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Did you guys know that this blog is what started it all for me? Sometimes I have to stop myself and think about how far it’s come. My favorite part about the blogging world is getting to connect with YOU – my loyal readers that I’m forever grateful for.

A big part of my life that you don’t always get to see is the ‘behind the scenes’ stuff. You know, the part where I mention there’s a team of people who keep this thing alive with me! I’ve received so many emails and messages from you guys wondering how this all works. I love that you’re fascinated! I was too when I dipped into this space. I had a lot of questions and I’m sure you’re wondering the same. I decided I want to start doing more FAQ’s (frequently asked questions*) blog posts because they’re fun! lol! If you’d like, leave a question or two below in the comments and I’ll be sure to answer them in future FAQS! This first one is going to be about my company’s infrastructure. Did she say company? Keep reading…
Q: Would you consider what you do a business? Please explain.
For the longest time, I didn’t know what to call all of this. It was all fun and games until the IRS came after me. I’M TOTALLY JOKING I SWEAR. In all seriousness, my blog is in a position I’ve always dreamed of. I took a chance with this ‘hobby’ and today it’s my full-time gig. It’s more than a job – it’s my life. I’ve always been fascinated by the digital space and how the internet connects us to the entire world. For me, it was an opportunity to be open and honest with little to no censorship. I fell into it at the perfect time and I truly am grateful for that. This is a new wave of advertising with the term ‘digital influencer’ being a new job title. Being myself and sharing things I’m passionate about for a living is pretty cool. And to answer your question, I can only speak for my own blog when I say it is a full-time running business. Sazan LLC – what, what.
Q: Do you have a team? If so, can you explain how it works?
In the 4 years since I started doing this – I did it all on my own for 2.5 years of it. Prior to bringing Stevie on board in 2014, we hired another full-time employee last year who happens to be my sister-in-law Brittany! Brittany filters through all of the emails in my inbox (we receive like a 100 a day), she communicates back and forth with clients and brands, organizes company meetings, forwards contracts, and organizes my entire schedule. I remember doing all of this on my own and I do not miss it one bit. ha! Having Britt and Stevie has really helped me focus on YOU and has allowed me to expand in new areas.
Q: Are you signed with an agency?
I’m not exclusive to any agencies. I’ve been approached by many but I’ve purposely kept everything in-house because that’s how I like it. 😉 About 6 months ago, Stevie and I were really lucky to meet Barrett Wissman through a mutual friend. He is my current manager and business partner. The first time I met him I compared him to a shark from my fave show Shark Tank! He really gets this world in a way that I don’t – and has a resume to prove it. I’ve always dreamed of having someone like Barrett to help me accomplish new and exciting things. I’m very happy with the decision I made and you’ll know why in a few months. 🙂
Q: Does your blog have tech support and do you recommend it?
Chloe Digital (based in London) handles the tech-side and backend of my blog. They are AWESOME. Before them, my website crashed A LOT, my widgets were all out of whack and things were a sloppy mess (basically). Thanks to them, my blog’s reach has totally increased a ton. Not only do they make sure my blog is running 27/4 (fast and smooth for you guys!) but they also help me dive into analytics every month to see what blog posts you guys loved the most. I jump on calls with them often to stay informed which helps me come up with better blog posts for my audience. In case you’re wondering…relationships and personal posts are #1 right now. 🙂
Q: Do bloggers really have lawyers?
Not all, but some. I sure do! I AIN’T TRYING TO GO TO JAIL. lol jk. Many bloggers don’t have lawyers because hiring the right one is hard to find! It was challenging when it came time to find one that understood this space and all the terminology that comes with it. By the grace of God (and thanks to my awesome friend RayeRaye!) we found Ashley Villa. She is the best! Before I can agree to anything, a contract has to go through her for review. She understands the digital space and what I stand for so it’s a perfect situation. She is our little bull-dog (seriously she’s like 5 foot but hella fierce). We love you Ash. haha
Q: How do you decide whether to take paid opportunities and sponsored ads? How often do you decline?
For me, being a “Digital Influencer” means so much more than just painting a pretty picture and making loads of money. We’re living in a hashtag #Ad obsessed world right now and I get why so many people are annoyed by it. To be completely honest, I have declined more paid opportunities than I’ve accepted in the past year alone. If you really want to know – I’ve declined single deals that could pay a year’s rent in LA. Why? If I’m not a fan of the product – I’m not doing it. Period. Never compromise who you are for what you want to achieve. My relationship with my audience is far more rich than any deal that comes through my inbox. I love being a part of opportunities that I’m excited about and can actually recommend to my friends (a.k.a. you!) If you ever see a #ad on my social media posts or a “This was sponsored by…” disclaimer, you can trust that yes I’m getting paid to provide a service – but I’m proud of the partnership and very much into it. That’s a promise! I learned this 2 years ago when I thought being a blogger meant doing anything and everything. No thank ya! I’m telling you this why? In today’s internet-obsessed world – authenticity is hard to find.  If you’re an aspiring blogger reading this, I hope this encourages you to say “NO” sometimes. Success comes from doing things you’re passionate about it. You guys are key players in my journey and the reason I stay motivated.
Q: When is your next public speaking engagement or meet-up?
Not gonna lie, I totally threw this question in here. ha! BUT I’M EXCITED because I’m going to be on the next BWBLA panel on July 31st! I hope you guys can make it out if you live in the LA area – more info here. It’s going to be a lot of fun!!! 🙂
K. That’s the gist of how everything works over here at Sazan.me. I hope you enjoyed this FAQS insight into what makes this operation tick 🙂 It’s amazing how when you let go of something, it can flourish.  This blog has always been my baby, but it’s been incredible bringing on a team of people who have made it even better. Thank you to them and to all of you for your continued support. I am very aware that none of this would be possible without you guys. Love you more than you will ever know!!! *Don’t forget to leave any questions you have for me in the comments box below!

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  1. Love this post Sazan. I’ve been following your journey for some time and your growth has been amazing. Where do you credit most of your blog reader growth from? Instagram or Youtube channel?

  2. Hey! I have two questions Saz… Wait I think I have more now that I’m think of it

    1. When are all the subscribers going to have a ice cream party? Jk jk

    Okay real questions!
    1) What is your favourite bible verse?
    2) How do you try and stay humble while being so popular!
    3) What would you tell your younger self?
    Thanks in advance for answering!

  3. This was such a helpful post! Thank you so much. My question would be.. When did you feel like you made it? Like you could make a living out of blogger? Thanks again!

    Much Love, Shey

  4. I go to university in the same town that you did! When you were attending, what did you think you were gonna do in the future?

  5. I love that you’re original! I’m from South Africa and have been running my blog for the past 4 years. It was this year I decided to go full-time and Im really hoping it pays off especially since blogging isn’t a huge thing in South Africa. Non-the-less, trying to monetize it is pretty tough and the whole backend of the whole website and digital SEO’s what what is like another language to me. lol… Thanks for this… It shows I’m headed in the right direction ❤️

    1. I’ve been there 🙂 Keep the hard up, learn as much as you can, stay focused, and be your #1 fan! – I promise it will pay off! Mwah! Xo

  6. Hey Saz, love the post! A few questions though:
    1) how are you doing, and how do you feel today?
    2) when you first started, did you tag the brands you were using? Or do you believe in no free advertising?

    Haifa (say heyyyyy then add a fa) lol

  7. I think personalized posts and relationship ones are definitely the way to go, I honestly find them so much more interesting than beauty/fashion ones! My question is:
    1. What do you suggest for up and coming bloggers to do to help get their blog to the next level? Are there any tips/suggestions on growing the audience?
    I just started blogging last November and would love to see it grow, but how did you do it?

  8. That’s such a cool idea – please more of those FAQ, hah! Thanks for this post Sazan! And it really gives an idea how that “big-blog-thing” is working. Also, thanks for being always honest – that’s not quite the norm nowadays, so we appreciate it a lot!
    xx Anna & Vanessa

  9. Hey Sazan! Thank you for answering so many of the questions that I have swirling around in my head specifically regarding the team and management behind a blog 🙂 You can tell your authenticity in every post and video so I’m not surprised to hear that you reject deals that don’t feel true to you. Thank you for always being so honest with your readers. Know that it is appreciated 🙂 xoxo

  10. You inspire me so much Sazan! I am in the beginning stages of setting up my own blog, something I’ve been dreaming about for so long now, and this post has helped me so much!! Thank you!

  11. FINALLY! I have SO been waiting for this post!I am just about to begin my blogger journey and reading this was so helpful! I definitely have some things you mentioned above to add to my checklist! I can’t wait to hear more!

    Thank you!!

    1. Also, I am interested how you started out and the steps that were taken compared to what you have grown into and earned now. How did you budget in new clothing items in your expenses?

      I’m just beginning my journey into this world and the biggest question is, how am I going to afford this starting out.

  12. Love how much you share with us. It’s so interesting to read. Can’t believe just how much does into it, but you make it so effortless which I love. I’m still finding my path (having a career chance). Blogging might be my next adventure.

  13. Sazan you seriously inspire me-i love how genuine you are. I know the Lord has gifted you for a purpose girl, thanks for sharing! Mwah!

  14. Love this post – I’m encouraged to start a journey also!
    What was the hardest part of starting this journey of yours?

  15. Hi Sazan! I’m such a big fan of your blog! It keeps me motivated because I’ve watched your success and I know it is purely from hard work. However, it is difficult to keep motivated when my blog is not growing at a rate I want it to, did you ever feel like this? How did you progress when you felt this way? X

  16. Dear Sazan,
    you seriously inspire me – thanks a lot for sharing this FAQs with us. I am from Germany and follow your journey since I stumbled over your instagram account more than a year ago. Thank you for not only sharing the “glamorous life” but also how your business keeps running. I think this candor makes you more authentic, pleasant and smart than many others in the blogger world. And it keeps me motivated: You can reach everything you want until you work for it!!

    I also have to questions:
    1) Did you ever feel like: “Well, I can’t / won’t do this “online stuff” anymore – I’ll drop this plan and start something else.” If yes: When and why?
    2) Stevie and you live and work together. Is it boon and bane? Which moments do you (not) love about working with your husband?

    Thanks again for sharing your journey with us! xoxo, Janina

  17. hey saz! so im probably one of your #1 fans who screen shots pictures of your outfits and gets inspired by your wedding deets. im from srilanka- born in the middle east, and i started my blog maybe 6 months ago and nothing makes me happier than clicking on the ‘post’ button after uploading a post. im hoping my blog goes a long way someday! keep inspiring me sazan <3
    please do drop by and look at it:) theoverdressedbambina.wordpress.com

  18. Saw this linked in your newsletter and HAD too click on it! I’m glad I did! This was so interesting and made me respect you 100x more than I already did🙌🏽

  19. This post was awesome, thanks Sazan! I’ve been a long time follower of your blog and YT channel. I’m so happy to see the growth of both platforms. Thanks for being so relatable and positive!

  20. Hey Sazan!

    I found your blog/instagram last year and i wish i had found you way before that! I really feel so motivated and inspired when I look at your posts on social media. What you said about the brands you are passionate about are the ones you work with – i totally agree! I had first started working with random brands and learned that i didnt even know what to write about them because i can’t relate to their product or focus, then i said to myself that I will only write about products I love.

    Anyways I started blogging 2 years ago. Im no where near where you are. But what motivates me to keep going is seeing you and how great your blog and travels are.

    keep inspiring!
    my best,

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