Trend Alert: Chuck Taylors


Visiting the fashionable city of Stockholm, Sweden this summer inspired me to try so many great trends. The popular ‘Chuck Taylors’ have really hit the Scandinavian streets. I saw an array of colors and styles. The most popular color I saw on literally every street corner were the classic white high tops. Here in the U.S, a number of people associate converse tennis shoes with the stereotypical, ‘punk-goth’ crowd. Say bye-bye to that stereotype and hello to one of the most exciting shoe trends of the season. The great thing about this uni-sex trend? You can wear a pair of chucks with any and every outfit. And get this, the dirtier the shoe…the better!

3 Responses to Trend Alert: Chuck Taylors

  1. Lolle says:

    Gorgeous! Love converse <3

  2. Lolle says:

    Gorgeous! Love converse <3

  3. Gorgeous! Love converse <3

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