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Did you ever think you’d see the day when riding in cars with strangers, having dinner delivered to your doorstep, and the best one – finding Mr. Right through a little swipe on a dating app would be an actual thing? I’ve personally always wished that dating could revert back to the innocent old days of sitting in a booth talking about silly things and eating ice cream. Unfortunately that’s not the nature of first dates anymore. Dating apps are taking over the single world. Read more..
Think about it.  Do you remember when chatting with strangers online was considered an A-block headline on news? Is online dating actually a safe and effective place to find Mr. Right today? So many people are doing it – does that make it okay?  I met my husband in college and when I tell people our story, it’s usually interrupted by, “You guys are so lucky you found each other through real-life experiences.” I never really know what to say to that. lol.
I interviewed a couple of my close gal pals (who shall remain anonymous) to give us some deeper insight into the online dating universe. Now I can see why people do it in today’s busy, technologically driven world. It’s fast, easy, and you can do it from the comfort of your couch! Many of you may have mixed feelings about dating apps so I broke it down into the pros and cons. Oh and spoiler: I went ahead and left out the part where I pretend to be your mom and tell you to be safe sweetie and don’t talk to strangers.
1. It’s extremely entertaining – like The Bachelor. Some of the profiles on there…just wow. If you’re having a boring night on the couch, it’s a fun little pastime.
2. You come across people you probably never would’ve imagined. That sometimes turns out to be a good thing.
3. You can get to know the person a little before actually going on the first date. It cuts out the small talk and gives you a pretty good idea if a first date is worth your time.
4. If you’re someone who can’t see yourself going up to a cute boy in real life – this could be a great way to help  build up that courage! Message them first, what’s the worst that could happen? 😉
1. Just like in regular life, you run the risk of being rejected. Avoid high expectations..
2. Killing your time. We all know how many hours can get lost when we’re on our phones! Swipe left, swipe right, four hours later…… What if Mr. Right was actually at your door-step and you missed the opportunity?
3. You might experience a lot of really bad first dates before you find one that you enjoy. Mr. Right actually turns into Mr. Opps in person. He might have had the cutest profile picture, witty personality over text, and all of a sudden 3 weeks later you meet in person and it’s a complete disaster. In other words, What the App happened to you?!! #WTA
4. You question yourself. It’s rare that you’ll actually type your very first thought and click send. This can create a curated conversation, and that might not be the real you. Suddenly you’re lost keeping up with the real you and the app you.
Even though I’ve never actually tried a dating app, I am always fascinated by the stories friends tell me through their personal experiences. Some have found their husbands on dating apps and others have met their worst enemies.
Whether you’re swiping or not, I don’t see the app world slowing down anytime soon. The hard fact is business is booming in the tech space and everyone wants a piece of it. I’m blown away by apps in general that have gone viral such as Instagram and even Kim Kardashian’s app.
Now I want to throw it out to you – Do you think Mr. Right is out there in the app universe? Are dating apps a complete waste of time? Share your thoughts.
Until next time.. Xo, Saz

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    1. I get why you wrote this. I was initially my first reaction -BEFORE reading though. Of course, dating advice from someone who appears to be happily married can be pretentious. But Sazan doesn’t say anything a non married person would say. She doesn’t discourage online dating; she considers the pros and cons and addresses a shift in how people date now.

      I get your frustration though but I think it’s also important to be fair. I had a blog (anonymous) and I still worried about how people would react to my posts – and I posted once a week! It takes a lot of courage to put your opinion on the Internet, even a picture can cause a lot of problems. Sazan gives us quality content just about everyday through her blog or Instagram. Her courage should be applauded. You can disagree with her opinion without being discouraging or demanding.

      * note: this is my first time posting on anything related to Sazan. So I’m not one of those behives 🙂

  1. Hi Sazan! I’m so excited you posted about this. In five short days, my boyfriend and I will officially be dating for 2 years, and we met on Tinder! I was dumped my sophomore year of college, and my friends talked me in to getting a Tinder account as a joke- which it was at first! But then I matched with the cutest guy and sent him a message. After talking for a while, we finally met in person (with my friend tagging along for support!) We didn’t officially start dating for three months, but I am so beyond blessed he came into my life. We love the same things, but have differences, which makes our relationship so enjoyable. I never would’ve thought I would find my person on a dating app- I didn’t plan for it at all. But I am grateful it happened that way, because I would’ve never met him (Adam) otherwise. I think if more people were serious about searching for a partner on these apps, it would be a great thing! But for now, I agree to accept the bad, be safe, and never get discouraged because THE ONE may be just around the bend. After all, you have to go through the rain to get to the rainbow. Thanks for the post!

  2. I know a couple of couples (lol) who are wonderful, and they met online. A lot of times I hear of a friend who started an account as a joke… and the magic began!

    My husband and I (nerdy homeschoolers) got to know each other a lot writing messages on fb when we were just friends. Writing to eachother was special and focused on knowing about one another’s hearts before getting physical. Almost five years now… very blessed. xo

  3. I absolutly agree with the pro and con . It is funny when you bored .. it does give get you to those person that you never though that you meet and it might get you to mister right … i m still waiting on him and on those app ..
    Ps i would add another pro .. it get you an escuse to travel 😉

  4. It’s embarrassing telling my family and friends that I met my fiancé on hot or not dating app, I wasn’t looking for anything. But when you let go and let the one up above do the work. He will surprise you in many different ways. Me and Kamon (fiancé) are extremely blessed to find each other when we needed each other the most. we connected, and instantly it wasn’t about looks, or dating. It was more about connecting at a much deeper level. My fiancé and I have been long distance for over a year and finally met on my birthday of this year. It’s crazy how the Internet can bring two people close.

  5. My brother in law and his now wife met through an online dating website. Sometimes its easier to find a better match for you by applying those filters to your dream girl or boy. It’s still crazy to think that that’s how relationships form nowadays. I met my boyfriend in person at a lounge in Miami, I don’t think I could ever go the technologically driven route.

  6. Hey Sazan! First off, I absolutely love your channel, Instagram, and blog. Your realness and passion for what you do shows through in all that you share.

    I have honestly never commented on anything before, but I wanted to share my story with you! My fiancé and I met on Tinder (we now laugh about it). We started talking the week he moved to Chicago and the first week I even had a Tinder. We went on a date shortly after (the only tinder date we’ve both ever been on) and really hit it off. I remember thinking to myself.. Is this too good to be true?! So yeah, we met September 2014, and starting dating a few weeks after. Met each other’s families the month after that, and just got engaged February 2016! The wedding is next July 2017. It’s crazy how fast life can change, but the saying that “when you know, you know” is so true.

    I know dating apps don’t work for a lot of people (I was super skeptical and against them before I met Zach), but I’m so glad I stepped out of my comfort zone and tried it. Otherwise I would never have met my perfect guy. It’s funny because you and Stevie actually really remind me of Zach and I a lot! I’ve loved watching your wedding videos and the wedding day makeup video. So any more tips on engagement photo outfits, outfits for the bridal shower/bachelorette party, or any wedding relates stuff would be awesome! ????????

  7. I met my boyfriend on a dating app and we have been together for a year and a half already. The amazing thing is that we realized we are both kurdish-jews so we can enjoy our culture together even though we are so far away from our families who still live in the middle east

  8. Hi Saz! I loved your post. I wanted to share my story with you. Last year after being single for a few months and moving back to my home town after finishing university some of my friends introduced me to tinder and I went on a date with this guy who was on holidays in Cancun (where I live). Before meeting for dinner we talked for a week and It was just weird I have never felt like I knew someone for so long like it happened with him so when we finally met in person It was not awkward at all and the date was just magical. Anyway, we met another time and then he went back to scotland. We kept in touch and after 2 weeks of this he asked if he could come visit me again which I agree. We met july 21st of 2015 and We saw each other on octubre of the same year and he asked me to be his girlfriend. I went to visit him and his family in scotland i january 2016 and he is right now here in Cancun visiting me again. I’ll be moving in august to scotland since Im starting my masters degree in september. I feel the luckiest Girl since we were able to find each other and he is everything I ever wishes for in a partner. You are an inspiration Saz! Love You xx

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