciding while this happened, but all this situation made me realize that I love her SOOOO much that I just can’t stand the idea of her suffering through labor .

  12. Unless you were planning on breeding her, spaying/neutering is one of the best decisions for dogs. Not only does it prevent overpopulation but it also helps nip aggressive behavior (in males), and prevents problems with reproductive organs (tumors, infections, among others). My pup was a rescued and she was spayed at 6 months. She is super healthy and happy!

  13. Awww, don’t feel bad, it’s one of the greatest thing you can do for Sweetie. Female dogs getting spayed can live a longer and healthier life. And that’s the exact choice we want in our dogs, unless the choice is to have her have puppies.

    You have made the best choice, Sweetie will not be hurt, she’ll get over the pinch in about 2 days. She’ll be just fine! 🙂

    I am always happy and feel warmhearted at the love a human can give to our furry domestic animals. It’s such a grand gesture that will never be forgotten . . . Especially in these innocent eyes! 🙂

    La Bijoux Bella | by mia

  14. Don’t worry Sazan!???? Regarding your lifestyle and busy work schedule, you did the right thing. We neutered our toy poodle due to moving around a lot + travelling, and we didn’t want him to find certain objects around the house… And, well you know. My sister and I felt the same way but it’s honestly for the better. Having one dog and finding a place for him/her to stay (when bringing them isn’t an option) is already hard enough, so I can’t imagine having an additional half a dozen little furry bodies. Hope Sweetie has a speedy recovery and God bless!

  15. Hi Sazan!
    I know how you feel. My Sofia is the sweetest dog in the world and she would have been a great mommy, BUT I don’t regret our decision to spay her. On the bright side, she is AMAZING with our son and has the most wonderful bond with him! She protects him, plays with him, cuddles with him and every night before my husband and I go to sleep, she sneaks into his room and gives him a little lick!

    I can TOTALLY see Sweetie being a great mommy when you have little ones!

  16. You did good!! I got my puppy neutered at 6 months old. I researched it sooo much and felt really bad initially, but an article I read pointed out that if you don’t plan on breeding your dog and you don’t get them fixed, then you are really not letting them act on their natural sexual instincts and that’s really bad for them. By fixing them you prevent those urges and therefore they are far less likely to develop behavior issues, anxiety, or aggression because of it. That helped me feel so much better about the decision!

  17. You made the right decision in spaying, people get so caught up in the idea of wanting their pets to be a parent at least once but it honestly makes no difference to them. I deal with this every day at my job and giving the whole speech on why you should spay/neuter your pets ;p ,However, young dogs recover fairly quickly so need to worry, normally about 10 days or so and they’re back to normal. (: she’s very cute btw❤️

  18. I know how you feel! I also have a golden retriever, I also struggled with that decision when she was a puppy. I decided to do it and I’m so happy i did! When I picked her up from the vet he told me she was full of cyst and if I hadn’t taken her in she would have developed cancer in a matter of 5 months. So I was pretty happy with my decision, now she’s 9 1/2 and healthy 🙂 so always be happy with making decions that you feel are right.

  19. Hey Saz!
    I totally felt so awful about this when I spayed my sweet Harley girl too. The worst part is seeing them all sad and sleepy post surgery! ???? BUT, I think I made the right decision and after a little while you’ll stop feeling so bad about it. She knows her momma would never do anything but what’s best for her! And she loves you!

  20. Hoping she has a speedy recovery! I felt the same way when we got our German Shepherd puppy fixed when she was about 6 months old. I felt so conflicted and guilty about taking away her ability to be a mama. It made me tear up too (obsessed dog-mom probs!) But, there are so many benefits to spaying your pup. Plus we live in an apartment and there is no way we could of raised a herd of German Shepherd puppies!You did the right thing, just keep loving your pup and she will be happy to be your baby forever! P.S.Hope Sweetie’s recovery goes smoother than Luna’s (our dog) did. The day we brought her home from surgery we had multiple tornado warnings and sirens going off and kept having to pull her into the bathtub for safety! lol She’s 16 months old now and feeling happy as ever!

  21. My golden, Penelope, just got spayed yesterday! I was definitely feeling a little momma guilt when we dropped her off. Part of me knew that if she was ever a momma I would never be able to give up the pups and I would end up with golden retrievers running all over the house! Hoping for a quick recovery for both our girls!!

  22. When my poodle Marley ran away from home, and I found him at a local shelter I was so relieved and crying because he means the world to me and I thought I lost him. It was then at this point that I decided to neuter him. I did so mostly because he was extremely hyper as a puppy and I knew making this decision would calm him down some. He is now a lovely 6 year old poodle who completes our family and we are so happy with the decision we made. I know it’s sad to think you took away their chance of being a parent but you did it for the best.

  23. So happy you got her spayed and wishing her a quick recovery! Slightly upset that she’s a breeder dog though. There are so many amazing full bred golden retrievers in shelters or with rescue groups needing a home 🙁

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