People Who Inspire | My Interview about Faith and Love!

Lifestyle Relationships | May 5, 2016


I sat down with one of my best friends Shae Wilbur to celebrate the launch of her new series People Who Inspire. I felt inspired myself when she asked little ‘ole me to candidly open up about the two things that drive my life- Faith and Love. The two actually go hand-in-hand. 😉
My one year wedding anniversary is in three days and I can’t help but think back to last year this time. Watch the interview from Shae’s channel below and keep reading for more.. xo

The truth is I grew up in a very traditional Kurdish household where dating or marrying someone outside of the culture was an absolute non-negotiable NO. I love my parents so my biggest fear growing up was disappointing them. I convinced myself that my Kurdish-American prince charming was out there somewhere. Ironically I dated a Kurdish- American for several years but long story short – he wasn’t my prince. God had a different plan for my life. When I met Steve, I was really pissed that he was perfect. ha! Sure he had his flaws as everyone does, but the big things that I was looking for in a man were all there. He was funny, CUTE (so cute!), charming, smart – but wait he wasn’t Kurdish. There was something about him though that I couldn’t let go of. It was special. It was Jesus. Once again, I was afraid of what my parents were going to think of me when I told them I was changing the game-plan for my life, but I quickly learned that God was bigger than my fears and as my faith continued to grow, so did the purpose for my life.
I want to thank Shae for taking the time to come out and hang out (this was right when we moved into the new place! – a.k.a no furniture ha) I’m honestly a huge fan of hers on and off camera. She has a heart for people and is truly one of my best friends. She’s seen me on my worst days and my best days. I couldn’t have shared this story with anyone else. I love you Shae!!!
Please keep in mind that this is my story. I am not here to preach to anyone or hate on other religions. I briefly mentioned in this video and want to make it clear that I didn’t grow up practicing any specific religion. Ethnically yes – the Kurdish culture is predominantly Muslim so on paper I thought I was Muslim. In my heart, I just didn’t know until God started showing up in my life.  I respect that we all come from different places and have unique stories and beliefs so please accept that I have no hate in my heart. I hope that you will simply watch this and get to know me better. That’s all. 🙂 With that being said, I ask that you be respectful in the comments if you decide to leave one.

Updated: Hey guys, I received a lot of comments pertaining to me mentioning “praying to Mohammad” and I want to express that what I said was misinterpreted –  I appreciate many of you kindly clarifying and defending your beliefs, but please accept that this is what I believed at the time, as I was telling my story. I better understand the Islamic beliefs today and I apologize if what I said offended anyone. 

Love you all!
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