Easy Tips on How to Organize Your Makeup


I was cleaning my bathroom and makeup self today and was inspired to snap an instagram pic to share with all of you- which led to the idea of writing a blog post on how to organize your makeup. It’s seems like it’s so simple but can actually be difficult to do. With all the makeup products out there, it’s almost impossible to get organized when you’re someone like me who is an obsessive makeup buyer. I do love my makeup, but I am guilty of buying too much sometimes when I don’t really need it. I’ve found it helpful and easier on wallet since moving to LA that if Iorganize what I already have and can see on a daily basis, I won’t over spend on unnecessary products.

Make two piles. Call one the “keep” pile and the other “kill.” Lay out all of your makeup (and I mean everything) and decide what you really need and what’s just taking up space in your makeup drawer. If you’re someone who has a tough time getting rid of products, simply ask yourself, “when was the last time I used this product?” If the answer is over a year ago, I’d say kill it. This should include makeup brushes that are worn out. Keep in mind, mascara is one makeup product in your bag that you want to definitely keep tabs on. It’s a breeding ground for bacteria. Most makeup products with a tube & a wand have an antibacterial agent in them that last about 6 weeks making you safe for at least a couple months & likely safe up to 4. This includes lip gloss!!!

After you’ve decided what you’re going to keep, use a gentle anti-bacterial wipe (ex. Lysol) to wipe down your products. I like to clean the outside of everything that has been touched. (I swear I’m not OCD). Aside from the wipes killing the bacteria, you will have products that will look as good as new in your personal container storage (not to mention super cute for Instagram pics). ;)

Make a trip to your local Container Store or Target to get the perfect organizer! I bought mine (see image) at The Container Store and it literally contains my makeup. It also reminds me of what space I have and don’t have that I consider when I’m out makeup shopping.

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It can be this easy if you take the right steps! I hope this helped you guys! I think one of the most important reasons for keeping your makeup contained is knowing that you are paying attention to what you have. As a result, you will save money and prevent bacteria build-up, while feeling so organized and clean the next time you play in your makeup. :)

3 Responses to Easy Tips on How to Organize Your Makeup

  1. yanet says:

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  2. yanet says:

    where are these beautiful greetings from mexico

  3. Bethann Wagner says:

    Fabulous post. I feel like this type of work is never fully complete and appreciate the inspiration you provided here! Great prosucts too!

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