Los Angeles City Guide: Sushi, Hiking, Best Beaches

Food Lifestyle Travel | May 11, 2016


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Hey guys! For my next travel guide, I decided on Los Angeles since, ya know, I live here. There’s so much to do and it was hard condensing this list down to 10 things. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find that a lot of these things are pretty inexpensive, or better yet, completely free 🙂 Enjoy!
Grab a coffee at Menotti’s– even if you’re not a coffee lover, this cozy little place in Venice Beach is a go-to for Stevie and I. He always gets the Spanish Latte, and I love the hot chocolate 🙂
While you’re in Venice, take a stroll down the Boardwalk– you can rent bikes or rollerblades for pretty cheap! Personally, this is my favorite place to people watch (trust me, you’ll see some interesting characters!). It’s also a great place to get those cheesy souvenirs for your mom!
Hike up behind the Hollywood Sign- most people think you can’t do this, but you actually can! It’s quite a walk so make sure you wear comfy shoes and clothes you can sweat a little bit in. I recommend going about an hour and a half or two before sunset so you can catch it when you reach the top 🙂 Be sure to bring along a cold drink and maybe a snack for the end! Keep this handy to help you navigate-
Get breakfast at Eggslut in Grand Central Market (don’t hate me- my favorite thing on the menu is called the “Slut”, and it’s so good). The line might be a little intimidating but no worries, it goes pretty fast and it’s totally worth it. If you have room for anything else, McConnell’s Fine Ice Creams is just a couple booths down- their flavors are the BEST!
Getty Center- this isn’t your typical museum. My favorite part is the Central Garden– so many beautiful flowers and a great view of the Santa Monica Mountains. If you’re into hiking/nature, you’ll be really close to the Parker Mesa Overlook too 🙂
The Broad– great for art inspo. They have a really cool exhibit right now called the Infinity Room that looks like a room full of stars! Make sure you buy tickets ahead of time if possible- you can still get in if you don’t, but you’ll have to wait in line. Who wants to do that?!
Drive up the PCH– time to roll down the windows and enjoy that Cali breeze. Seriously guys, the further you drive north, the more beautiful it gets. It’s so fun to do this in the evening and watch the sun set over the ocean 🙂
El Matador Beach- this is where Stevie and I took our wedding and anniversary photos! It’s unbelievably beautiful. It’s very unique from the other beaches in the area- perfect for a romantic walk or a picnic! It’s one of the few beaches where you can escape the LA crowds.
Weekend Activities- If you’re in Los Angeles over a weekend, there’s a couple of weekly/monthly things that are definitely worth checking out. Every Sunday the Melrose Flea Market opens up- they sell everything from clothes to furniture to cute little plants…I’ve decorated half my house from here it seems like! Also, on the first Friday of every month, all the food trucks gather together for First Fridays on Abbott Kinney in Venice Beach. Delicious food, casual environment, and lots of little bars around to go get a drink afterward!
Have dinner at Sushi by H- last but definitely not least, my absolute favorite sushi spot EVER. We never go anywhere else, that’s how much we’re obsessed. It’s affordable, and the sushi is INSANELY good. Make sure you make a reservation, just to be on the safe side. Get the San Vicente roll and the Crab Avocado Harmony if you wanna try the best. P.S It’s totally affordable. 😉
I hope you enjoyed this travel guide! Please comment below if you happen to try any of these or have other suggestions- I always love trying new places 🙂 Cheers!
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