A Cozy Friday Night In (and a recap!)


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(Above: HomeGoods Candle, Geary’s Snack Tray, Bottega Louie Macarons, Farmacy face mask, Geary’s champagne glass)

It’s Friday, and honestly… I am ready for a nap. Before I hit the snooze button all weekend long, I want to update you on a few ‘life’ things and share some tips for unwinding.
But first… My reaction when our friends try to make plans on a Friday night.
LOL! But really.
Sometimes the best way to celebrate the weekend is by have a cozy Friday night in. It might sound boring (especially if you’re in college), but when you’re part of the working world, sometimes planned relaxation is what you need! We had family in town and stayed out late nights last weekend, so tonight I’ll be taking a bubble bath, drinking some tea, and turning off my phone. I highly recommend it 🙂
Everything has been so crazy lately! Here’s a little recap of the past couple weeks:
• My team is in the process of planning a very special launch for this summer (stay tuned!!), so that’s been exciting and also exhausting- but I can’t wait to share with you guys!
• Family has been in town- my cousin Lo was with us for 3 months but just went back to Sweden on Tuesday 🙁 It’s so sad every time she leaves! She’s definitely a big part of the LA fam.
• We just got back from Vegas – did y’all know I’m pretty good at blackjack? Let’s just say I’ll be going shopping. Soon.
• Sweetie is potty training- she’s doing so so well but when people come into the house and she gets too excited, she pees lol. We had a shoot at our house today and she peed the second our guests walked into the house! Any tips on that? It’s a new thing she started doing.. #workinprogress
• I finally uploaded a new video to my channel and it’s my Instagram Q&A video. It’s super relaxed. I shot it on the big comfy couch.
• Stevie and I are trying to get on our workout/meal plan grind- side note: I MISS CHICK-FIL-A SO MUCH. However, I already feel healthier and am noticing a change in my body. It’ll be worth it when I’m laying out on the beach and I’m feeling so good!! I’ll keep y’all updated 🙂
Okay so If there’s been a lot going on for you like there has been for me, take some time to get cozy with the couch. If you’ve been working out all week, take a night off to treat your body right. Paint your toenails, get a massage, catch up on the first episode of the Bachelorette (I’m hooked). Do whatever you need to do to relax.
Cheers everyone! And Happy Memorial Day to all my fellow American readers. Relaxxxxx 🙂
P.S Memorial Day Snack Ideas + Pajamas for Vacations
xo, Saz

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  1. Hi Sazan, I love Macarons 🙂
    Lately I have been planning out my career options and I must say it is a jungle. Like I am 24 and I still have not figured out what I want to do. So lately I have been digging deep into many careers and I have wide interests. Anyways, tonight is definitely my relaxation night too, I’ll probably having a cup of tea with my favourite banana loaf and some peaceful meditation <3

  2. Saz, did you mean to leave in the sentence in between the astricks after your blackjack sentence? Or am I missing something.

  3. Love this!! Couldn’t agree with you more!! My hubby and I have been so on the go as well and he works full time at
    One job and has his own graphic and web design business and I work
    Full time as well and am also launching my blog soon! Phew!!It is a lot of work but so worth it and a little R&R is def much needed! Have a great weekend my love and relax!! Looking forward to tomorrow’s chat on fb!!

    J ????

  4. Yes! I love staying home with my husband and my 2 fur babies. Both of our schedules are so busy that staying in and laying on the sofa watching Friends is a must for us at least once a week.

  5. Had to leave a comment in case you’re still having issues with Sweetie’s “excitement” pee! I had the same exact problem with my puppy but this worked for me so thought I would share the tip 🙂 Whenever guests come in, have them ignore her instead of petting her immediately or making baby sounds at her. Literally have them come in the door and make no noises towards her until a few minutes have passed and the excitement has died down. It’ll take a second to make it routine, but eventually Sweetie should understand that people coming in and out is normal and nothing to get “excited” about 🙂
    Hope this helps!

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