Introducing the Stevie and Sazan Series

Lifestyle Relationships | August 28, 2015


Stevie and Sazan are officially collaborating on a fun Youtube series!!! I am so excited to invite you into my married life with my crazy amazing husband. By now you’ve seen him make a few appearances on my channel and it was after receiving so many sweet messages that I finally convinced Stevie to start a series with me! The series is going to be all things Stevie and Sazan. We’re a newly married couple trying to figure the ways of life in the midst of managing a full-time business together. No matter how busy things get, we always make time to laugh and enjoy silly moments during the day. That’s what we hope to capture and share with you guys!
Outside of fashion and beauty blogging, I am just a regular ole’ girl who is newly married and wants to be the best wife I can be. Sure, I have goals but not every single one is work-related. Steve keeps me grounded. He’s the type of guy that gives every single person he talks to his attention 100%. He can make anyone feel special. He reminds me that what we do doesn’t define who we are. That’s another reason why I was inspired to start this series. This series is going to be more than fun and hilarious – it’s going to be raw. Sometimes I feel like this digital world tries to suck people into curating this “perfect” life. My life has never been perfect and there’s more to it than just fashion and beauty. My goal for this series is to open my home and invite you all in. Stevie and I are going to create fun challenge videos, share relationship advice as newlyweds, business partners, and open up to you guys like never before.
Many of you got an early access sneak peek at our first Stevie and Sazan series video through my Vessel account, but for those who missed it check it out on my youtube channel or watch below.

Before I go, I want to answer one question I got that I’ve received countless of times. Here it goes.
@Honiya – Was it difficult to marry Steve since you’re Kurdish? 
Steve and I have faced so many obstacles (together and individually) since day 1. He was the sweetest most charming man I had ever met but there was only one “problem”. He wasn’t Kurdish. I grew up being taught that never in a million years would it be okay to marry anyone who wasn’t Kurdish (even though my grandfather married a Russian woman). I wanted to make my parents proud, so I never even looked at boys. Before Stevie, I only had one other relationship. He was Kurdish. I was 18 and thought I met the man of my dreams. As the years went on, I became more confused and afraid to commit to such a toxic relationship that I had. It was in college when I knew it was time to pull the plug on me trying to be my own match maker. I focused on my blog (which was a baby at the time!) and channeled my anger into creating content that made people happy. That made me feel useful which helped fill the void. When a relationship ends you truly feel like you just wasted so many years that you’ve invested your time and energy into. The turning point was meeting Stevie. He was a man of God, who literally sparked light to anyone who was around him. Of course I believed in God but I never knew who He was. I remember laying on the floor in my bedroom heartbroken crying to God saying that from now on whoever Jesus brings into my life, I will not judge based on whether they are Kurdish or not. I was open to finding my true love but even in that moment I still held on to that mystery man potentially being kurdish. It’s funny what can happen when you let go and let God. Part of me was terrified (because I was a control freak) but the other side of me just wanted to be free. When I met Steve, I knew God brought him into my life for a reason. I didn’t need anyone’s blessing because I knew I had God’s blessing. That’s truly what got me through some of the difficult days when I felt like I lost my family because of my decision to marry Steve.  It’s unfortunate that cultural barriers still exist. No matter what, I’m blessed that this entire relationship has been a work of God and that today I am in the best place with my family and friends.  It all worked out but as you can see it was more than difficult for me – it was life-changing. There are days when I get the meanest comments on social media saying that I am a disgrace to the Kurdish race or that I’ve “forgotten” about my Kurdish roots because I don’t post pictures of Kurdistan. The truth is I’m just being Me. I’ve learned through it all that the things I’ve wanted the most in my life were going to make some people unhappy and were things that I had to work extra hard for. I get to sleep next to my best friend every night for the rest of my life. That’s definitely a prize that was worth fighting for.
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