Intro to BYOB (Be Your Own Boss!) Ep. 1

Lifestyle | April 2, 2015


Rise and shine it’s a new day and I’m wide awake and excited to share today is the launch of my BYOB video series! For the next several weeks, I’ll be sharing weekly videos + blog posts on strategies and tips for anyone who is trying to figure out how to BE YOUR OWN BOSS!

Fave Perks of Being Your Own Boss:

– You are the BOSS!

– You make the rules!

– You don’t have to report to anyone.

– You get to create a vision that is yours.


– You make your schedule!

This first video is an intro to the series. You are going to learn a little bit about the series, a background story on how I got started blogging and fun little facts you may or may not know about the business.



As many of you know, I’ve been blogging longer than Youtubing so in the video I refer to the term “blogging” a lot. Generally I speaking about blogging but as the series goes on I will dive deeper into the digital world outside of blogging. Just an FYI.. 😉


I hope you enjoy this series and leave my videos feeling inspired! Subscribe to my channel to get updates on the next upload and ask me any questions by commenting on the video after or using the hashtag #BYOBSazTips with your question so I can see it across social media!


Keep in mind that the thoughts expressed from these videos are my own personal opinions that have come from my own experience. No two people have the same experiences so keep that in mind please 🙂




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