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Hey everyone.. it’s ya boi Steveasy aka Sazan’s hubby Stevie. I’m the writer for this guest post on her blog today celebrating my wife and our 1 year anniversary coming up. She told me she has a surprise of her own for me on Sunday (our actual anniversary date) so I’m looking forward to that. Today I’m keeping it 100 so I’ll refrain from being too goofy…. Or at least I’ll try 😉
When Saz told me that I would be writing a blog post for her site I have to say that I wasn’t exactly thrilled. Writing is definitely not my strong suit. Over the past week my opinion on writing a blog has changed. Today I am excited to talk to you about my Wife. This is a woman who deserves all the praise in the world. She truly is the most wonderful person I have ever met. I tell her quite often that “I married the right one.” My love for her is stronger right now than it has ever been. My affection for her continues to grow each day as I watch her live her life. With that in mind, I thought that I would share with you 5 reasons why I decided to marry Sazan.
(I had to keep it to 5 or else this would have been a novel….)
wedding, photography, jon volk, sazan, stevie, hendrix, wedding, spring weddings, white flowers, bridal, inspiration, happy, relationships, advice, anniversary
1. Character. When I met Sazan I thought that she was beautiful (obviously), but with such beauty usually comes a handful of problems. Now, I’m not going to lie. She has changed quite a bit since I met her… but nevertheless she has and will always be a person of deep character. I credit this to her parents and the great Kurdish traditions and values they instilled in her as a girl. Though she could act “crazy” at times, she always ended up doing what was right. She showed me how to forgive, how to be humble, how to work hard, and how to care for someone again.
 2. Loyalty. Sazan is a RIDE OR DIE. This means she will fight for me until the end. Never once have I questioned her loyalty to me. I have never questioned if she only had affections for me. She makes me feel like I am the only man in the world. Again, I credit her parents for raising their children to give themselves to only one person. Sazan is dedicated and I love that about her 🙂
3. Beauty. Obviously I had to put this in there, because let’s be honest- I think she is the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen! When I first saw Sazan in college I asked my friend, “Who is that?! I need to know that girl.” We all know Sazan is a looker, but it was the beauty inside of her that made me fall for her. When I was getting to know Sazan, she shared things about her life that I never expected to hear from a girl like her- a girl who looked like she always had it easy. That was not the case. She has been through her fair share of struggles and it has produced a realness in her that I find so attractive. I quickly found out that she had an amazing heart, and to me, that is truly beautiful.
4. Forgiving. I am a handful. I have my good qualities, but I definitely can be a complete goon. I forget things constantly and lose things on the reg. The woman who ended up with me had to be forgiving and patient. Saz has always been quick to forgive me. I love that about her! That is exactly how Jesus was. He was all about forgiveness! In forgiveness I believe true love is exercised. Sazan has taught me how to be quick to forgive and I am so thankful to her for that.
5. Godly. Last, but certainly not least! Sazan has been molded into a Godly woman. I knew from an early age that I wanted a Proverbs 31 woman. Someone who is hard to find, trustworthy, giving, respectful, and most of all loving. I know I was really only supposed to say 5 things, but there are so many reasons why I said, “I do”.
wedding, photography, jon volk, sazan, stevie, hendrix, wedding, spring weddings, white flowers, bridal, inspiration, happy, relationships, advice, anniversary
I really married her mostly because she would play along with all my homeschooled craziness! hahah! She’s always down to be a doo doo head with me and that’s the side of her I encourage her to share with all of you. Since I have a chance, I want to say thank you to all of Sazan’s readers and followers who have supported us through our ups and our downs. Being able to share our relationship openly with you and having your support has been such a blessing to us both. So thank you! I’m excited to see what lies ahead for Sazan and me, and we are glad to share the adventure with such awesome people. Lots of love Sazscribers!!!
Love ya boi, StevEASY
photo credit: Jon Volk 

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  1. Stevie, this is such a loving post for your beautiful wife Sazan. Thank you for sharing with us the amazing love story God created for you both. You are both such an example and role model to our generation, of two simple people who love Jesus and live a life for him, keeping it real in 2016. Keep sharing your journey as raw and true as it is with us, we are inspired and encouraged by you two. God bless you both with many more years of anniversary celebrations in Him, because simply He is the reason for it all. Love ya lots!

    P.S. we know Sazan has a “crazy” side, tell her to show it off to us lol…we want to laugh with you all!

    1. Follow her on snapchat hahaha we see lot of the crazy Sazan there hahahahaha. No really this post is perfect. Thank you Guys for making me believe in true Love. I’m still waiting for it but I’ll never lose hope thanks to you ! Love from France xx

  2. I’ve been sitting here at work WAITING for this guest blog by Stevie!!! Goodness, I’m crying of happiness for Saz and Steveasy!Lol like the two of you together literally give me butterflies. How thoughtful and caring you are with one other, I’m sure life gets in the way and things get tough, as it all does for every relationship but you have proven every challenge wrong because LOVE IS STRONGER. We all can see the strong woman that Saz is, Stevie make sure to keep her forever! You guys give me something to believe in, and I continue to admire yalls relationship. Great couple, great post. Much love from Tx!!

  3. First thought: SERIOUSLY SO CUTE. Second thought: Sazan is a role model and someone to look up to.

  4. I really love the purity you both have. It’s so inspiring, and you’ve really did make the right choice! She’s beautiful inside out ❤

  5. Reading this made my heart melt. I can just see the endless love you have for Sazan. It’s crazy, real and just hard to find these days. You two are truly an inspiration to me and I hope that the man I marry loves me just as much as you love Sazan. ❤️

  6. You two are so amazing together it’s unreal ! I watch your videos and it’s just incredible! It feels so real so deep and down to earth ! I’m Kurdish myself married to a spaniard he’s Catholic and I’m Muslim well for the moment … Been having a lot of strong thoughts on Jesus since I constantly dream about him. I can relate in so many ways and that makes me feel so happy! God bless you both your love is so eternal !!! Made for each other ! Xoxoxoxoxoxo

    1. I have heard of SO MANY Muslims having dreams about Jesus Christ!!! I’m not Muslim-I’m a Christian/follower of Jesus but have heard so many stories like that-even Sazan had dreams about Jesus before she knew him. It’s like God is calling Muslims to himself and he’s doing it himself not necessarily through people? If you want, maybe you could find a bible and start reading it, or even ask God to reveal himself to you and help you find him. Also, for your husband, check out https:/carm.org – Catholicism is not the same as Christianity, tho he may or may not realize it (not tryin to preach, just to help, best wishes to you!)

      1. Thank you Soo much Elizabeth very kind words! To be honest I’m really trying to find my way! I have had so many dreams of Jesus and never really understood why because I’m Muslim and got me very confused never the less it just continued but their so beautiful and made me start questioning a million things! I will start reading the bible and Jesus teaching and will pray that God reveals himself like sazan did! As for my husband I don’t think he knows the difference between Catholicism and Christianity he’s been brought up a Catholic but don’t mind sharing some facts with him either ! Thank you so much for your help its been a tough ride alone !

        1. i remember sazan once saying that she felt Muslim on paper but never really grew up with the customs and traditions. i’m not sure if this is similar for you but if you’d like to talk more about Islam and Christianity with me I’d love to! I’m Muslim and I love it, some of my best friends are Christian because at the end of the day religious people have almost everything in common.

      2. of course Muslims would have dreams about Jesus Christ (peace be upon him)– he is one of our most revered prophets…

  7. I honestly loved this! You guys are such a beautiful couple, may God keep giving you both countless blessings!

  8. Guys you are so inspiring and a great example of a Godly couple. So happy to see a family full of Jesus Love and Holy Spirit. May God bless you! You are beautiful couple inside and out!

  9. You guys are beautiful ! I love how Jesus is the center of it all. Truly amazing how God places people together & out of that his glory shines through. Love your journey guys, glad we get a glimpse of it ! Points to Stevie for keeping it serious !?! Lol love y’all ❤️

  10. This is beautiful. I’m sitting here in tears about how real you were with this post Stevie. It is amazing to find such a real and wonderful relationship like you guys have. Thank you for being role models for the rest of us! Happy anniversary!

  11. I am a Muslim Pakistani American who has been following you guys throughout your journey, I just wanted to say that at the end of the day all that matters is how much you love each other. And you two have been a great example to that. Wishing you many many more years of happiness inshAllah! 🙂

  12. That was so sweet Stevie. You are Sazan are such great role models. As a young women in her early 20s, it is inspiring to see the relationship that you and Sazan have. The relationship that you and Sazan express and show is something so much more because Jesus is the foundation. I hope that more young men and women look past the “hookup culture” and understand the real meaning of love. Love the blog and may God bless you both abundantly. 🙂

  13. You guys!! This is so sweet😍 . Both of you are beautiful human beings and you deserve the everything together!

    Sazan, I just wish I can marry a man as loving and respectful as your husband is. He loves you to death! Not many men would do this. He’s all in.

    I pray you guys keep growing together till you’re old and wrinkly 😊.


  14. Stevie, you found yourself a real life unicorn! Congratulations on your first year of marriage you two!

  15. Thank you for sharing! I can tell that your love for her is real, that is exactly what I want when I get married. Your openness and honesty is so rare these days. Keep praising Jesus he has amazing plans for yall.

  16. Oh my Godd so cuteeee post !!!
    Sazan is so Lucky
    Have you a brother ?? 🙂 ahah joke
    i like the part when you tell us how you meet and you first impression 😉
    all girls like to know this kind of details ahaha girly stuff
    bigg kiss to you 2 from France

  17. Guys, you r so beautiful inside and out!!! After watching, reading things you post, I always feel smth special and warm throw the screen thanks to your powerful energy!I wish there would have been muuuch more people like you in the world! Sending you both the warmest wishes, fam Hendrix, from little European country called Estonia! ❤️

  18. Can I add gracious to the list of things I love about Sazan?! I often wonder how people living in the public eye deal with the dreaded comment section. I’d go from zero to defensive and act a fool (like so many do, oops!) But I admire how Sazan maintains graceful and level-headed “’bout dem haters.” (And probably moreso, I love watching because SAZAN reminds me of KELLY RIPA!) But that’s neither here nor there. Congratulations on your first year wedding anniversary Steve and Sazan. Love all that you two represent xo Bettina

  19. Stevie and Sazan, words cannot describe how amazing you both are!!! I lost someone who I thought was the love of my life because he couldn’t see beyond cultural differences and I really went through a sad phase. Looking at you both made me realize that love is beyond such silly boundaries, and it takes two to realize that. You both are such an inspiration to all us sazscribers! Wish you guys the most happiest married life and can’t wait to follow you both on the rest of your journey!! 😀 <3

  20. Omg , you guys are adorable <3
    Stevie, you post gave me goosebumps, you are a perfect hubby, may God bless you
    Sazan, honestly, you are one of the most beautiful living creatures on earth girl, and you truly are beautiful inside and outside, you have a golden heart
    I wish you all the best, may your life together be fulfilled with love, joy and health

  21. “In forgiveness I believe true love is exercised.” I really think that you define what love is in that sentence, much love for you guys

  22. That was amazing steaveasy XD I love you guys ur my num 1 couple god blessed you and give you all the happiness & love ❤💋

  23. Such a lovely read! When it comes straight from the heart, I’m sure your fingers Stevie couldn’t keep up with your thoughts as they flowed to the keyboard. You can read how much respect and love you have for one another. Cherish that forever. God bless.
    Enjoying your blog from San Diego, Ca☀️

  24. Stevie. Are you trying to make me cry?! LOL. You seem like the sweetest husband ever to Sazan and it is so refreshing to see. 🙂 I wish you two the best!

    p.s say hi to sweetie for me!

  25. i really think that this is the cutest I have ever read.
    And now I know why Saz is always thankfull to have you, I would be either because it is not easy peasy to find such a great guy like you !
    I love you both ♥

  26. Hi Sazan and Steve! That’s such a beautiful post. I Love your love story and I think that you both are beautiful together!!😍 can’t wait to see mini Sazan’s or Stevie’s ahaha. Love ya guys.

  27. Steveasy you’re so hilarious and SO sweet. A winning combo. Saz is blessed and she knows it. I LOVED Sazan’s story about how you encouraged her to seek and find the Lord and then she had dreams about Jesus! You have a heart for the Lord that’s obvious and I’m so INSPIRED by both ya’lls openness about it. That’s the point, right? To not hide it under a bushel? 😉 anyway, congrats on one year! Great job on the post 🙂

  28. That was the sweetest thing I have read. I think you two are the cutest couple everrr! I just love reading or watching you guys together. I admire your guys relationship! I love you guys and Happy One Year Anniversary!💜😍

  29. Wow! You both are such inspiring people who proved everyone wrong despite the circumstances you were dealt with. I enjoy reading about your love story and hope to have a love so wonderful and amazing as yours one day! Love you both! 😘

  30. You two are a great couple…. To be honest I’M JEALOUS !!! Jk i really love you Sazan, i saw a picture from you on Instagram couple of years ago and since then i follow you on every single social media i have. As your husband said, you are a real beauty and you really have to be proud of yourself. Love u!

  31. This is so truly amazing! So nice to hear all of things from you Stevie!
    You two are literally one of my favorite couples of all times!
    Lots of love for both of you!
    Jill D Blog

  32. Wow, your realtionship is my goal! 😉And I don’t say it just because this is new modern phrase. I really mean it.
    Througt social media I realised how deap your love is. I can see how well you complite each other soul.
    And this give me hope , bcs I lost my faith in love. Your kidness to each other motivates me to keep looking for “right one”.
    So, thank you guys. ❤️
    Greetings from Croatia ( EU). 💋

  33. You guys love and relationship marriage and friendship is serious goals. I love you both so much, no one has ever been as meant to be as you two are. Much love! And good job on the post my brother! Xox

  34. This marriage series is so wonderful and sweet! It is incredibly refreshing to read in a generation that seems to have forgotten what real love is or what it is to truly give yourself to just one person and how awesome and fun marriage SHOULD be! Thanks for sharing your story with us; you are such a source of inspiration and have touched so many people’s hearts (including mine). ❤️

  35. Happy 1 year anniversary!! You 2 are amazing people with hearts of gold. I am seriously obsazzed with the two of you. You guys are inspiring and are a true definition of what love is! You are both lucky to have each other…definitely soul mates. I hope to one day find someone who loves me the way the two of you love each other. The love you share for each other radiates through the photos. God bless you and wishing you a lifetime of happiness. Xoxo

  36. Stevie you are a natural writer! What do you mean? You wrote this post so beautifully and brought such a tremendous amount of value and worth to your love to Sazan that is so apparent in many ways. I can only continue to pray to have a love as strong as you two in the future. I hope that you do guest posts more often, not just once a year 😉

  37. Okay I’m not gonna lie. You both inspire me soooo much! I love how you two respect each other. That’s one of the first things I’ve noticed since I started following you.
    Also, I absolutely love the joy and the happiness you guys show in every single picture. I believe that you have downs too, but I feel like at the end of the day, you choose happiness. Btw. Sazan, you have the brightes smile! And I love your humor, Stevie!!!
    Lastly, I love how you guys use your voice to point back the glory to the one who has giving it all for you. The best is yet to come. Xx

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  39. oh my goodness, really? this is embarrasing (sazcribers?). i mean, i don’t want to obviously rain down on the love parade and extraordinary amount of solipsism going on here, but what an obvious marketing ploy. how many clicks do you generate for third party promoters?

    do you guys have an actual job, i’m mostly talking to hubby StevEASY- whatever- obnoxious-cutesy -moniker you give yourself to get you through another day, or do you just ride your wife’s coat tails of beauty, privilege and entitlement?

    wow. this whole entire website. i mean, extraordinary saccharine and photoshopped to a tee.
    the overtly trite and fake wording, the vapid and empty content, the flippant tone that worships style over substance. it must be boring to be so perfect, so stylized.
    what a horrible message to send to young people struggling to make an actual living, find a real purpose, and have an impact on society through realistic goals and accomplishments.

    a photojournalist who detests marketing bloggers

  40. right now everybody’s posting Pictures everywhere like in instagram while they’re sitting in an expensive car or doing expensive things just to Show off how ‘great’ their love is. and they write ‘relationship Goals’ as a description. I don’t always believe that these are really relationship-goals because it is obviously too supervicial. But this post is honestly one of the most beautiful I’ve ever read with a love you just feel when you read it. It’s the Epitome for me of ‘relationship goals’ and I wish you all the best, may gods Love always watch over you. You’re both beautiful and I appreciate it so much that there are still People like you who talk open about God in a relationship.

    All the best from switzerland, xoxo

  41. Dang it you guys make me wanna start my own blog just to talk about the 5 things why I married my husband! lol jk In all seriousness when I saw your wedding pictures (1 year ago) I saw something magical between you two. But the one picture that really stood out to me was the one with all your family and friends praying over you guys … I knew this marriage would be special! Man that picture really moved my spirit, very powerful! Your praying parents, their blessings, and the covering of our Heavenly Father has truly been the reason why you two have been such a blessing to many! Thank you for being real with us Stevie! Praying you two have many more years to share together! Happy Anniversary!

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