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I am so excited to shine our October spotlight on a very talented individual who is adding some major spark to the blogging world. Michelle Lara Lin is the creator behind which uses fashion as a platform to consolidate Michelle’s spectrum of passions, and incorporate inspiration from literature, travel, art history, and psychology into her personal style. The Stranger is no stranger when it comes to understanding the art that lies inside the world of fashion. We are totally spazzzzzing over her sense of style and creative blog posts which is why she is our October Spaz girl.


SPAZ: What is the inspiration behind The Stranger Blog and its unique name?

Michelle: I named my blog after Albert Camus’ famous novel, The Stranger. It was the first novel that I had read by Camus, and I fell in love.  He’s made such a big impact in my life that a gigantic part of my blog is an indirect tribute to him.

SPAZ: How would you describe romantic style?

Michelle: There’s so much to it! Explicitly there is a popular use of lace, chiffon, floral prints, embroidery, and drapery. But what makes romantic style unique is that the pieces always resonate with a strong story, and in turn you build an intimate relationship with the pieces. Alexander McQueen, for example, is a designer who I think epitomizes the romantic style. When someone looks at his designs, they never just react with an “aww that’s pretty!” It’s always a “WHOA.  That is BREATHTAKING.” SPAZ: Who are your fashion role models or icons?

Michelle: I used to love Olivia Palermo, but for the past year or so her style has become too trendy and edgy for my liking.  Now I don’t really follow any fashion icons, but I do love what Angelina Jolie and Olivia Wilde wear on the red carpet.

SPAZ: What is one of your favorite fashion/style trends right now?

Michelle: I’m terrible at keeping up with trends, but I’ve noticed a lot of flowy chiffon dresses on fashion bloggers lately. I love those! SPAZ: What are your personal fashion do’s and don’ts? Any tips?

DO: -Wear an outfit that goes together with harmony -Keep it simple when possible -Resort to lace when all else fails

DON’T: -Feel compelled to dress for shock value and to grab the attention of street style photographers -Wear too much neon in one outfit

SPAZ: Favorite accessory?

Michelle: This is tough, but I do love clutches for all occasions. They’re convenient to carry around and always add the final touches to an outfit. I think that’s what I love about Olivia Palermo’s old style – she has a beautiful collection of clutches. SPAZ: Any upcoming news or exciting features we should keep an eye out for on The Stranger?

Michelle: I try to always publish interesting, unique, provoking, and even controversial content on The Stranger. I put an immense amount of effort into the blog, but I have also been consumed with large projects beyond fashion recently.  Although they are all tech-oriented, I will make sure to tie them back to The Stranger. After all, it is a personal blog and I frequently blog about issues completely unrelated to fashion. Can’t wait to share more exciting news soon!

How amazing is she!?! Ah, love this girl! Special thanks again to Michelle for letting us shine our Spaz spotlight on The Stranger this month! Make sure to check out The Stranger blog and also follow on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram (@thestrangerblog).

Xo, Sazan

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