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I’ve been asked tons of questions about blogging over the past few months so I decided I’m going to start an Ask Sazan series where I’ll share behind the scenes posts with you about blogging. There’s so much you guys don’t get to see, and if you think blogging is simply posting pretty pictures – believe me there’s a lot more to it. Many of you who follow my blog are aspiring bloggers yourself and/or trying to blog! I think this will be a fun little way for me to answer all your questions that I get daily!

 I also know that many of you who read my blog live overseas and can’t always attend the conferences and workshops I speak at. Not to worry because you’re all invited here to ask me anything about blogging and I’ll answer it in a monthly post! Make sure to leave your questions within the comments below or tweet me #AskSazan (@SazBarzani) your questions! I went ahead and grabbed a hand full of FAQ questions I get asked all the time. Hope you enjoy this!

1. How long have you been blogging?
3 Years! The first 2 years my blog was a hobby/part-time. It was last year when I transitioned it into a full-time career.

2. What does it take to make my blog successful?
Unfortunately with blogging there isn’t really a formula or system to follow. You have to research, give it all you’ve got and know your audience. Success is a marathon, not a sprint.  I’ve learned to treat my blog like it’s a business and be consistent. I try not to get ahead of myself and take it day by day. I’ve learned that when I plan my posts and write them in my calendar ahead of time, I’m more determined to get it done and post fun and insightful content. Organization is truly key (which I haven’t always been the best at)! Use your blog as a platform and don’t be discouraged if your blog doesn’t take off over-night. There’s no such thing as over-night success!

3. How do you work with so many brands?
I’ve been really lucky to work with brands through private networking and/or them reaching out to me. When your blog starts to rise, they will find YOU! When I started blogging (in Texas!), I would reach out to start-up brands on Etsy (for free) to build my collab experience and portfolio. 9 out of 10 of the brands I would reach out to would respond and were so excited! I got tons of free stuff and was able to do some giveaways to increase my blog’s awareness and drive traffic to my blog. When I moved to LA thats when I was able to connect with all the fashion PR and blog networks and eventually having my own management team that now helps me further build relationships with brands. The one thing I always stay true to though is never work with a brand that doesn’t fit your style. You have to stay true to your readers!

4. What camera do you use?
Canon EOS T3i Rebel with 50 mm lens but I will soon be using the Canon 5D so I’m excited!

5. Who made your site?
I re-launched my blog in January 2014 with Leap Marketing and Blair did a phenominal job to bring my vision to life!

6. How can I increase my social media following? Instagram mostly?
First off, never buy followers or likes. You want to track your growth organically so if you buy followers you won’t ever be able to do that! Plus brands can tell if you bought them so don’t.  I think if you’re consistent and posting good quality content (ie. go easy on the selfies and dog pics) then people will be intrigued to follow. That’s the case for me atlas – I obviously can’t speak for everyone. The quality of your photo matters so never upload a blurry picture. Use social media as a platform but focus on your blog being the main platform using social media to drive traffic to and from.

7. How much money do you make off of blogging?
I won’t get into the numbers game, but I’ll be honest in saying that I’m in a position now where I can live comfortably off my blog in LA.

8. How many times do you recommend posting?
Part-time blogging: 3 days a week (best days: M, W, F)
Full-time blogging: 5 days a week (best days: M-F)

9. Tips for writer’s block?
Open a fashion magazine or look to other blog for inspiration. I honestly hate writing so I don’t stress myself out by trying to write the perfect sentence like I’m a writer for Vogue or something. Be yourself and write like you’re talking to your best friend.

10. Do you recommend I focus on making money when I start out in blogging?
You can try but I can almost guarantee that you won’t make money starting out. 😉  It shouldn’t be about money in the beginning. For me it was all about the content. Posting good stuff! You have to build your brand (aka your blog) before it’s presentable and that takes time. You’re going to learn what works, what doesn’t and that’s key in the beginning. I’m glad I was not pitching my blog to brands when I started out because it was in no position for being presented. See my first blog post here LOL


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If you’re in the LA area or will be visiting August 16th please come say hi! I’ll be on the panel at #BeautyConLA this year sharing more advice on the blogging business and how I’m transitioning my work into new areas! I was at last year’s con and it was so fun. I will say it was packed so make sure you get your ticket asap. I really hope to see some of your beautiful faces there and answer your questions in person. It’s FIVE WEEKS AWAY! I can’t wait! Let me know if you’re coming 🙂

Don’t forget to comment your questions or tweet me! I have to approve all comments on the back-end so don’t freak out if they don’t show up immediately. 😉

Cheers xx

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  1. I know you are so busy but would be hugely helpful and so grateful if you could take a look at my website for a minute and give me a quick bit of feedback on the overall feel of it and whether you think it’s any good or a tip or two. I started this year around March and only blog about twice a week. I’m a personal stylist by profession and would love to try and reach out to brands but have no idea where to start or how!!
    Thank you x

  2. Hey Sazan!

    I think you are amazing and such an inspiration along with your sense of fashion and beauty !! 🙂

    I just wanted some pointers on blogging , I really love fashion & beauty and I’ve started designing my own blog and create Youtube video’s I just need a direction and I look upto so if you can give some advise, tips & tricks. I also have Instagram: GlamorousVirgo I know you probably don’t have time to check it out but if you do that would be amazing!


  3. Thank you so much for sharing these amazing tips with us!! I need to step up my posting game because I only post twice a week. I hope one day to be as successful as you, doing what I love. I wanted to ask who takes your pictures because I have a system where I wear an outfit on saturday and my boyfriend snaps pics and then I wear an outfit on Sunday and he snaps pics again. We both have Mon-Fri jobs which makes it hard but I wanted to read your advice on picture schedules. I look forward to reading your next Ask Sazan post.


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