Photography Tips (BYOB Ep 4)

Lifestyle | April 23, 2015


Happy almost Friday! In today’s ‘Be Your Own Boss’ webisode, I’m uncovering some helpful tips behind photography. As a blogger, I think mastering the imagery of your brand is a key component behind your success early on. Of course I can’t take all the credit, so I’m bringing in someone who has been taking my photos for years. Hope you’ll subscribe to my channel and comment below if you enjoyed watching this video.

Products we currently use: Samsung nx300 (this is what I use for all my Youtube videos), Canon Mark II 5D (blog photography), Lens we use, Diva Ring Light (Youtube lighting), Canon t3i Rebel (my old camera I used starting out. So easy!)
More tips: 
– Try not to over-edit your photos. If you are looking for an easy-to-edit program, one of my favorites is

– Many bloggers will work with photographers who are looking for exposure for trade. AKA You don’t have to pay them as long as you give them credit in your posts. This may be a better option for you if you’re an aspiring blogger and you don’t have a significant other to take your photos. Research photographers in your area. However, I still recommend investing in a camera to have when you need it (because you will need it!)

– The best time of day to shoot is during the sunset hour, or “Magic Hour” as bloggers like to call it.

–  I don’t recommend watermarking your photos. I know it might be in your best interest to want to protect your images but unfortunately it’s the risk we take through sharing online. You can always express at the end of each post to give credit to your name if images are shared.

–  Practice makes perfect. Go out there and mess around with your camera. That’s honestly the best way to learn + get to know your equipment.

– If you are looking to shoot candid photography, invest in a tripod for steadier shots. Stevie mentioned the shutter speed, that really comes into play for those walking photos!

– When it comes to posting photos, try not to post 2 of the same. Change it up! Get creative with your shots but don’t try to make it look like a fashion “editorial” shoot. Blogging photography should look relatable + candid.

– Don’t waste your time trying to make your pictures perfect. Sometimes the raw/candid images are people’s favorites. 

– Be patient. Once you get into a groove, shooting videos + photos will be the easier part!

– It can be super awkward taking photos in public so try to find an area that isn’t overly crowded with people and traffic. We have a few of our favorite spots that have always been great to get the job done. I like colorful walls and also alley’s because there’s some great depth of field! Not-so-fun Fact: I’ve recently experienced anxiety when I’m out in public shooting photos. So many people stop and stare and it makes me feel so weird and uncomfortable. Then again, I feel like I’m asking for it. lol! People don’t really get what blogging is so it’s tough. There are times when I’m seriously begging Stevie to hurry up and get the shot so we can quit drawing so much attention to ourselves! Trying to get over that but it’s a work in progress.






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