100K Youtube Sazscribers! (Major Giveaway)


I’m so excited to celebrate 100K SAZSCRIBERS on my Youtube channel! I’ve been blogging now for 4-plus years  and I re-launched my channel a year and a half ago to share more in-depth content with YOU! My blog will always be my “first baby”, but as I’m growing and changing so will my passions and interests. I don’t plan on quitting anytime soon –  you have no idea how grateful I am for this adventure. Making videos and creating content that I love has fulfilled me in so many ways. Your role in this has been so pivotal. Without you, I wouldn’t have any of this! All of the feedback I’ve received so far has been so helpful and therefore, your role has been so epic in this process! Thank you! As a token of my appreciation, I wanted to do a fun surprise giveaway for for Youtube Subscribers on my channel.  If you win the giveaway you will receive tons of goodies as well as a hand written note from me. Watch my video below and see what you can win. 🙂



**Giveaway Items**
1. First Aid Beauty (Facial Cleanser + Moisturizer)
2. Deva Curls styling cream
3. X Formula nail set
4. Marc Jacobs nail polish (in a fun holiday shade!)
5. Shop Prima Donna Jewlery
6. Luca and Dani bracelet
7. Harajuku Lovers Watch
8. Joe Malone mini body cream
9. Shiseido Multi Solution Gel
10. “Pretty Little Things” Gift Bag


To Enter
1. Must be a Subscriber (subscribe here)
2. Comment below and share your favorite Sazan moment, video and/or commentary from this video. Comment whatever you’d like I just want to get to know you!
3. Keep a lookout on my Twitter (@SazBarzani) – I will tweet the winner on Friday 11/13 (November 13th) at 12 PM PST.


Good luck and thank you again for being the best blog readers and sazcribers on Youtube! 😉

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  1. My favorite Sazan moment is when you say letssss do thisss.. LOL youre just such a funny girl and motivate me to keep working on my blog and post the best content. I love that your personality is so REAL and your video on how to gain more following was very informative!

    My best,

  2. Congrats on reaching 100K!!!!!! How amazing! You must be so proud of your hard work!!

    Hard to say what’s my fav SAZ moment. I think I appreciate your videos where you’re sitting on the floor, doing a tutorial, because it feels like you’re a friend giving advice, but what makes me laugh the most is your interactions with Stevie – whether on Snapchat or your videos, or him doing your makeup (TOO funny), you guys are the sweetest and it’s nice to see that kind of love!!


  3. My favorite Sazan moment..hmmm. So hard to choose! I found your Instagram last month and I instantly became obsessed with your style, feed, make up looks etc. I followed you and became aware that you’re a blogger! I came to your blog and saw that you had a YouTube, no joke, I spent a day watching every video on your channel and read as many blog posts as I could. I think I would have to say, that any moment that you are using beauty products or doing tutorials are my favorite. You have such an easy-going, fun way of explaining and connecting with the camera. It’s so intriguing and makes me want to re-watch the video or watch a thousand more. You’re so funny and beautiful! You’re blog posts are so great too, I’m a serious fashionista and am so enthralled with your style! Can I just say, #WardrobeGoals! haha. Anyway, I’m so glad I found you and your blog, I can’t wait to see all of your new updates!

  4. I love all your videos about hairstyling because I have the same hair type as you and I learnt from your videos that before style you need to use care products as well to keep your hair healthy. Your tips about products are so useful to me, cuz when you go to the store you can stand hours in front of the self and cannot choose the right one. Cannot have enough of these videos!!! 🙂 you’re just gorgeous! Thanks xoxo

  5. I love all your videos…. I appreciate the content and message that you give in every video.There are a lot of my favs…. but my most favorite is the one where you talked about contouring and highlighting!. I actually started conturing thereafter.

    I recently enjoyed reading your post on things you have learnt in marriage until now. I completely agree with what you wrote. I am married for about 2 and a half years to my love for 11 years now. I know for sure marriage is not all fairytale but an awesome husband is one who dignifies his wife everyday to a level that you can’t help falling in love for that person.I am sure our husband do that and no wonder we take all these challenges for them!. I live in LA and hope to meet you sometime, somewhere! Nespresso is my fav breakfast place too 🙂

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