Spaz Outfit: Fierce Ain't Easy

Featuring Happy Wrist by Itchelita Chevron Bracelets

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Photographer: SteakSauce Production

My Outfit’s Details:
Pants: Uniqlo (Japanese brand)| Tank shirt: Cubus (purchased in Sweden) | Leather Jacket: H&M (shop similar) | Bag: Forever21 | Heels: Melissas | “S” Watch: Nordstrom | Chevron Bracelets (3): Happy Wrist by Itchelita (Shop here) | Yellow ring: ASOS (shop similar)

Hi guys! Today I am so so excited to showcase these fierce chevron bracelets courtesy of Happy Wrist by Itchelita. Let’s just say my wrist is very happy today. I recommend you  check out their online shop that features so many fun designs for way cheap!


Now time to explain my inspiration behind this shoot. My photographer Andy thought it would be cool to showcase one of our Spaz outfits in the streets of Dallas as a “hobo chic” inspired look. At first I told him he’s crazy…..but then I got to thinking hmmmm this might actually be a great way to send out a fierce message! Of course, I came up with “feed the fierce” to represent not only my obsession with the word “fierce”, but to also show that the work of a fashion blogger is far from “picture-perfect.” On the outside–yes. But internally, the hours that go into prep and planning can be intense. (Especially when you are a perfectionist!!!!) I try to feed my blog everyday and don’t get me wrong, I love doing it, but the hours I spend on my laptop sometimes are insane. However, the fierce posts of inspiration are always worth it in the end. Hopefully if this post is read correctly, more of us will acknowledge that being a fashion blogger isn’t all dress up. Personal shout outs to all my hardworking fashionistas who feed their fierce blogs on the daily.

“When the going gets tough, keep on blogging.”–<3 Saz


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Blog Credits: Photographs in this blog post were taken courtesy of SteakSauce Production for Spaz Magazine. If you’d like to work with our photographer, contact for rates. For image sharing use, contact Please note, this blog post might be credited on our contributing sites including,, StyleItSocial iphone app,, and

2 Responses to Spaz Outfit: Fierce Ain't Easy

  1. Jamie R says:

    love your style

  2. Zofia Smithson says:

    I’ve got to say, it’s only been a month
    since my last trip and it’s finally starting to feel like my second
    home! I thought it would be fun to share a timeline of how busy my day
    got on Friday. This wasn’t everything I did, but it will give you a good

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