SPAZ Guide for Men: How to Layer


“Fall is the trickiest season of them all. Some days fall can be the distant cousin of late August, right before doing a 180 and becoming the best friend to father frost and winter himself.”-

I couldn’t agree more with that quote. It can be so tricky dressing for fall!! Layering is one of my personal favorite go-to trends because you can remove/add pieces of clothing if the weather gets too hot or cold on you while you are out.

Photography: SteakSauce Production for Spaz Magazine

5 rules to keep in mind when layering

Rule #1: Thinner clothes first–Start with items that are made from thinner fabrics such as a cotton t-shirt, under-shirt tank, or dress shirt, and then layer them with heavier items such as a wool sweater, a heavy cardigan, or a leather jacket.

Rule #2: How to layer
–Think classy. A layer can be any item that if worn on its own looks great. Wearing a tacky wife beater underneath a stylish dress shirt does not qualify as “cool layering.

” Look for patterned tees/shirts that will make your outfit unique.

Rule #3: Don’t be afraid of some color–Black, brown, navy, and gray are all great fall/winter colors, but bright colors like red, yellow, green are fun too! Be fearless and don’t hesitate to spice up your look with a little pop of color.

Rule #4: Jacket not always required--Layering doesn’t necessarily mean you HAVE to include jacket. Experiment by researching looks off the runway and think creatively to make it your own.

Rule #5: Comfort is always key– If you are uncomfortable in your layered clothing, than 9 out of 10 times you’ve layered incorrectly or you’re wearing something that doesn’t fit right. Don’t over do it and keep it casual. However, this doesn’t mean wear it wrinkled. Invest in an iron please!


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