Details: Katy Perry's "ET" Music Video

Katy Perry makes a futuristic statement in her new music video, “ET” featuring Kanye West. The 26-year-old pop star posted photos to her Facebook page encouraging others to join the fun and recreate their own alien-inspired looks! We are used to Katy Perry (AKA Kathryn Johnson) making bold wardrobe statements, however, this is a Katy we aren’t so used to seeing! Katy takes bright, vibrant colors to whole new fierce level.

The music video features several futuristic looks. The video starts with a white base and a blue frame around Katy’s face. For Perry’s alien-esque eyes, she combines various shades of fuchsia, blue and white along with bright turquoise contacts and long pink lashes. The same blues and pinks are then used in dramatic designs on her cheeks and forehead for a seductive, ethereal glow. Oh, and have you seen those monster-size nails!???

See for Yourself!


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  2. Chu says:

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