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Cleanser: Renee Roulou, First Aid Beauty
Exfoliater: First Aid Beauty
Toner: Biotherm, First Aid Beauty
Vitamin Mist: First Aid Beauty
Moisturizer: First Aid Beauty
Eye Cream: Kiehls
Eye Brightening Stick: First Aid Beauty
It’s no secret that I’ve shared a couple of skincare secrets on my blog and Youtube channel. Today I’m updating you on some new things I’ve learned about using the right skincare products. I wish there was one product out there that did everything from cleansing to exfoliating to toning and moisturizing – but there isn’t. It was a bummer turning 25 and still having to deal with annoying breakouts. For me I experienced those annoying hard white heads under my skin that made me feel like I needed a facial every 5 days. After adding some new products into my routine and getting rid of the old, I feel like I’ve found a good routine (for a while I hope!). In this video, I will show you my bare naked skin and the products I use to help me achieve bright glowy skin. I’ve learned that taking your skincare seriously really makes a difference when it comes time to putting your makeup on and achieving flawless results.
I don’t use any prescribed ointments (I’ve been off of prescribed facial creams for about 3 years now). Sometimes I wish I could just go back to the prescribed stuff because it made life so much easier and cheaper. The truth is though you can’t rely on prescription products forever. I’m pretty happy with the current regimen I’ve got going on but please note that everyone’s skin is different.
If you have any questions I’m more than happy to try and answer as many as I can below in the comments section. I’m pretty open and honest about everything so I hope you feel comfortable to ask away!
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