La Bella Donna Dual Lip Crayon Review

Watch my LBD Beauty Review + Tutorial

Hey guys! Today I am so excited to share my review on La Bella Donna’s Dual Lip Crayon. I am obsessssssssed with it. Hopefully you checked out my little video for more details! Plus, there’s a giveaway in store click here for more details!

Product Details: La Bella Donna Duo-Lip Crayon with Dual White Sharpener contains La Bella Donna Love Lips Collection and Duo-Lip Crayons for that lightly stained new lip color. The double-ended crayons have natural antioxidants with luxurious pigments and are created to line, define and improve your lips. Every crayon has a chunky tip that evenly applies a sheer layer of mineral pigment that can be built to suit your preferences. Use your favorite color by itself or blend shades to make a unique personalized color.

La Bella Donna Duo-Lip Crayon Features & Benefits: Soft, rich color is a makeup artist favorite. Petrolatum-free. Does not contain any preservatives, lake dyes or lanolin derivatives. Dermatologically approved.

La Bella Donna Duo-Lip Crayon Key Ingredients: Shea Butter, Vitamin E – Moisturize and condition.

Price: $28.50

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  1. Sophia says:

    CAN u do a beauty Channel with more tutorials and advices please ???

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