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Stevie and Sazan are officially collaborating on a fun Youtube series!!! I am so excited to invite you into my married life with my crazy amazing husband. By now you’ve seen him make a few appearances on my channel and it was after receiving so many sweet messages that I finally convinced Stevie to start a series with me! The series is going to be all things Stevie and Sazan. We’re a newly married couple trying to figure the ways of life in the midst of managing a full-time business together. No matter how busy things get, we always make time to laugh and enjoy silly moments during the day. That’s what we hope to capture and share with you guys!
Outside of fashion and beauty blogging, I am just a regular ole’ girl who is newly married and wants to be the best wife I can be. Sure, I have goals but not every single one is work-related. Steve keeps me grounded. He’s the type of guy that gives every single person he talks to his attention 100%. He can make anyone feel special. He reminds me that what we do doesn’t define who we are. That’s another reason why I was inspired to start this series. This series is going to be more than fun and hilarious – it’s going to be raw. Sometimes I feel like this digital world tries to suck people into curating this “perfect” life. My life has never been perfect and there’s more to it than just fashion and beauty. My goal for this series is to open my home and invite you all in. Stevie and I are going to create fun challenge videos, share relationship advice as newlyweds, business partners, and open up to you guys like never before.
Many of you got an early access sneak peek at our first Stevie and Sazan series video through my Vessel account, but for those who missed it check it out on my youtube channel or watch below.

Before I go, I want to answer one question I got that I’ve received countless of times. Here it goes.
@Honiya – Was it difficult to marry Steve since you’re Kurdish? 
Steve and I have faced so many obstacles (together and individually) since day 1. He was the sweetest most charming man I had ever met but there was only one “problem”. He wasn’t Kurdish. I grew up being taught that never in a million years would it be okay to marry anyone who wasn’t Kurdish (even though my grandfather married a Russian woman). I wanted to make my parents proud, so I never even looked at boys. Before Stevie, I only had one other relationship. He was Kurdish. I was 18 and thought I met the man of my dreams. As the years went on, I became more confused and afraid to commit to such a toxic relationship that I had. It was in college when I knew it was time to pull the plug on me trying to be my own match maker. I focused on my blog (which was a baby at the time!) and channeled my anger into creating content that made people happy. That made me feel useful which helped fill the void. When a relationship ends you truly feel like you just wasted so many years that you’ve invested your time and energy into. The turning point was meeting Stevie. He was a man of God, who literally sparked light to anyone who was around him. Of course I believed in God but I never knew who He was. I remember laying on the floor in my bedroom heartbroken crying to God saying that from now on whoever Jesus brings into my life, I will not judge based on whether they are Kurdish or not. I was open to finding my true love but even in that moment I still held on to that mystery man potentially being kurdish. It’s funny what can happen when you let go and let God. Part of me was terrified (because I was a control freak) but the other side of me just wanted to be free. When I met Steve, I knew God brought him into my life for a reason. I didn’t need anyone’s blessing because I knew I had God’s blessing. That’s truly what got me through some of the difficult days when I felt like I lost my family because of my decision to marry Steve.  It’s unfortunate that cultural barriers still exist. No matter what, I’m blessed that this entire relationship has been a work of God and that today I am in the best place with my family and friends.  It all worked out but as you can see it was more than difficult for me – it was life-changing. There are days when I get the meanest comments on social media saying that I am a disgrace to the Kurdish race or that I’ve “forgotten” about my Kurdish roots because I don’t post pictures of Kurdistan. The truth is I’m just being Me. I’ve learned through it all that the things I’ve wanted the most in my life were going to make some people unhappy and were things that I had to work extra hard for. I get to sleep next to my best friend every night for the rest of my life. That’s definitely a prize that was worth fighting for.
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  1. Sazan,

    I’m so thankful for your blog.I have followed you for a few months now and just adore you and Stevie and the graceful way in which you both share your faith and your story. I am in one of those cry-on-the-floor-heartbroken times of life and your all’s story makes me smile and remember that God is indeed good. Love your series already. Happy Weekend. THANK YOU for sharing your life with us. <3 XO, Ashley

    1. Thank you for your sweet words. Wishing you nothing but the best. I promise good things are coming your way! keep your head up xoxo

  2. Defitnately true love Sazan! Thanks for sharing this personal story with us. You and your married life are so beautiful. Best wishes to you and Stevie, you two are my favorite to watch!

  3. You said you lost your family in your decision to marry Steve, but now are in the best place with friends and family. Have the accepted your marriage and Steve? I’m in a similar situation and I love that you said God’s blessing was enough for you because I didn’t think of it that way. Did Steve ever resent the fact that he wasn’t accepted? Do you worry about how your children will be treated from family members? Thank you for sharing your story because it is unbelievable that these cultural differences and prejudices still exist. For a long time it made me feel like I wasn’t good enough for his family but I’m coming to a point that I realize that it’s their problem – not mine. Life’s incredibly short to let other people’s closed mind and heart ruin my happiness and my love story. Think you!

    1. It was one of those situations where time needed to pass. My parent’s have come around – Some sooner than others but I’m happy to be living an open and honest life that I no longer have to hide. It’s been a remarkable journey to get where we are today. For our future kids – I know they will be blessed with love. Best of luck to you! Thanks for your kind words. xo

  4. You guys are honestly the most adorable social media couple! It is obvious that you guys complete each other in every aspect! It is quite rare to see that spark that you both have for each other. Also I love you guys sense of humor! I’m so looking forward to you guys’ series, regardless I’ve been a fan of each of you separately, now you guys together on a series is about to be the most amazing and funny series on YouTube.

    1. What? Shaming anyone for having this much love for God is sinful on YOUR part. I am a Muslim and you embarrass me and the Muslim community. I feel bad for your parents for not teaching how to accept others for who they are.
      I’m in fact engaged to a beautiful soul who happens to be Christian (and Russian). But both of our hearts belong to the same God. I hope one day soon there is a generation out there that will never separate themselves according to religion, culture, or race.

      Thank you Sazan for sharing you view on what love really means to you.

  5. I am Kurdish and really wish I can have courage you have to make that decision, I want to marry someone who is Pakistani but they look down at him and it tears me apart because the reasons for saying no just makes no sense to me.

    1. It’s the hardest decision I had to make. At some point you just have to jump and put the rest and God’s hands. Sending you all my Blessings xoxo

  6. Thank you Sazan for having the courage to share your story & obstacles! I too am in a relationship, with families that have cultural biases as well. While it’s been challenging, I too believe Love is worth it all in the end. In my beliefs, We are all God’s children, One Kind, HUMAN KIND. May God continue to Bless you Both!

    1. It’s so comforting (and bittersweet) to read so many of you experiencing similar situations. I know it’s tough and sometimes we feel smaller than our problems, but I’m so happy you know God is bigger than all of that. Will be praying for you sister. God bless xo

  7. Wow… You’ve inspired me for years being one of my favourite bloggers, but this post is really refreshing and honest and again inspiring. Good on you for having faith <3 you and Stevie are the cutest!! Xxx

    1. Aw thanks. I love being able to connect with you guys. It means so much hearing positive feedback on something that wasn’t easy for me to share! thank you xo

  8. I love your story and the power it holds… I love that as a public figure you arent afraid to exhalt His name and give Him praise for what He has done in your life. Thank you and may God continue to bless you and your marriage as you and Stevie continue to exhalt His name !!!!

  9. Love this Sazan! So glad to see you’re doing well and living a life full of God!! I love showing your blog and new trends to friends!! Dub-t forever.


  10. Sazan,

    I love you !! I’m very proud of your accomplishments and think Stevie and you are fanatics together.!people will always have their own opinion, but who cares, do what makes you happy love. Truly admire the relationship you and Stevie have, honestly. I might not know you personally, but I’m glad I can follow and admire someone so beautiful and kind hearted. Blessings

  11. Dear beautiful Sazan,

    This post brought tears to my eyes. I have nothing to say, except for, I truly wish you and your hubby all the beautiful happiness in the world! May God be with you always. Stay blessed. Lots of love,

    xo Mona (from Amsterdam)

  12. Those last two sentences are so inspiring and beautiful. As someone who could potentially be in the same situation in the future, your story has really encouraged me. I wish you and your new husband all the happiness in the world, and judging by the feelings you conveyed here, it sounds like you already might have that!

  13. Dear Sazan,

    I’ve been in a relationship for 7 years with a Turkish boy and it hasn’t always been easy being a European girl. But if you love each other enough, you can handle anything, is what i believe now. So i have a lot of respect for you, and you probably get told this a lot, but ignore the mean and nasty comments.

    Much love x

  14. You look perfectly perfect together, I’m so happy that you made it at the end and you’re married to each other now. Bless you both xoxo

  15. Oh Sazan,
    I loved reading this post and I totally understand you. You, as a girl, want to make your parents proud and never want to disappoint them but at a time you have to stop listening to other people. You have to think about yourself. What’s the best for you. If you do not care about yourself then who will? I’m Kurdish too and I still don’t know who I’m gonna marry but I will put everything in Allahs hands. Everything happens for a reason.
    I really look at you like a role model. Wish you and Steve the best and can’t wait for your kids hehe <3

    Lots of Love, Dilan from DILANERGUL

  16. Sazan i am honestly speachless !
    Your text or your words sounds so amazing , so true so right. I mean you are an amazing person at all. You deserve the BEST ❤️💋

  17. This is so cute Sazan. I’m so glad you found your “one”. I totally understand where you come from with the whole culture thing. I’m Arab and I can totally see my parents freaking out over marrying someone of different culture. I’m so glad things turned out for the best with Stevie and that your family overcame that barrier because yall are completely ADORABLE. P.S. I LIVE IN THE DALLAS AREA AND PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do a meet and greet whenever you come down here! I live in Arlington but I’m always in the Frisco/Plano area because my best friends live there. Love you!!! keep doing you gurl💖
    Zeina Barakat
    ig: zeina_barakat

  18. thank you so much, sazan! your words give me such strengh and new positive energy to go on with my own private life as i currently have to deal with similar problems. it is still sometimes hard for me to accept that i cannot make everybody happy when making my own decisions. you and your husband are a truly inspiring example that shows that real love is worth fighting for!

  19. Wow Sazan! That is so brave of you! I know how it feels. Unfortunately it didn’t work out for me but I’m so happy for the ones who do get to be with the love of their lifes. I wish you and your husband a blessed marriage and I hope you two will always love each other unconditionaly. Be happy🌹

  20. I think you did good. Love knows no bounds, and I wish you many years of happines. And may God bless you both 😊💗

  21. Sazan, what a remarkable and BEAUTIFUL post. It brought tears to my eyes. It’s so nice to be able to finally read about your background and your path to meeting your husband. I, too, have struggled with being bicultural (of Turkish/Kurdish and American descent). Growing up in America, I always felt guilty when I would have a crush or “boyfriend” who was American. When I was 19, I met a dreamy Turkish guy in college. Tall, dark, and handsome, and highly educated–awesome qualities on paper. Getting out of that undeniably toxic relationship has been the biggest blessing in my life. I have also stopped limiting myself to relationships based on ethnic or cultural traits. Ever since, I have been on my own journey of looking for love and a man of God, with a heart of gold. Steve seems to be that for you, which gives me hope. I have been following you for a very long time. It is such a joy to get your updates. I wish I could meet you just to hug you and say thank you so much in person. Keep up the amazing posts! MUCH LOVE from Florida. <3

  22. I love you and Stevie! Such a bright beautiful happy couple! Always smiling! I always look up to you and admire you for being youself. I noticed too that a lot of people criticize you because you don’t do this or don’t do that. But people always talk regardless rather your doing good or bad. Kudos to you for leaving a toxic relationship, I wish I could as well but I would hate to burden my loved ones, anybody or have anybody feel sorry for me especially now that I have a son to think of. Maybe one day I will grow the courage, have faith and hope and follow my heart and leave my marriage. Thank you for sharing such a personal story. ❤️

  23. Dear Sazan

    Thank you for your beautiful words!! I really wish you the best. I’m kurdish too and i always wanted to
    marry a kurdish guy, but i never condemn people like you,
    because i think, love is love and if you truly love someone, origin doesnt matter.

    Love, Beri

  24. I just started watching your videos yesterday and I subscribed to your channel. I love it all! Your blog and videos are great. I’m excited for your new series with your husband; already, your first entry was authentic and inspiring. Thank you for sharing! I’m also so excited to learn from you and all your experience since I am new to the blog world. I love seeing women that chase after their dreams and calling. It’s empowering to see other women using their unique talents as dreamers, innovators, and entrepreneurs. Please feel free to visit my blog “She Laughs” at

    Stay strong,

  25. Thank you for sharing such personal details of your life with us! I know how difficult it must have been. You have been an inspiration to me for so many years and I’m not shocked that you were strong enough to let go of cultural barriers to find true love. Anyone who tells you that you’re a disgrace to Kurds is truly misguided. On the contrary, you are a bright and glowing inspiration to those who can’t understand the beauty of your decisions. You will always be an inspiration to me.

    <3 A fellow Kurdish girl

  26. This message was so refreshing to read. I started following you on Instagram and just recently added you on snapchat. To see you so happy and living in glee doing what YOU want and enjoy is influential. I, too, am Kurdish. Born and raised here in the states I have been labeled as being “too American” so the pressure to prove that wrong sometimes left me feeling lost-but who am I living for? Who am I trying to make happy? I love to see what you share because it’s inspiring and shines a light on what I should refocus on. Life isn’t about making everyone around me happy. Lately I have been questioning a lot but I think I just need to let God’s plans fall into place for me just as you did. Thank you for sharing your story. I look forward to seeing and reading what is to come.

  27. Sazan you are such a big inspiration thank you for sharing this! Iam at the point of my life where I don’t even believe true love exist! Am soon turning 19 and never been in a relationship with any boy because I don’t want to disappoint my family! When ever I like someone who’s From different culture and religion I always think of the troubles and obstacles I will bring to my self because of all the cultural barriers and just thinking that I will lose my family makes me step back every time.
    This post gave me inspiration, am starting university next week and I want a new start where I don’t want to put any limits based on cultural backgrounds when it comes to love! Sending lots of love to you and Stevie, you are perfect for each other never listen to what other people say XOxo

  28. This was wonderful, Sazan. I admire how brave you are and your outlook on life. I am excited to watch. God bless you and your husband. <3

  29. Beautifully written post Sazan! I have been following you since you first started your blog and this post is by far the one that has had an affect on me. I love your beauty and fashion posts but I felt that this was a raw and unedited version of your life. I’m glad you shared this with everyone and showed that it takes hard work and dedication to get to where you want to be in life through all the obstacles it throws at you. Coming from a Kurdish family, I too understand where you were before you met Stevie. I still am that point where I feel the need to make my parents proud and it has been mentally draining due to the fact that I limit my choices to what life offers me. After I read this, I got a little bit of courage to be free and to “let go and and let God.” There are more people who are inspired by you and your choices than those who criticize no matter what content you put out there. Please continue to be the strong minded beautiful Kurdish woman you are!

  30. I am so happy that it worked our for you Sazan….I am also a kurdish girl who is grown up in US. And I never looked at boys just to make my dad happy and proud. And I even said yes to marry a cousin to make my parents happy. But then I meet my hero who wasn’t kurdish. But he made my so happy, we had a secret relationship in 4 years and then I told my family about us. They said OK from the beginning if he converts to Islam but behind my back they were gonna kill him….. I had 3 days to find a solution….I left everything I had and fled and took him with me ☺. I lost everything but not him. We are so lucky today but I miss my family everyday and every second. I am so glad that we are not alone. I feel hope when I see that it worked out for you. God bless.

  31. I don’t understand why you never post about the war. You don’t even care about your heritage. You’re trying too hard to be an American girl. You never will be even if you neglect your cultural life and religion. ONLY western young girls see you as a role model. But a role model to me is respecting your heritage. I really don’t care about you and your decisions. But post at least with that many followers something to support refugees. Instead of naked pictures. Money pulls people much more than respect.

    1. Lawk Raoof- you clearly cared enough to take time out of your day to leave a comment and to read her blog. I hardly doubt she cares about you so it’s mutual. She doesn’t post about the war because this is not CNN or a blog about Kurdistan. What exactly are YOU doing to help refugees? Clearly not much since you seem to spend your time trolling blogs and leaving ignorant comments.

    2. Not sure if you knew, but there’s more to a person than their background: it’s called personality.

  32. You accidently said Jesus in your post. Just in case you missed it 🙂 but anyways if your family supports your decision and are okay with it how come you have never posted a family pic or anything about them? If your family doesn’t talk to you I hope they soon get over it. Generations are changing and getting worse. Your a bright energetic girl who knows what she wants and doesn’t care. Love that about you! As for the way you dress, I don’t blame you at all. If I had our body better believe I would be dressing the same. Only God can judge you. You don’t have to explain yourself to no one. As hash tat kam Sazana jan! I hope to one day meet you in person tho :((((

  33. It is so rare to find the “one”, so even if he’s not kurdish you made the best decision ! I wish to the both of you the best because you deserve it ❤️

  34. Hi sazan,
    I just wanted to say what an inspiration you are too all girls around the workld, middle eastern or not, trying to be happy. I come from a biracial family (middle eastern and Mexican) and I’m sure you can guess which if the two was the dominant culture in the house. I can very much relate to always looking for the person you would be accepted into the family…. About a year ago I finally snapped and realized living a life of misery for others with someone my parents chose for me was not the life I could live…. And I broke free! It’s been very hard, I’ve lost communication with a lot of my family because of that decision but in the end I hope to set an example to my younger siblings to fight for their happiness! I’m so glad to hear there are others out there, like you, who did the same! Thank you for sharing your story! Especially for those who think they are alone in situations similar to yours! 💗💗💗💗

    1. Hi Leila,

      Thank you for sharing your story. When you said that you broke free that filled my heart with so much joy. I know the filling!!! You seem like an awesome girl. Wishing you nothing but the best!!! xoxoox

  35. Sazan,

    What a beautiful post in regards to marriage and love. I would like to invite you to write a devotion for my blog Blue Lilly Pad. Please email me and let me know if you are interested. I would love to feature you on my blog. In my blog I focus on Vegetarian cooking, fashion, and encouraging word of Jesus Christ. Love your blog.

  36. Ever since I found your blog, I’ve just been completely #obsazzed with you and Stevie! I really love how real, and sometimes gangsta you keep it! 🙂 Keep doing YOU! xoxo

  37. Wow, you are such an inspiration to me ! You carry yourself in such an incredible way and I love following your posts and watching your videos. Not only are you sooo stylish and have an amazing fashion sense, but you’re modest, funny, kind, and elegant. It’s so hard to find inspiring Christian people now-a-days. Your relationship with Stevie really has blessed encourage me to be a better person, even when things are rough. Thank you for sharing this post!

    (Hair question: I have curly hair, and i have a hard time growing it out because I iron it and curl it a lot.. Do you have an tips on how you keep you’re hair so healthy? Even though you iron it ? Or maybe can you post a video on how to tame curly hair )

    1. Aw you’re so sweet, Melissa. Thank you for taking the time to share so many kind words!!! 🙂

      I think the key is making sure you use an ionic hairdryer. It costs more but it’s less damaging and gets the job done so that you don’t have to run the straightener through it a million times. I’m actually planning to do a video soon so stay tuned!!! xo

  38. Uh your story made me cry, you are so brave Sazan, its good that you were able to decide for your life amd who you are gonna spenf the rest of your life with, thats what life is about, but to be honest lots of kurdish parents ruin their kids life by forcing them what kind of partner they should have, I wish I could be as brave as you are, I wish you endless happiness, please wake up everyday feeling happy and proud because you are an inspiration and a blessing to the world, love you girl ❤

  39. Great post, Sazan!! Thank you for having the courage and vulnerability to share that with us! You are beautiful inside and out.
    the most peaceful place is always in the center of God’s will-no matter who agrees or disagrees with where God has you. A wise pastor once said, “Jesus didn’t come to take sides, He came to take over.” All glory to Him and best wishes for you and your family! So happy for you and Steve!!

  40. Sazan, I love your blog and have followed you for a long time!
    I really admire the honest post you’ve wrote about marrying Stevie who isn’t Kurdish and what difficulties you’ve faced. I run a blog focusing on the beauty of multicultural fusion and interfaith weddings and I know your story will inspire those in the same situation. I’ll be sharing this with my audience.

  41. It’s so sad to read your post about this. I’m kurdish as well and totally know what it’s like to struggle with cultural barriers and the shaming of women. I have also chosen to marry a fantastic man who’s not kurdish. I read the comments sometimes and can truly say that it is upsetting. Be strong and proud. Most of your haters want to have your life but are too afraid to struggle for it.

  42. Hello Sazan! I’ve been watching your YT videos for around a year…I’m so glad I found you!!! I searched one night for facial hair removal solutions and you came up haha I’m not Middle eastern but Hispanic girls can have that same issue lol. Flash forward and I find that you are an amazing testimony! As a fellow Christian woman, I am proud of how you are so bold in your faith with so much grace. Love that! And another thing…I am a homeschool mom! Yea!! My husband, daughter and I are a homeschooling family. High five to Stevie for sharing that info! We love our homeschool journey! May God bless you both immensely! One day I hope to meet you and share my testimony with you and how I think finding you that night on youtube through a “vain” search has brought me a blessing in the middle of a difficult time in my life health wise. I live in the San Fernando valley and hope to bump into you one day!! Love your blog and your channel!! Many blessings xoxo – Karla

  43. I found your site through a random Google search (eyebrow tutorial, lol) and I love your posts! I went through something similar with my husband. You do have to jump in and make YOU happy because some people can’t see who you see. My family eventually accepted my husband and don’t see the color of his skin or nationality. Our men are great guys and WE knew it from the start. You are a beautiful and courageous person for following your heart.

  44. Hi Stevie & Sazan,

    I absolutely love you guys as a couple! I think God wanted me to find your blog on instagram and then your You Tube channel, because when I watched the video you did with your hubby I literally cried (and laughed Stevie’s Telemundo impression had me rolling). I am a Christian, and being a fellow Angeleno and someone in the industry, it’s a tough world/culture to be in as a Christian. You both gave me faith and hope that some day I can and will let God lead me to the person I should be with. It’s so refreshing to see two such amazing people that are testaments to God’s love. I was so grateful that you were open enough to share your story and all you have overcome to be together, that was exactly the kind of strength I needed to be reminded to have. So basically God Bless, and thank you so much for being such a positive and inspiring light in the world.
    P.S. If you do another video could you possibly talk about your thoughts on Sex before marriage? I would love to know as married Christians what your thoughts on the subject are.
    P.P.S- aLOT of post scripts I know.. but i also had to say that your makeup in this video was beautiful! Tutorial please!

    Meghan Sanchez

  45. Wow! I am speechless tbh. This is such an incredible story. It is truly beautiful. But it must have been so hard, because I know how it is to have Kurdish parents and letting them down once hurts like hell! But parents in general feel like they know what is right for you when they don’t all the time. Especially when they let things like race cloud their judgement. I’m mesmerized by your strength though, truly Gods gift. So the strength you had to stand up and do what makes you happy is incredible. Like just thinking about it is mind blowing and I can feel how tough of a decision it must have been. But for me I can’t seem to find that strength to tell them. Like I feel as if they would understand but they would be so disappointed. I feel like I’m just taking the easy way out and prevent hearts to be broken. But seeing your post gives me hope, I guess that’s a start. But May God give you two eternal love though!!!

  46. Wow, here I happened to come upon your blog, (followed a link), and thought Oh, another fashion blog…lemme check it out.
    I was just scanning through some of your fashion and travel pics and blogs…(great posts, by the way), just kept clicking “Next post”, ’til I came to your story. I thought it would some cute fluffy, short report of how you met or something etc, etc…^^ But wow, really surprised-and refreshed by you sharing such heart and truth, awesome story. Can’t help but to truly admire you, both…(and thanks to all who kept asking the question to who’s answer is this beautiful testimony). ;D
    Wishing your blog more success, thanks for sharing your *gorgeous* passion (and heart).
    And much blessing, strength and love for the rest of the journey!


  47. omg Sazan !!!! I just discovered your blog and i feel every word you say!I felt the same way thru my last relationship with a lebanese man, and i was praying every night to meet a humble lebanese man who would make me believe in love for real. I was so scared to lose my family if i wouldnt end up with a lebanese man… Omg i swear you made me cry ! Steve seems like the best man ever and you look so good together! I wish you all the best, you seem to be a wonderful woman. God bless you both xoxoxoxo

  48. I read this blog post every now and then. It’s such a sad but true story that cultural barriers still exist. I see it every day since my parents and siblings are against marriage with someone whos not albanian as I am. I’m only 19 but I had a relationship. A secret relationship. I love this guy, he’s perfect. We were a couple for about 4 years and just broke up because there were so many things messing our relationship. One thing we argued about so often was my family. He knew he would never be accepted the way he wanted to and I knew I would make my whole family unhappy if I chose to marry him… I feel so bad right know. I just want to be happy and I wish I had the courage to so the same as you did. I read this post everytime I get very upset because it reminds me who’s life I’m living. I read it to remind myself to not let others decide for me, but to do what makes me happy.. Thank you so much for sharing your story, I hope one day I will be as strong as you are.

  49. Hey Sazan
    I really Understand u and so Proud of u that u told Ur Family.
    Right now im in the Same postion .
    My Boyfriend is German and im kurdish i Love him so much and he Loves me 🙂
    But i dont Know how to Tell them
    Im so scard to Tell them .
    It is not fair to for bit something you Love

    How did u felt when u told them ?

  50. I recently found this blog, I really feel we share strong similarities in style, relationships, and faith. I am getting over a 17 year divorce to a man that my family thought would be amazing for me, he has betrayed me and violated my trust in so many ways. I have worked on myself and have been born again into a strong, caring woman and that embraces everyones beauty. I am inspired by you living the life you life and pray to God that He brings a man Of God like he did for you. Religion is man made and consider myself a believer In a Merciful God. I take what I like and leave the rest and I am about love, love, love! Thanks Sazan.

  51. Absolutely love following your blog and snapchat. planning on featuring you on my blog in my “Links I Love” series, going live tomorrow. Hope you’ll check it out!
    -Vanessa w/ Green Acres Meets Paris

  52. Hi Sazan

    I’ve only recently discovered you and your blog and I must say you are so inspirational!

    As someone from an ethnic Muslim background, I think you made a brave decision going against your family’s wishes But its so great you went with your heart. Your husband Seems grOunded and its great your faith is central to your relationship.

    I love your personality and admire your honesty and great humour!

    I’m not the sort of person to usually follow bloggers but you seem so amazing I couldn’t resist.

    Congrats on the birth of your daughter I’m sure you will be an amazing mother and Valentina is lucky to have two amazing parents.

    Keep doing what your doing and best of luck in 2018.


    Kat Xxx

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