Spaz Outfit: Faux Fur Frenzy


Last night, I spent some much-needed quality time with a few of my favorite gals. It felt soo Sex And The City. (I call Carrie!) Never a dull moment with the girls…

I decided to go all out with my faux fur, velvet skirt and bling bling. Faux real though, go big or go home!

Outfit Details:
Fur Vest: Forever21
Necklace: Arden B.
Handbag: Versace x H&M
Shoes: Forever21
Bracelets: BCBG (“fierce” bracelet); Forever21 (Gold w/ Pearls)
Turquoise Ring: Forever21
Velvet Skirt: N/A
Grey Tank: Nordstrom


Credit: All images courtesy of Email for consent to use.

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  1. Soze_D says:


  2. I have met some really neat people through the comments,

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