Spotlight on: Designer Sarah Aghili is the long anticipated brainchild of young trendsetter and entrepreneur Sarah Aghili. Born and raised in Houston, Texas, Sarah is of Iranian decent, world traveled, and a local celebrity. Her new line of fresh accessories is the answer to “where did you get that?” Until recently, Sarah’s style was homemade. Unsatisfied with the overpriced generic options available to young girls, Sarah began making her own jewelry at an early age. Her unbridled energy is infectious and manifested in each one of her pieces. Naturally those closest to Sarah became curious about her creations and wanted pieces of their own. Once Sarah realized there was a legitimate demand for her style, the sky was the limit.

We sat down with the fabulous Sarah Aghili and talked about her career, her designs, the definition of evil eyes, and more! Also, a fun Sarah Aghili + SPAZ discount giveaway. You’ve got to read the interview to find out! :) xo

SPAZ: For those who are unfamiliar with, what can one expect to see when they visit this site?
— Lots of jewelry! Evil eyes, Hamsa hands, fun trinkets at an affordable price! Expanding on scarves and key chains!

SPAZ: What sparked your desire to start a career in fashion?
— I had always been into fashion; I was fascinated with colors and shapes. In college I could never buy a necklace I didn’t take apart and add/remove charms to it… I had it have everything look perfect to my eye and it was so hard finding things that did look perfect to my eye, so I created them…

SPAZ: What sets Sarah Aghili fashion apart from others?
–We try to be extremely affordable yet extremely fabulous– I want everyone to be able to be fabulous, A scarf doesn’t need to cost $850 to be fabulous, even though I do splurge on brand name scarves I love to wear my own too…. I am all about mixing the high end with the low end.

SPAZ: What is the price range for Sarah Aghili merchandise?
— We have everything, starting at $1.50 going to $20,000 in our fine jewelry… Our median price with our regular jewelry is about 15 dollars though!

SPAZ: At what stores can we purchase your fabulous designs?
–They are all online but my favorites include Bloomingdales in Dubai, Soho in Houston (also one of my favorite shops in Houston, lots of cool knick nacks), Kitson– for men’s bracelets…

SPAZ: One of my favorite things about your designs is the evil eye inspired pieces. Describe the meaning behind the ‘eye’ and what role your cultural roots play in your fashion designs?
— The evil eye is to keep away bad spirits and negative eyes, it is a protection piece. I am Iranian and I grew up always wearing these and a strong believer that they do keep away negative vibes!

SPAZ: Are there any exclusive offers or deals that you might have for us!? ;)
–Yes! 20% OFF with code SPAZ!

How FABULOUS is Sarah?! This exclusive offer only ONE WEEK; make sure you don’t wait before it’s too late! Also, if you want to see our favorite shopping picks on Sarah’s site, check out our detailed blog post right here!!!!! This includes men’s must haves, as well! Fierce is simply an understatement.

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