Instagram New Algorithm | A Blogger’s Worst Nightmare?

Lifestyle | March 28, 2016


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HOLD THE PHONE, Instagram announced a new algorithm that is taking effect in the days to come. Everyone’s talking about it so I figured I’d share my two cents! My first impression: what in the world does this algorithm change mean for me? The app has made so many updates (weekly it seems) so when I heard the news – I didn’t understand how severe this change was going to be. After I learned that the new algorithm will rearrange timeline feeds to show content “most likely” to be relevant to the user, instead of the chronological timelines that appear now – I freaked out a little inside.
I’m a research junkie so I Googled tons of articles to get to the bottom of this. Why? Why would Instagram change the rules so dramatically? The answer: engagement has dropped significantly in the last year as marketers and influencers have “cluttered” the service with “junk”. (Oh no they didn’t!)
As a lifestyle blogger and beauty lover, Instagram has made it easy for me to connect with your guys through real-time posts that are quick, easy, and fun to share. It’s also been a great platform for me over the years to connect and see what you like (literally!) the most. Whether it’s a Youtube video or a new outfit post on my blog – I love being able to instantly see how engaged my followers are.  All blogger stuff aside, I also just love the feeling I get when I see photos of my niece and nephew in Texas pop up on my feed. It instantly feels like I’m there with them in the moment. Is this going to change? I guess we will just have to wait and find out.

The Solution?

instagram, algorithm, change, blogger, 2016, update, app, why, mike krieger, sazan, hendrix, fashion, shopping, digital, influencer, marketing, tech, feedback
Many people are saying (according to my research) that the new changes will be better for online influencers versus mainstream and designer brands. Hmmm. Either way the online world is always changing and it’s exhausting having to keep up! The possible solution to this? If you follow me on Instagram, I hope you’ll turn on your “post notifications” since new changes to the way we see posts are coming soon. If you’d like to continue seeing mine, I hope you’ll turn this on so we can still hang out and stuff. 😉
Before I go! Funny (actually hilarious) story – I interviewed the co-founder of Instagram (Mike Krieger) when I was in college studying broadcasting. This was before he sold it to Facebook. 😉 It was also the baby years of Instagram before it reached 400 million users. Anyways, I watched it back now 4 years later and it was interesting when I asked Mike why he started this app – his response was so simple. To see what he said plus the full interview watch below. (Try not to laugh too hard at my hideous outfit, terrible makeup and chubby cheeks haha!!!!)

..Hope you enjoyed that. I want to know your thoughts. What do you guys think about the changes on Insta? Comment below and share.



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