5 Things in My Kitchen I’d Never Be Caught Without

Food Lifestyle | March 8, 2016


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The other day my sister and I started randomly chatting about the 5 things in her kitchen she’d never be caught without. It’s like she knew off the bat her top 5. She instantly called them out: almond butter, fresh garlic, spinach, eggs (she makes a killer egg salad), and vegan mayo.
That made me think. We all have a little list, don’t we? What we eat says a lot about who we are – it’s  like a personality test.  What’s your top 5? I’m interested to know!
I really had to think about this one and ask myself, “What do you always have in your kitchen, Saz?” I think mine would have to be avocados, almond milk (great for a morning smoothie), fresh lunch meat from the deli (roll it up – best snack ever), tortilla chips (a must), and Sriracha (my ketchup). Totally random, right?
What about you? I want to hear…



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