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November Spotlight

“On the Fashion Runway anything and everything can be worn. But to me the Real Runway is in our daily life,  for it takes courage to be a Fashionista!”Fashion blogger Nioby Castillo of

In search of finding my Spaz Spotlights, I am always looking online for young fashion bloggers whose blogs are inspiring and showcase unique personality and style. I hit the jackpot this month when I discovered Nioby Castillo is a chic and classy Florida fashion blogger with a look that is FIERCE, she loves BIG HAIR and most importantly centers her fashion blog around God and her love for Jesus Christ. I’ve got to say, I consider it a blessing when I stumble upon humble people like this in such a competitive and feisty industry. I love this girl and I am definitely a new fan and fashion follower of hers. ;)

SPAZ:  Spazzing over your fashion blog! What inspired you to create
Nioby: My sister. I have always been obsessed with the fashion world. Back in January, my sister proposed that I create a blog displaying everyday style. I didn’t really know much about the blogging world, but I said why not. So here I am, 10 months later and absolutely loving it! I definitely did not know what I was getting into, the fashion blogging world is HUGE, so I wanted to incorporate something that would set me apart, and that was my faith in Jesus Christ. My blog is not only about sharing my day to day outfits, but what God lays on my heart.

SPAZ: How would you define your personal style?
Nioby: I would describe my personal style as chic and classy with a hint of trends here and there. I love to try new things and evolve as the fashion industry constantly changes and emerges to new things. But deep down my style will always remain as classic and chic, which keeps me from certain trends.

SPAZ: Current style crush?
Nioby: Olivia Palermo! She is absolutely fabulous. She knows exactly what works best for her body and sticks to it. She is constantly trying new things but always keeps it chic and classic.
SPAZ: What is something that very few people know about you?
Nioby: That I am Greek and Honduran. I absolutely love that I come from two different cultures and value diversity.

SPAZ: Favorite trends right now?
Nioby: My favorite fall trend is without a doubt FUR! I was so thankful when it was introduced last fall and am so thankful it’s back this season!

SPAZ: What is one fashion/style tip that you can give our readers?
Nioby: Anyone an anything can be stylish but it all revolves around confidence. A confident smile should always be the first thing you put on each morning.

SPAZ: What do you hope to accomplish in the future? Fashion goals?
Nioby: I am not quite sure what God has planned for my fashion blog, but I sure do hope to inspire and encourage women of all ages to be themselves for “the real runway is in our everyday life.”

Want more? Follow Nioby on Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram! Also visit her adorable blog,

Xo, Sazan


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