1 Year Ago Today I got Engaged!

Relationships | December 23, 2015


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I can’t believe it was one year ago today when my sweet husband proposed to me. Time flies!!!! It feels like it was only yesterday. I never got the chance to share our engagement story so I knew today would be the perfect day.
Last year I spent time with Stevie’s family in Austin before going home for the holidays. He drove me to Dallas on the 22nd and mentioned he was going to stay with a friend that night before making the drive back to Austin. The next morning I got a call from him saying we should grab lunch with my sisters before he leaves. (little did I know they were his little helpers) We had such a nice lunch – I remember feeling sad that he was going to leave so I joked, “Don’t leave me yet!!!!” He said he didn’t have to leave just yet and suggested we go down to Denton to re-visit our old college campus where we fell in love. I was totally game for that! Little did I know this was all part of his master plan..
The 30 minute drive to Denton was so nostalgic for both of us. So many memories!! When we arrived in our college town we drove around the campus and stopped at the Radio, T.V, Film Building where we spent most of our time. I couldn’t help but love that darn building – that’s where I met my honey.
The next stop – our favorite Jazz bar. By this time it was night. This is where we had our first date! It was another very special place. I honestly had no idea what Stevie doing because he has always been so cozy and romantic. I even joked, “When are you going to propose to me, after the new year?” lol.
After dinner, I was the one who actually led myself right into Stevie’s master plan. I told him we had to get hot cocoa at Jupiter House in the Denton Square for old times sake. The square was so beautifully lit, all festive and quiet at this hour. I just remember Stevie parking really far and as we walked and turned the corner, I saw a small table in the middle of the park with a lap-top on it + rose petals leading me to it. I knew what was about to go down… The lap-op had a note that said “open me and press play”… In the video, he went to all of our memorable spots around town and started every sentence with, “This is where… we first met”, “This is where…..we said I love you.” In the final clip he was standing in the spot where we were in real time and said, “And this….is where I am going to propose to you.” It was perfect.
Here’s a little video our good friend Max Fuerst shot/edited.:)

This was one of the happiest days of my life (after our marriage!) I’m so glad to share it with you a year later as we look back and celebrate today.



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